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    Balance Point: This +1 shock shortspear is simply made, just a sharpened piece of fine wood, as hard as iron thanks to an ironwood spell included in its magics. The spear feels like smooth bark and smells like green wood. Halfway down its length grows a cluster of shelf fungi, usually a pale brown but sometimes growing in reddish or white. There are no artificial markings anywhere on the spear.
   The staff was carved from a fragment of a lightning-split oak tree by a hermit druid of Silvanus called "Old Grost" living in the Chondalwood. Like many in that place, he was very territorial and likely to attack anyone he felt threatened his forest home, regardless of their race and true intentions. He crafted the spear with his own hands and imbued it with magic--some believe a part of his spirit lingers in the spear. He was found dead in his treehouse in 1366 DR by another Chondalwood druid named Shandri Four-Splinters, who took the staff to her circle and was told she should keep it. For the next three months she experimented with it and composed a letter to her circle superior detailing its powers but never got to send it; she was found dead in the forest by a group of Arrabaran adventurers (the Company of the Blue Shadow). The adventurers believe she was attacked by some strange intelligent beast, as her wounds were caused by weapons and claws; the spear was missing (as was all of her magical gear) but her letter describing its abilities was still in its scroll tube.
   In 1368 DR a Chondathan bard (Helm "Songbreaker" Dundragon) spoke of a strange sight in the Chondalwood, four snakes with glowing eyes flying westward in a pattern around a smooth wooden spear, as if carried by an invisible air elemental, and Silvanus' church believes that weapon is Balance Point. In 1370 DR an eastbound caravan from Innarlith suffered an attack from a strange group of undead wild elves, all heavily scarred or even skeletal due to horrific acid burns. The leader bore a weapon matching the description of Old Grost's spear, and before all the caravan defenders were slain he called an end to the attack and pulled his warriors back into the safety of the night and forest. This unknown elf has been seen at least two other times since then, and rumors say he is a servant of a young green dragon (known only as "Elfdrinker" and "Scourbreath" to those in the Chondalwood) being groomed for dracolichdom or perhaps vampirism by the Cult of the Dragon.
    In addition to its above abilities, Balance Point gives its bearer a +5 competence bonus to Balance, Climb, and Jump checks. The fungus growing on the spear acts much like a goodberry spell; each day 2d4 pieces of fungus ripen and can be eaten, providing nourishment equal to a normal meal and 1 point of magical healing (subject to a maximum of 8 points healed in this fashion per day). These pieces of fungus are removable and last for up to 1 day before decaying. The fungus always grows back, even if completlely scraped off the spear.
    Once per tenday the bearer can plant the spear in the ground and speak a word to activate a changestaff spell upon it (caster level 13). If the "treant" is killed, the spear is destroyed. The word to activate this ability changes every few months; this may be a quirk of the crafting process or a lingering stubborn-ness of the spirit of its creator. Druid scholars believe that a properly-focused speak with plants spell can get the attention of the spear's rudimentary psyche and give the caster a chance to coax the new command word from it.
    The spearhead sheds a greenish light equal to a candle; the bearer can activate or end this light as free action.
    Caster Level: 13th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, call lightning, changestaff, creator must have 5 ranks in Balance, Climb, and Jump; Market Price: 45,301 gp; Cost to Create: 22,801 gp + 1,800 XP.
    A +1 shock shortspear is 8000 gp.
   +5 to a skill is 5x5x100 as per the 3.5 DMG, or 2500, x150% for a secondary property=3750. x3 for three skills is 11250
   Goodberry 1/day at caster level 1 is 1x1x2000/5 = 400, x150% for a secondary property = 600.
   Changestaff 1/day at caster level 13 is 7x13x1800/5 = 32760. Rather than discounting by 1/10 for the once-per-tenday option, I'm going to divide the price for this ability in half; this is a fair discount for the user, especially as a clever adventurer will try to plan his adventuring so he's not trying to use the staff every single day of the tenday--if he is unlucky, he may end up in a situation where he can use it one day and not the next, so 1/2 price is fair because it's like the ability is only useable every other day. So, half price is 16380, x150% = 24570, rounded to 25000.
   Altogether that's 44850, which I'll round to 45000 to make the math nice.
   Add in the 301 gp for a masterwork shortspear and you get the final costs.