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Edgar Rice Burroughs created a unique "world" set on the planet Mars ... a planet that was slowly dying, and the people on it fighting for survival. With strange creatures and a unique culture for the local kinds of humans, Burroughs' world of "Barsoom" was great pulp fiction for its time. It may not be great literature, but it's immersive reading and a lot of fun. Long ago I diverted my 2nd edition AD&D campaign to Barsoom via a gate, and the heroes had to deal with flying ships, white apes, and all of the other Barsoomian weirdness. I'm in the process of converting this to the new edition of D&D, and here is where I'm posting it.

If you haven't read ERB's John Carter of Mars books, you can read some of them for free (some are old enough to have come into the public domain) at Project Gutenberg (it's a little slow because of the traffic volume, but worth it for the public domain books). The ERB Mars books available there are (in order) A Princess Of Mars, Gods Of Mars, Warlord of Mars, Thuvia; Maid Of Mars, and The Chessmen Of Mars which are the first five books in the series.

Hormad (artificially-created humanoid)
Green man (savage humanoid)
Banth (monster)
Barsoomian white ape (monster)
Barsoomian plant man (monster)