One Year Later, Part 2

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    So March 14th, 2004 is the two-year anniversary of my being laid off from WotC. Since I did a one-year update last year, it seems appropriate to do another. There's a lot that's different now compared to the one-year anniversary:

(In no particular order....)

I was way behind schedule on my freelance writing.
Then I caught up and took six months off from freelance.
Then I started up again and got a little behind. Then I got caught up again, and now I'm a little behind again.
I didn't update my site nearly as much as last year. Being employed full-time tends to eat up your writing-time budget.
My car broke down right before Gen Con, as did Willow's, so I had to cancel my Gen Con plans at the last minute.
I moved only once, and I'm now closer to work by 30 miles.
I stopped taking the train and started carpooling, which saves me an hour each way in my commute.
Which worked out really well because my carpool buddy Brian and I are a lot alike and we're becoming good friends (he's playing in my New Argonauts game).
The game I was working on ("Jefferson," which never was officially identified but everyone seems to know is Balder's Gate III) at Interplay was effectively canceled.
I started working on a different game ("VanBuren," which never was officially identified but everyone seems to know is Fallout 3).
I was made lead designer of that game.
And that game was effectively canceled.
I started working on another game.
Bush started a war with Iraq over WMDs, which haven't been found, then changed the official reason for the invasion.
I closed my politics message board.
Saw my last WotC books printed.
Saw my 2nd Malhavoc Press book printed, Anger of Angels.
WotC released D&D 3.5, which had some improvements and some problems.
I reopened my politics message board.
I turned 33.
My dad retired.
I started playing in a Dragonlance campaign.
I started running a mythic-Greece game.
Spain suffured a major terrorist attack.

    Other stuff is still the same....

Bush is still rewarding the rich, sticking it to the poor, and misleading America.
Still haven't caught Osama.
Still the same pets (plus eight neon tetras, a bottom-feeder, and a dwarf puffer).
Still bald (less scruffy, though, as I have more time to shave now).
Still loving the game.
Still painting minis like mad.
Still glad to be home.
Still opinionated.
Still Sean.