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    Inspired to War: This +1 longsword is extremely old. The blade, hilt, and crossguard are made with the same metal, and the hilt is wrapped in a long folded length of simple but quality paper. When drawn, strange characters scroll across the length of the blade, spelling out the Binder's dogma in an unknown language.
    Though it was made by human hands, its metal parts were forged in a style and with a particular kind of steel not known in Faerûn; those who have studied the blade believe it was made by some human culture from another plane and brought to Toril by some Oghma-worshipper long ago. Though its origin is lost to time, the sword has been passed from champion to diplomat to bard and so on through generations of Oghma's faith. In recent months it was held at the Leaves of Learning (a temple and library of Oghma in Highmoon), used by the temple's high priest Learned Father High Altar Hasicor Danali only for important ceremonies (as he has a personal magical weapon he prefers for actual combat, see Leaves of Learning, the web enhancement for Faiths and Pantheons). Unfortunately, in mid-Nightal 1372 Danali went to retrieve the sword and found it stolen.
     In addition to the above abilities, Inspired to War can cast a bless spell once per day. As long as it is sheathed, it gives its bearer a +5 bonus to Diplomacy checks. Once per day the bearer can unroll one piece of paper from the hilt; when unfolded, each piece is as large as a standard scroll.
    Inspired to War is a self-identifying item that does not shed light.
    Caster Level: 10th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bless, glibness, fabricate, Market Price: 7,815 gp; Cost to Create: 4,065 gp + 300 XP.
    A +1 longsword is 2,000 gp.
    +5 to Diplomacy is 5x5x100 as per the 3.5 DMG, or 2500, x150% for a secondary property=3750
    The paper-making I priced at .4 gp (4 sp, the cost of a piece of paper) x 365 days=about 150gp, as a year's worth of a small cost is a good benchmark for it's "unlimited cost" (the cost of slaves in the FRCS is based on one year's wages of a commoner's salary). Plus this isn't really worth a lot, monetarily, to an adventurer, it's just a cool thing that you can use to endear yourself to people who can't afford paper, like people you'd teach how to read and write. 150% of that is 225 gp.
   Bless 1/day is SL1xCL1x10=1000, x150%=1500
   Altogether that's 7,475, which I'll round to 7,500 to make the math nice.
   Add in the 315 gp for a masterwork longsword and you get the final costs.