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    Thief of the Light: This +2 defending longsword is made of dark gray steel engraved with the symbol of Mask and has a hilt wrapped in black leather. Created by one of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm, the sword was stolen by a tiefling worshipper of Tymora, which Mask finds annoying and yet ironic. Its location is not known at this time, and the tiefling may have taken it almost anywhere in Faerûn.
    Its magic enables the weapon to be wielded as if it were a short sword with respect to weight and ease of use. (In other words, the weapon appears to all viewers to be a longsword, and deals longsword damage, but the wielder feels and reacts as if the weapon were a short sword.) Any individual able to use either a longsword or a short sword with proficiency is proficient in the use of this weapon. Likewise, Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization in short sword and longsword apply equally.
    Once per day, the sword can be used to cast blacklight.
    Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, blacklight, shield/shield of faith; Market Price: 32,315 gp; Cost to Create: 16,315 gp + 1,280 XP.

    This is a fun one. The item has a base plus of +2, defending is +1, for a total of +3.
    The "virtual size change" property is just like that of the sun blade. If we reverse engineer the price of the sun blade (50,000 gp), we see that its price is a +5-equivalent weapon. Obviously +2 of it is from the enhancement bonus. Its bonus against evil creatures is similar to bane, although you don't get bonus damage. The damage multipliers make this property essentially equal to bane, so that accounts for another +2 of the weapon's cost. That leaves +1, and it's a reasonable estimation that that last +1 covers both the "virtual size change" and the ability to make light in that weird way. Since continual flame and daylight are both 3rd-level cleric spells, it's a reasonable assumption to say that since blacklight is also Clr 3 we can just swap out our spell for the one in the DMG. So the Thief of the Light gains another +1 property. (Yes, I'm aware that the prereq for the sun blade is continual light, which is no longer a spell in the PH, but the "replacement" spells above are the same level so that's OK).
    +2 enhancement +1 defending +1 virtual size change & blacklight=+4. Finally, a simple cost!
    Total magic price is 32000 gp.
    Half of that is the cost to create, or 16000 gp.
    1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 1280.
    Add in the 315 gp for a masterwork longsword and you get the final costs.