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    Moonlight's Song: This +1 dancing mighty cleaving bastard sword was created by Kanyea Zarkeen, a dark elf follower of Kiaransalee. After coming to the surface in 1298 DR to meet with a vampire lore-tradesman, she heard singing coming from a nearby glade and investigated, finding a dozen drow females dancing in the moonlight. The beauty in the singing and dancing touched some part of her soul that had lain fallow after years of exposure to ugliness and undead, and casting off her necromancer's garb she joined with her kinfolk. In a muddle of emotions after the dance, Kanyea returned to her home city in the Underdark, determined to see the strange drow again. Two more times she visited the glade, but did not find the beautiful dancers. Feeling unworthy, she decided to create a large blade like the ones they carried to show the hidden dancers her skill and willingness to learn, for she knew they must be watching (little did she know that they danced monthly and it had only been three weeks since their first meeting). Kanyea finished the weapon, a beautiful and strange thing in the manner of all weapons made by her kind. Returning to the surface with the sword, she was attacked by a derro raiding party. Gravely wounded, she managed to stagger to the surface cave and call out for help. The derro caught up to her first, and she was all but dead by the time she was discovered by Dren Tanner, a young ranger. Unable to help the dying necromancer, he listened to her dying words and agreed to deliver her sword to the "moonlight dancers."
    Dren carried the sword for nearly twenty years before he met, Turshana Moonstride, a half-drow follower of the Dark Maiden who asked him why he carried a drow-made bastard sword (hardly a common weapon for the light-boned dark elf). When he told his story, she explained to him her faith and asked him to take her to the necromancer's grave. Dren did so, and the woman used divination magic to verify his tale and question the necromancer's remains. Satisfied with the answers, she claimed the sword was intended to be used by members of her faith, and she offered to purchase it from him. He refused, and gave it freely. (The gravesite is now a small shrine to Eilistraee, though few know why or its location.) The pair traveled together for a time and became lovers. When Turshana became pregnant, they settled in a semi-remote part of the Western Heartlands to raise a family. Over time a few other half-drow and good drow joined them on a semipermanent basis, and the church of Eilistraee sometimes sent fosterlings to them. Turshana poured much of her power into the sword, which she intended to be an heirloom for her children and an inspiration to all drow to come into the moonlight. Unfortunately, a roaming green dragon named Vaugaundalarrh discovered their small settlement in 1338 DR at night and managed to kill everyone present. Presumably the sword and all other valuables were taken back to the dragon's lair, though where that may be is unknown and Vaugaundalarrh has not been seen in ten years.
    Moonlight's Song is a steel bastard sword with a long steel hilt. Its batlike crossguard is made of purple-black adamantine, as are the dozens of rings welded together around the hilt. A pair of mithral disks are attached to the front and back of the crossguard, polished to a remarkable smoothness, each bearing a shadowy image of a dancing drow woman carrying a bastard sword (the woman seems to move slowly when a disk is viewed from different angles). Crafted originally as a +1 bastard sword, the dancing and mighty cleaving properties were added by Turshana, as was the blade's secondary property.
    If the bearer of Moonlight's Song is subject to a sonic effect (including attacks such as a harpy's song), the sword automatically triggers a silence spell (caster level 3) upon itself (it can do this once per day). Those within the effect of the silence hear nothing but the sound of a drow woman singing (presumed to be Turshana's own voice) but otherwise are under the effects of the silence. The bearer may end the silence (and the song with it) as a free action, but once this is done it cannot be reactivated.
    Caster Level: 15th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, animate objects, divine power, silence; Market Price: 77,135 gp; Cost to Create: 38,735 gp + 3,072 XP.

    The item has a base plus of +1, dancing is +4, mighty cleavisg is +1, for a total of +6, for 72,000 gp.
    The silence is use-activated (automatic when appropriate), once per day: 2 x 3 x 2000 / 5=2,400, doubled as a secondary property=4,800. I was tempted to do some pricing for a bard's countersong ability, but I wasn't up to it so I got lazy and just used silence instead. :)
    Adding up the magic, we get 72,000 + 4,800=76,800.
    Half of that is the cost to create, or 38,400 gp. 1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 3,072.
    Add in the 335 gp for a masterwork bastard sword and you get the final costs.