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    Talathar's Armor: This +2 holy defending greatsword was once a suit of +3 full plate worn by a Tethyrian paladin of Torm named Talathar. Talathar's quest was to rid Faerûn of demons, and he and his fellows traveled the length of the Sword Coast in search of fiends to destroy. The armor was ruined in 1341 DR in a combat with a bebilith, but Talathar gathered what shards he could salvage and brought them to his temple to be forged into a weapon. The pieces were melted down and hammered into a greatsword, although some parts of the armor's original texture remained visible on the blade. When the paladin had the weapon crafted with magic, he and the cleric involved were surprised to find that after the first enhancement on the weapon was completed, it also had acquired the defending property as well. When the weapon was completed, Talathar resumed his quest. He was last seen in 1348 DR chasing a fleeing demon through a portal that led to an unknown location in Faerûn.
    Talathar's Armor is a long-hilted greatsword of bright white steel. The blade has a series of horizontal grooves or scratches near the hilt which have been inlaid with gold. The crossguard is made of seven magically-hardened gold ovoids, each bearing a different glyph of power. The hilt is steel, wrapped in red dragonskin (bleached to a dark yellow hue) and banded in more magically-hardened gold. In addition to its primary properties, each of the glyphs represents a different spell stored in the weapon that can be activated by spell trigger once per day, at the minimum caster level: bless weapon, cure light wounds, divine favor, endure elements, delay poison, shield other, and protection from evil. The spells may be cast upon the bearer of the weapon or (if the spell allows it) on another creature.
    Caster Level: 8th, Prerequisites: bless weapon, cure light wounds, divine favor, endure elements, delay poison, holy smite, protection from evil, shield/shield of faith, shield other, creator must be good; Market Price: 62,350 gp; Cost to Create: 31,350 gp + 2,480 XP.

    The item has a base plus of +2, defending is +1, holy is +2, for a total of +5, for 50000 gp.
    OK, normally you'd price all of the items properties at the same caster level (for simplicity and convenience), but you don't _have_ to (this is sort of a new ruling). So all of the following features are at the minimum caster level for the spell.
    bless weapon: spell level 1 x caster level 1 x 1600 (I'm making it a little less than the 1800 for command word because it's spell trigger) ÷ 5 (once per day)=320, doubled for a secondary property=640.
    cure light: as above, 640.
    divine favor: as above, 640.
    endure elements: as above, 640.
    protection from evil: as above, 640.
    delay poison: spell level 2 x caster level 3 x 1600 ÷ 5=1920, doubled=3840.
    shield other: as above, 3840.

    Adding up the magic, we get 50000 + 5x640 + 2x3840=50000+3200+7680=60,880. We'll round that off to 62,000 to make the math nice.
    Half of that is the cost to create, or 31,000 gp. 1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 2,480.
    Add in the 350 gp for a masterwork greatsword and you get the final costs.