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    Murder's Eye: This +2 chaotic mighty cleaving longsword is made of dull steel. A maze-like pattern is engraved on the lower half of the blade and inlaid with dark gray enamel. The hilt is three iron bars welded together, with leather straps woven around it. The original crossguard has been removed and six short spikes have been welded in its place and capped with two disks bearing the symbol of Cyric. The skulls in the symbols are carvings made of mithral and polished to a whitish color. The base of the hilt consists of two ovoid disks bolted to a spherical base.
    When grasped (sheathed or drawn), the bearer can invoke the ability of true seeing (divine form) once per day. When worn or held, it provides a +10 competence bonus to Hide checks.
    The weapon was created as a +1 longsword with a Hide bonus in 1355 DR for a warrior of Bhaal. In 1359 DR a cleric of Cyric found the weapon, removed the dead god's insignia, and redecorated it with icons of his own faith. He carried it for 5 years, during which time he added the chaotic and true seeing properties. He was slain in 1364 DR by Taruk of the Seven Fingers (CE human male Ftr11), a fellow Cyricist, who later paid a Halruaan wizard to increase its enhancement bonus to +2 and add the mighty cleaving ability. Some time in the next few years it acquired the nickname "Peasantkiller" for the many times Taruk used it to slay innocent civilians when his god blessed (?) him with uncontrollable murderous instincts. Taruk and the weapon were last seen in Amn in 1370 DR, heading southward to Calimshan, the man bearing a strange curse that caused his skin to erupt in bloody sores.
    Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, chaos hammer, divine power, true seeing, creator must be chaotic, spellcaster level 6+; Market Price: 84,715 gp; Cost to Create: 43,515 gp + 3,456 XP.

    This one is simple. Standard abilities add up to +5, or 50,000 gp.
    True seeing once per day is 5 x 9 x 1800 ÷5=16,200, doubled for being a secondary property on a weapon, so 32,400.
    The Hide bonus is just like a cloak of elvenkind (2000 gp), doubled for being a secondary property on a weapon, so 4,000.
    Total magic is 50,000 + 32,400 + 4,000=86,400. Half that is cost to create, or 43,200. 1/25 magic cost is the XP cost, or 3,456. Add in the masterwork cost and you're done.