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    Heart of the Enemy: This +2 keen aberration-bane rapier is made of fine steel decorated with intricate engravings. Adorning the blade is a pattern of red gold arrowheads. The basket hilt is plated with red gold, as are grip-bands wound around the hilt itself, which is plated in white gold. Custom made for a Sunite cleric in Neverwinter by a human blacksmith named Chalira of the Crossed Swords, the weapon was magically sharpened almost immediately after its creation. When the cleric gave the weapon to her son on her deathbed, the boy swore to strike against evil and ugliness all over the world. This young man, Dalarin Whitebrow, eventually became a paladin of Sune and had the weapon crafted with additional power and the aberration bane quality. It was stolen from him by a follower of Mask, and three years later when Dalarin found the thief it had been given its last ability. Dalarin and his companions were last seen five years ago entering the Trollmoors with the intent to wipe out large numbers of the regenerating horrors. It is likely that the rapier, as well as his breastplate of command, are sitting in some stinking troll lair.
    In addition to its primary properties, Heart of the Enemy gives its bearer a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma when held, carried, or worn.
    Caster Level: 10th; Prerequisites:charm monster, keen edge, summon monster I; Market Price: 40,320; Cost to Create: 20,320 gp + 1,600 xp.

    The item has a base plus of +2, bane is +1, keen is +1, for a total of +4. That's 32,000.
    A +2 cloak of charisma is 4,000. Doubling that cost for making it a secondary property of an item is 8,000, so total magic cost is 40,000.
    Half of that is the cost to create, or 20,000 gp.
    1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 1,600.
    Add in the 330 gp for a masterwork rapier and you get the final costs.