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    Cruelty's Nemesis: This +1 human bane merciful kama is made of alder wood bleached to a grayish hue. The middle of the haft is slightly darker, stained by hundreds of years of use. The blade is of burnished steel and covered in hundreds of cracks, flaws, acid scars, and other kinds of damage. Two long red leather cords are tied around the base of the haft, with nearly two feet of extra cord kept hanging loose.
    The weapon was created approximately 720 years ago in Calimshan by Hazann il Basha, a senior member of a monastery of the Broken Ones in that land. Surrounded by greedy people with little concern for the welfare of those of lesser station, he realized that while strange monsters might act evil as part of their nature, humans that chose to be evil were far worse because their moral potential was so much greater. He chose to create a weapon that would help him subdue his unkind neighbors so that he might educate them in the ways of Ilmater. Originally a +1 merciful kama, in the centuries since its creation it was given the human bane property by a more aggressive member of the monastery in response to retaliatory attacks on his order by local criminals, and even later was given its secondary property (see below) by a ranking priest of the Crying God to help members of the order minister to the faithful. It was last seen in 1365 DR in the hands of a Broken One, who was being attacked by Loviatan agents intent on torturing him and stealing the weapon.
     In addition to the above abilities, Cruelty's Nemesis can cast a heal spell once per day. Every time this ability is used, the weapon's blade gains more flaws or damage. Some speculate that at some point the weapon will fall to pieces because of this ability, but at least for now it is unnafected by this damage.
     The leather cords at the base are part of the weapon (so the hardness and hit points of the cords increase because of the weapon's enhancement bonus). Normally they are tied around the wrist of the person wielding it. Unlike a locking gauntlet, this does not prevent the wielder from being disarmed, but if disarmed it does allow the wielder to re-grasp the weapon without drawing an attack of opportunity (essentially, she is performing the "draw a weapon" action rather than the "pick up an item" action). Because the cords interfere with the motion of that arm, any actions attempted with that hand (such as picking a lock, making an unarmed strike, climbind, and so on) suffer a -2 circumstance penalty, and spellcasting attempts with that hand require a Concentration check (DC 10).
    Cruelty's Nemesis is a self-identifying item that does not shed light.
    Caster Level: 11th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cure light wounds, heal, summon monster I; Market Price: 66,302 gp; Cost to Create: 33,302 gp + 2640 XP.

(If you'd rather use a light mace version of this weapon, check out this.)

    A +1 human bane merciful kama is a +3-equivalent, or 18,000 gp. [Merciful is a property from Magic of Faerun (it deals +1d6 damage but all of its damage is subdual ... on command, both aspects of this ability are shut off until commanded to resume].
    Heal 1/day is 6 x 11 x 1,800 (command word activated) / 5=23,760. Rounded up to 24,000 to make the numbers clean, doubled because it's a secondary property=48,000. Thus, total magic cost is 66,000.
    Half of that is the cost to create, or 33,000 gp.

    1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 2,640.
    Leather cords ought to be cheap, but I wanted them to get the benefit of being part of the weapon. But that's a very minor benefit (+1 to hardness and HP should someone try to sever the cords). I feel comfortable ignoring the cost of this, partially because it's such a minor benefit and partially because my rounding of the cost of the heal ability cost me 480 gp. :)
    Add in the 302 gp for a masterwork kama and you get the final costs.