One Year Later, Part 3

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    March 14th, 2005 is the three-year anniversary of my being laid off from WotC. Time for another update, and more big changes:
That turned into a d20 book, which was originally just going to be an adventure rather than a mini-campaign.
My Dragonlance game ended because the DM's new job at Interplay started to take up too much of his time.
Started collecting monster submissions for Hungry Little Monsters, my second charity book.
My employer (Interplay) ran out of money, fell behind on paying insurance/rent/taxes/payroll, and basically fell apart. I left them in early June, and they still owe me about $1,000 from when they (illegally, without my permission) switched me (and others) from salaried employees to hourly employees. Of course, this means the game I was working on (an action-RPG based on the Exalted game from White Wolf) was canceled.
I finished my ancient Greek campaign.
I went on unemployment while looking for a new job, which was ... interesting. The beurocracy in the system is remarkable.
Interviewed at Upper Deck. Twice.
Started playing in a Fallout campaign run by the lead designer of what would have been Fallout 3.
Bush won the election, and that made me sad and ashamed.
Went to Gen Con Indy for the first time. Yay!
Started my own publishing company, Sean K Reynolds Games, and caused a bit of a stir with my mission statement (many people assumed I was saying they were too dumb to know they were buying bad products).
Gave up on hopes of finding employment in the short-term, focused entirely on freelance work and SKRG.
Took a new freelance assignment from WotC.
Published The New Argonauts, my first "official" release from SKRG (technically Swords Into Plowshares was the first, but I wasn't intending to run a game company at the time, so I'm discounting its role as the first "official" SKRG release).
Got hired by Upper Deck.
Went to Gen Con So Cal, borrowed some space at The Game Mechanics booth. Sold a few copies of The New Argonauts.
Fell very far behind on my WotC freelance because I was working full-time at UD.
Decided to move to the East Coast.
Turned 34.
Fallout campaign went on hiatus when the GM hit crunch time in his day job.
Got my first adventure published in Dungeon, with positive feedback.
Left Upper Deck so I could do the big move. Sadness!
Went to BASHcon.
Sold my car (no sense driving two cars cross-country).
Drove cross-country through some of the most boring parts of the states on interstate 40. But saw the Grand Canyon again, which I hadn't done since I drove out to TSR, so that was cool. FYI, driving for seven days with two cats and three guinea pigs in a Geo Tracker is not something I recommend.
Arrived in New Jersey.
Missed StellarCon because I missed my flight out of La Guardia.
Experienced a snowstorm on our second day. Joy.
Finally finished my WotC freelance project, very late. Boo!
Picked up from where I left off with SKRG. Sent Hungry Little Monsters off to the typesetter.

    Other stuff is still the same....

Bush is still rewarding the rich, sticking it to the poor, and misleading America. Oh, and poisoning the earth.
Still haven't caught Osama.
Still no WMDs (oh, I guess we finally gave up the pretense of looking, that's new).
Still bald (but more scruffy, as I've been busy with UD work, moving, and now my electric razor is still on the moving truck).
Still loving the game.
Still painting minis like mad (though not for the past month, as they're on the moving truck).
Still opinionated.
Still Sean.