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    Midnight's Secret: This +2 unholy wounding short sword is made of blackened steel that reflects almost no light. Engraved near the base of the blade on each side is Shar's symbol, inlaid with colored metal. The crossguard is a half-circle of textured metal, and the hilt is coated in hardened resin which has been carved with abstract purple marks. The base of the pommel holds two violet gems, probably amethysts. The position of a curved bar on the pommel and the orientation of the crossguard make this weapon slightly more favored for use by a right-handed wielder, for if the weapon is held in the right hand the crossguard extends over the outer portion of the hand (where an enemy would stand). It is believed that the sword was created by an unknown monk-sorcerer of Shar, a renegade from the Dark Moon order. It is a Shadow Weave item and is self-identifying.
    Once per day, the wielder may use it to inject a target with poison (DC 14), similar to a dagger of venom in its use. However, this venom deals 1d8 initial and secondary Wisdom damage rather than Constitution damage.
    Caster Level: 10th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Mordenkainen's sword, poison, unholy blight; Market Price: 98,310 gp; Cost to Create: 49,310 gp + 3,920 XP.

    OK, enhancement is +2, unholy is +2, wounding is +2 (note that in the DMG the table has it right at +2 but the ability description has it wrong at +1), for a total of +6.
    The Wisdom-poison is just a variant of the ability of the dagger of venom,  and you can reverse-engineer that weapon's price in the DMG and find that the venomous ability is a +1 ability (which is how it's priced in Magic of Faerun). So, that brings our total to +7.
    Shadow Weave item is "free," as is being self-identifying.
    Total magic price is 98000 gp.
    Half of that is the cost to create, or 49000 gp.
    1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 3920.
    Add in the 310 gp for a masterwork short sword and you get the final costs.