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    Purity of the Inferno: This +2 keen flaming burst rapier is made of bright steel, with images of flames constantly moving across its service. The hilt is textured red steel with an oval weight at the base. The basket consists of several flame-shaped arcs of dull yellow or orange metal. A pair of flame-shaped arcs of metal affix the basket to the top of the hilt.
    The bearer of the rapier is protected by endure cold at all times, whether the weapon is held or just carried. When the flaming burst property activates the entire weapon becomes uncomfortably hot (but not enough to actually cause damage) for several rounds. It is thought that the weapon also bears a lingering spell similar to refuge, in which if the proper command word is spoken it will transport the bearer to a safe place. While the command word is unknown, it is almost certain that the spell expires after being used, and the "safe place" is the church of Kossuth in Eltabbar.
    The rapier was crafted in 972 DR by Red Wizard Dakas Traan for his chief Thayan Knight bodyguard, Vhuras Ghant. Originally a +1 rapier, Dakas Traan added the flaming and keen properties to it over time. When Dakas Traan was slain by a rival, Vhuras joined the church of Kossuth in Eltabbar as a temple guardian. Over the next few years the church rewarded his service by adding the flaming burst property to the weapon and increasing the enhancement bonus to +2. When Vhuras died in his elder years, the weapon given its endure cold ability and was lent to various assassins of the church for use against the churches of Istishia and Auril. On one of these missions in 1073 DR, the weapon was lost in a battle with the powerful ice demon Gurturak of the Nine Faces. Several forays into the demon's Abyssal lair by the church over the next two hundred years failed to recover the weapon, but an independant group of adventurers managed to slay the demon in 1302 DR and loot his lair, including the rapier. When the Eltabbaran church heard of the weapon's return they offered a reward to the adventurers for its return. When the adventurers refused, the church had them assassinated and reclaimed the rapier. In 1360 DR the church sent an assassin to kill the Istishian high priest in Procampur, but the attack was accidentally thwarted by a group of adventures on an assignment from the Harpers. The rapier was last seen in 1361 DR in the hands of Brond Fendril, an adventuring rogue intent on exploring Castle Grimshadow in western Shadowdale.
    Caster Level: 12th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, endure cold, flame blade/flame strike/fireball; Market Price: 54,520 gp; Cost to Create: 27,420 gp + 2,168 XP.

    This one is simple. Standard abilities add up to +5, or 50,000 gp. 
    Endure cold is 2,100, doubled for a secondary property.
    Total magic is 50,000 + 4,200=54,200. Half that is cost to create, or 27,100. 1/25 magic cost is the XP cost, or 2,168 XP. Add in the masterwork cost and you're done.
    (The refuge-like spell almost adds 910 gp to the value of the weapon, but I'm not including it since it's technically a temporary spell placed on the weapon rather than a one-use spell built into it.)