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    Air Walker: This +1 dancing greatsword is an old weapon, made of textured steel and with a gold hilt and crossguard. Shaundakul's old symbol (an upright hand surrounded by swirling winds) adorns the blade in purple. Like many greatswords, Air Walker has no point, as it is intended as a slashing weapon and is difficult to use for thrusting attacks unless used by a larger-than-human creature.

    By no coincidence it resembles the god's own weapon Sword of Shadows, for after the fall of Myth Drannor the god's avatar battled the many fiends that took up residence in that place, and in one such battle a sliver of metal was sheared from his blade by the attack of a balor. This sliver was found by Maxivaen Dundragos, a member of his surviving clergy, and Maxivaen's church used the metal as the seed for a weapon they hoped would bolster the courage of the remaining faithful. Guided by lingering power in the godsblade fragment, the priests finished the basic crafting and then set about pouring as much magic into it as they could muster. The result was a +1 dancing greatsword that resembled that of their patron. Rallying behind their weapon of hope, the Shaundakun gathered adventurers from the nearby lands and attacked Myth Drannor. Three times these sorties were all but destroyed, and three times they retreated, gathered more forces, and returned to battle. The fourth time they never returned, and among the  dead were Maxivaen himself.

    At some point the weapon was looted from the lost city by someone who didn't know or care about its heritage, for it was discovered in the Caverns of the Claw in the hands of a particularly nasty troll barbarian in 1105 DR. The woman who found it, a human of unknown heritage named Divaelin Santori, brought it to a temple of Waukeen to have it crafted with more power, as she had grown wealthy cleaning up after other adventuring groups who almost succeeded in their missions to wipe out monster colonies. When the Waukeenar clerics finished, they told her with surprise and chagrin that despite their attempts to add the mighty cleaving property to it, the weapon emerged bearing the ability to make its wielder assume gaseous form. From what the clerics were able to determine, there is a vestigial intelligence in the sword that guides what magic is placed into it. The intelligence has made no attempts to communicate and may not be able to, but it can warp spells poured into it to give its metal body the powers it wants.

    Divaelin accepted this change with aplomb and used the weapon to carve out a small territory for herself in the Border Kingdoms. When she grew old her fiefdom collapsed under the attack of a wizard neighbor, and the weapon disappeared for over 200 years. It was discovered again by Vugruk Firetongue, a half-orc follower of Shaundakul, who would not say where he got it (but as he bore horrible acid scars all over his left arm around the time he reappeared with the weapon and was reputed to be exploring the Underdark, it is likely he found it in the hands of a cult of Ghaunadaur or similar faith). Vugruk swore to bring the truth of Shaundakul's nature to the "savages of the Great Desert who have succumbed to Beshaba's lies." The last report of him comes from a Zhent Anauroch caravan scout, who saw a half-orc with a greatsword surrounded by dead half-fiendish creatures and battling a demonic-looking mauve scorpion. Scholars of Shaundakul's church have triangulated the general location of the battle, but recent scrying attmepts to find it have been thwarted by large hemispherical areas of shadow.

    Air Walker lets is bearer assume gaseous form once per day (caster level 5). The rudimentary intelligence in the weapon occassionally manifests itself by invoking this power when the bearer is incapacitated, bearing him or her to a place of safety within range. Other times it has actiated the dancing ability of the weapon after its bearer has fallen, allowing for one last stand before the final end, in hopes of slaying as many enemies as possible. It is not known what other properties the weapon wants to have or if it has any other secret abilities.

    Caster Level: 15th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, animate objects, gaseous form; Market Price: 62,150 gp; Cost to Create: 31,250 gp + 2,472 XP.

    +1 dancing greatsword is +5-equivalent, or 50,000 gp.
    Gaseous form 1/day at 5th level is 3x5x1800/5=5,400, doubled to 10,800.
    An actively intelligent weapon would be at least 10,000 gp. However, this thing has no primary abilities, no method of communication, and no ability scores (it's just a plot device). The ability to active the other powers in times of need is useful, but not too much, so I set that at an arbitrary 1,000 (which is not doubled, as that's apparently already figured into the price because the DMG examples don't say anything about doubling).
    Total magic price is 61,800. Half that is 30,900 gp, 1/25 the magic is 2,472 XP. Add 350 gp for a masterwork greatsword and you're done.