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    Agent of the Gift: This +1 frost spell storing longsword is made of light gray steel with a wavy ribbonlike texture. At the base of the blade are three red wavy lines of powdered ruby fused into grooves carved in the metal (when the weapon is storing a spell, these powdered rubies glow with a dull light like a burning ember). The crossguard is an angular piece of red metal, and the hilt is a flattened cylinder of the same metal, wrapped in thick wires made of electric blue steel.
    It is not known when this weapon was created, but a weapon matching its description is mentioned in a short (and bad) poem dating to Myth Drannor as being owned by a half-elven bard. The weapon turned up in 805 DR as loot from a hit-and-run raid on Myth Drannor by a gang of Calishite adventurers. The weapon was traded to a pasha in Almraiven for a particularly beautiful harem girl, and the pasha gave it to his son as a wedding gift. The son lost it as a prize in a mageduel with a Waterdhavian sorcerer in 809 DR, who dropped out of sight shortly after. It was discovered in 1301 DR in the Vast in a dungeon lair of an undead spellcaster (possibly the same one that won it in the mageduel, and who may have been responsible for giving the weapon its secondary property) but one of the party members left with it and it has not been seen since.
    The weapon's one unusual ability is that it can allow a spellcaster to give a target the ability to cast a spell, similar to the imbue with spell ability spell. Unlike that spell, both arcane and divine spells of any kind may be imbued, and only one 0- or 1st-level spell can be imbued in a target, regardless of its hit dice. Using this ability does not require the expenditure of a 4th-level spell by the spellcaster, but any spells (or spell slots, in the case of bards and sorcerers, who imbue a target with a particular spell rather than open spell slot) imbued are temporarily unavailable. For example, a 3rd-level wizard could use the weapon to imbue his rogue ally with a true strike spell, and would not be able to prepare a 1st-level spell in that slot until the rogue had cast the spell or was slain. Another example is a 4th-level sorcerer who uses one of his 1st-level spell slots to imbue his druid ally with an change self spell, and cannot use that slot until the druid casts the spell or dies. The weapon can do this once per day, and theoretically a spellcaster could imbue all of his or her spells into other targets over the course of several days and would be unable to cast spells until one of the targets expended a spell or died.
    Agent of the Gift is a self-identifying item.
    Caster Level: 8th, Prerequisites: chill metal/ice storm, permanency, creator must be a caster of at least 12th level; Market Price: 38,315; Cost to Create: 19,315 gp + 1,520 XP.

    +1 for enhancement, +1 for frost, +1 for spell storing=+3=18,000.
    I'm going to price the imbuing ability normally as the imbue with spell ability spell, since while the sword can imbue more kinds of spells, it's limited to just 0 or 1st level spells and only one per creature. So: 4x7x1800/5=10,080 which is essentially 10,000. I'll use permanency as the key spell for this ability, since I'd normally use Rary's mnemonic enhancer but sorcerer's have no need for that spell so I chose a spell one level higher that has a weird spell effect (I was tempted to use limited wish, but I decided that would be too harsh, since imbue with spell ability is only 4th level). Double it for a secondary property, so 20,000.
    Self-identifying is free.
    Total magic price is 18,000 + 20,000=38,000.
    Half of that is the cost to create, or 19,000 gp.
    1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 1,520.
    Add in the 315 gp for a masterwork longsword and you get the final costs.