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    Forge's Clamor: This +1 thundering shortsword has a blade made of steel mixed with traces of bronze. The crossguard is a large bronze gear, the hilt a group of thick steel wires, and the base of the hilt a basket of bronze wires. The weapon feels unusually heavy and has a slightly odd balance for a short sword (weighted toward the front of the blade).
    When this weapon was created it was just a masterwork warhammer. Given to an industrious young cleric of Gond in 1301 DR, it passed through several hands over the next fifty years and was given an enhancement bonus and its thundering property. In 1358 DR it was owned by Garin the Left Handed, another cleric of Gond, and when he cast a greater magic weapon spell upon it within a wild magic zone, the spell suffered a wild surge and permanently changed the weapon into a short sword. Garin couldn't wield a short sword, so he gave it to his cohort Fringart the Less Bloody, and over time Garin replaced the components of the hilt with the pieces it presently bears and had it crafted with its unusual storage property. Garin and Fringart vanished in 1369 DR in a conflict with a group of Talosian clerics and the weapon has not been seen since.
    In addition to the above properties, the hilt of the weapon acts as a bag of holding of the smallest variety. The extradimensional space is accessed through the strange spherical cluster of bronze wires at the base of the hilt, and unless it has been emptied by bearers after Garin, it probably contains several alchemical items, a full smokepowder horn, and a potion of cure moderate wounds.
    Caster Level: 9th, Prerequisites:blindness/deafness, Leomund's secret chest; Market Price: 13,310 gp; Cost to Create: 6,810 gp + 520 xp.

    A +1 thundering  weapon is a +2-equivalent, or 8,000 gp.
    The smallest bag of holding is 2,500 gp. Double that because it's a secondary property on the item and you get 5,000 gp. This also means the default caster level of the item is 9 (same as the bag) instead of 5 (default for a +1 thundering weapon).
    So, the total magic price is 13,000.
    Half of that is the cost to create, or 6,500 gp.
    1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 520 XP.
    Add in the 310 gp for a masterwork short sword and you get the final costs. (Don't use the warhammer costs, as you price the item as if someone were creating it normally from scratch rather than going through any weird steps that an existing weapon experienced).