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    Point of Anger: This +1 keen wounding claw bracer was made only a few years ago by a leader in a Sembian cell of the Cult of the Dragon. This man crafted the weapon for Palagar Stormwatcher, his son and personal bodyguard. It is believed that the weapon was originally a +1 wounding claw bracer, and that the weapon's other properties were added after Palagar was slain in the High Forest while attempting to recruit Hizanafax (a young adult green dragon) to the cult's cause. When Hizanifax's lust for territory grew too great and encroached on the lands of the People of the Black Blood, he was slain, and his lair plundered. In 1370 DR the bracer was given to Narona, leader of a werewolf pack belonging to the People to pay off a blood debt. The bracer was worn by her for a time, and when her pack captured Courryn the White Hand (an Aglarondan sorcerer) to be used as the prey in a High Hunt, he offered to bind more magic into her weapon in exchange for his life. She accepted, and when he had finished the magic (making it keen) she took him as a mate and then killed him anyway. Narona then gave the weapon to a druid in the pack, who gave it its secondary property. The packleader has not been seen with the weapon for some time, so she may have traded it to another or had it stolen from her lair.
    Point of Anger is plain steel claw blacer with three dark steel tines that are always bloodstained. The bottom of the bracer is open, and is normally cinched tight against the forearm with the two attached leather straps. A black paw or clawed hand marks the left side of the bracer, and it the weapon is normally worn on the right arm so the bearer may easily view the symbol. In addition to its main abilities, the weapon allows the wearer to wild shape once per day into the form of a black wolf (the weapon fuses with the wearer's left or right hand, and the magical properties of the weapon apply to the wearer's left or right front claw when transformed in this way). This transformation lasts up to one hour, and the wearer regains hit points as if he had rested for a day (as the wild shape ability).
    Caster Level: 10th, Prerequisites:keen edge, Mordenkainen's sword, creator must be able to wild shape; Market Price: 52,330 gp; Cost to Create: 26,330 gp + 2,080 XP.

    The item has a base plus of +1, keen is +1, wounding is +2, for a total of +4, for 32000 gp.
    The only weird thing about this is the wild shape, and we'll price that as a minimum caster level polymorph self, since wild shape gets you all of the extra abilities and we can justify the cost that way: 4x7x1800/5=10,080 which is essentially 10,000. Doubled for a secondary property=20,000.
    Adding up the magic, we get 52,000.
    Half of that is the cost to create, or 26,000 gp. 1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 2,080.
    Add in the 330 gp for a masterwork claw bracer and you get the final costs.