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    Voice of Dawn: This +2 disruption heavy mace was originally wielded by a young Harper named Loryn in 916 DR. Present at the final battle between Lathander's avatar and Sammaster (the founder of the Cult of the Dragon), the young man's heart broke at the sight of the avatar's wounding by one of the lich's disrupted spells. After the battle, Lathander's avatar ressurected the young man and, recognizing the intensity of his faith, blessed his otherwise unremarkable weapon with several magical powers. Loryn became a paladin of Lathander and quested to slay dracoliches, succeeding at least three times.
    In addition to its primary abilities, the haft end of the weapon can create a spear blade of light, equivalent to a +1 brilliant energy halfspear. The weapon is not quite long enough to be able to be used as a double weapon, so the wielder must decide which end to use for any particular round. The weapon is self-identfying and glows with light at all times, even when not held.
    The weapon is made of quality steel, and the haft is wrapped in tan-colored leather. The weapon is a legendary item in the church of the Morninglord, although it is not an artifact. The weapon was last seen in Chessenta 5 years ago, carried by a woman who went completely hooded at all times. She is suspected to have been an agent of the Cult of the Dragon, but she is protected against divination.
    Caster Level: 16th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, continual flame, gaseous form, heal; Market Price: 82,613; Cost to Create: 41,613 gp + 3,280 xp.

    This is basically a double weapon, although you can't use it as a double weapon. Still, you can't use the disruption and brilliant energy ends at the same time, so you shouldn't have to pay for it as if they were on the same end, so it's priced like a double weapon.
    Mace end: base +2, disruption +2=+4=32,000. cost to create is 16,000, XP is 1,280. 312 gp for masterwork mace costs.
    Spear end: base +1, brilliant energy +4=+5=50,000. cost to create is 25,000, XP is 2,000. 301 gp for masterwork halfspear costs (the item itself had no masterwork spear cost because the weapon didn't have that until the avatar created the power, but you should price items as if a character were creating them).
    Add that together to get the final costs.