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    Kiss of the Dark Spider: This +2 elf bane venomous rapier  was created for Akordia Devarratin, a drow divine champion of Lolth. Captain of her temple's guards, the sister of the high priestess, and a favorite choice to lead surface raids on elven communities, Akordia fell prey to a mind flayer assassin in 765 DR, who took her weapon and sold it in one of the larger Underdark cities. The weapon was later found in 1113 DR by a group of adventurers at the heart of a chitine temple to Lolth, who worshipped the weapon as an aspect of their goddess. The weapon was claimed by the group's cleric of Waukeen, who appreciated its value rather than its functions, and was taken to her temple in Amn as a treasure item. The temple was attacked by drow in 1304 DR and its storehouse plundered, and the weapon has not been seen since.
    Kiss of the Dark Spider is a slender rapier with a basket hilt made of metallic spider legs. The blade is gray steel decorated with a delicate web pattern, with a red metal spider symbol near the hilt. The hilt made of that same red steel, with a series of black leglike arcs winding around it to enhance the grip. The end of the hilt is a black ovoid marked with the red hourglass of a black widow spider. When the weapon is grasped, the spider-legs of the basket grips the wielder's hand, giving a +10 bonus to avoid disarm attempts (as if the wielder were using a locked gauntlet). This does not stack with the effects of a locked gauntlet, but the legs release automatically whenever the wielder desires. Once per day the weapon can be commanded to delay poison (at 3rd level) on the wielder. When the venomous property is activated on the weapon, the wielder can have it deal Constitution damage or (in the manner of spider poison) Strength damage.
    Caster Level: 9th, Prerequisites: delay poison, poison, summon monster I; Market Price: 37,820 gp; Cost to Create: 19,070 gp + 1,500 XP.

    The item has a base plus of +2, bane is +1, venomous (a property from Magic of Faerûn that duplicates the poison ability of the dagger of venom) is +1, for a total of +4, for 32,000 gp.
    The locking gauntlet property I'm just going to say is 250, since an actual locking gauntlet is less than 10 gp and this isn't a major ability. Doubled to 500 for secondary property.
    The variant for the venomous property is no big deal, too, since Strength damage is not as lethal as Con damage, so I'm going to say that's 250 as well. Doubled to 500 for secondary property.
    Delay poison I'll price at 3rd level (the minimum): 2 x 3 x 1800 / 5=2160. Doubled for 4320, or about 4500.
    Adding up the magic, we get 37,500 + 500 + 500 + 4500=37500.
    Half of that is the cost to create, or 19070 gp. 1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 1,500.
    Add in the 320 gp for a masterwork rapier and you get the final costs.