A New Chapter in My Life

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Two weeks ago I turned 43. I've reached the halfway point of my life, and it's a time for self-reflection.

I have been at Paizo for almost six years. That's longer than any company I've ever worked for, even Wizards of the Coast. I've made friends at Paizo and I've learned a lot about different aspects of the publishing business. And it's time for me to move on. This is an amicable end to my time at Paizo. There are no hard feelings here, no burning of bridges. There will never be an ideal time for me to leave the company, but doing this now works out in terms of what Jodi and I need to do. The design team knows I am available to help them on future books, even though we won't be sharing an office any more.

Living in the city is taxing, and now we need some peace and quiet. We have decided to move to Jodi's home state of Indiana. I'll be focusing on my writing and other projects while Jodi is getting ready to go to law school.

We are moving a couple of weeks after my last day at Paizo, which is March 14th, 2014.

Thank you, and thank you to my friends at Paizo and all the hard work we've shared over the past six years!