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Gen Con Indy 2009, photos and videos from the show.

Gen Con Indy 2008, photos from the show.

Gen Con Indy 2005, photos from the show.

BASHCon 2005 in Toledo, Ohio.

Gen Con So Cal 2004, photos from the show.

Gen Con Indy 2004, photos from the show.

More GenCon 2002 photos.

Con report and photos from GenCon 2002 (including a small selection of Babes of GenCon) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Photos from GenCon 2001 (including Babes of GenCon) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

PaizoCon 09 in Bellevue, WA.

Jewish Fertility Day 2007, an annual gathering with friends and egg-coloring.

Photos from around my apartment showing the smoke from the 2003 San Diego County fires.

Two photos (1 2) of a bunch of my Seattle friends hanging out in the lobby of my hotel after going out to dinner, during a visit in October 2002.

Photos from the party I held before I left Seattle.

Backstage at a Barenaked Ladies concert, the band fights over a copy of the new D&D Player's Handbook....

Me & WotC people and my girlfriend hanging out with the Barenaked Ladies after their August 2001 show at The Gorge.

Highland Games 2003, a day trip I took in July 2003 with some friends to a local Highland Games.

Sea World San Diego trip I took with my extended family in the summer of 2003.

Photos from a great whale watching trip I did in June 2002.

Hawaii 1999, photos from my trip to Maui with my friends Cindi and Scott.

The short vacation to New York City that Willow, my sister Keri, and I took in March 2003.

Photos from when I ran some friends through The Lost Temple of Demogorgon, an adventure I wrote for Dungeon #120.

Photos from my last session in Monte Cook's Ptolus game before I left Seattle.

Samples of my 3D artwork.

Tabloid of the Month - a series of strange pictures I put together for the original TSR web site.

Parminder (formerly known as Briony to her foster family), who I brought home on September 12th, 2005.

Mystick and Malachi, who I brought home on August 5th, 2005.

Brillig, my testimonial to my little cat who died on May 23rd, 2005, just three days past her 5th birthday. I love and miss you!

Mushroom Forest some pics of a large patch of mushrooms outside my apartment, and how they scared some of my miniatiures.

Two strange houses in which I lived while in Wisconsin.

The story of the fate of my Origins Award.

Three photos taken by TSR artist rk post, which he used as models for paintings he did for the ALTERNITY game.

My friend Steve Breen, our friend Stephanie Tourikian, and myself. Steve won a 1997 Pulitzer Prize for his political cartoons. Stephanie was killed by a drunk driver in January 6, 1994. She was 19; this is the only picture I have of her.