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Hey! I've been making most of my recent updates on my WordPress blog, and updates about my new game on the Five Moons RPG blog. I've been updating one or both just about every day.


9/10/14--Official announcement: "Project Pentagon" is Five Moons RPG!!! Please stay tuned on my blog, my Five Moons RPG page on Facebook, and my Twitter for more information about Five Moons RPG. Thank you very much for your support and I look forward to sharing news about my new game over the next few months.
prototype Five Moons RPG cover

8/15/14--My secret project is revealed... I'm writing a fantasy RPG! It's currently code named "Project Pentagon."
The blog announcement is here and the product page is here.

  Project Pentagon cover sketch

8/14/14--Please keep an eye on my Twitter feed for updates while I'm at Gen Con August 14–17!

8/13/14--My Goody White's Book of Folk Magic kickstarter finished up today at 225% funding! Thanks!

  Thank you image

7/8/14--Here's a little side project PDF I've been working on:
 Classy Characters: Robomancer
 Robomancer cover art

5/7/14--Flashback link in RPG/Gaming to an alchemist tracking sheet I posted to the Paizo blog back in 2010.

4/15/14--New Found Items section in Miniatures Funhaüs—stuff that's not intended for tabletop gaming, but could totally be used for it!

2/18/14--Big news! Jodi and I are moving to Indiana in March!

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