One Year Later

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    So March 14th, 2003 is the one-year anniversary of my being laid off from WotC. A lot has happened since then, and a lot is different....

I had a lot of time off.
I did some work for free for WotC.
I directed and co-wrote a charity d20 book which so far has generated nearly $1,500 for the Afghan Girls Fund.
I updated my site a lot.
I put off doing some freelance so I could relax after working so much.
Gave away my car.
My dad started playing D&D.
I moved to California and left behind a lot of good friends.
I moved 3 times (out of a hotel, out of a temporary furnished apartment, out of an interim studio while we wated for our actual apartment to become available).
I went to the beach.
I started work at Black Isle Studios, which rocks.
But it means I'm on the train 4 hours a day.
Bought a car.
I had to work like mad to finish my freelance (which I'm still catching up on).
I saw my first book published in over a year (Bonds of Magic ... Lords of Darkness was the previous one).
Found out that Ghostwalk was actually going to be published.
My friend Paul Randles died.
A space shuttle burned up.
I turned 32.
My grandmother died that week.
I've had a couple of trips to Seattle to visit with friends.
I went to New York City, saw Ground Zero.

    Other stuff is still the same....

Still the same pets (plus two betta fish).
Still bald. More scruffy when I'm too busy to shave.
Still in the rain (stupid La Niña!).
Still loving the game.
Still painting minis.
Still glad to be home.
Still me.