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    The Righteous Arm of Justice: This +2 lawful longsword is made of gray steel and engraved with a regular pattern of squares along the length of the blade on both sides. The axis of the crossguard is darker steel, with the guards themselves light steel inlaid with a simple angular geometric pattern in gold. The hilt is wrapped in the tanned hide of a blue dragon, and the pommel bears a fixed steel ring, normally used to hang the sword for display.
    This weapon is old and its creator is unknown, although it has been used by several famous heroes of Tyr's faith, including Fyrrian Spellstar of Hlondath (died approx. 327 DR), Drun Ironguard the Drannoran Exile (died estimated 700 DR), and Talisk Greenshield of Waterdeep (died 1235 DR). After Talisk's death the sword disappeared and has not been seen since, although it is rumored that a half-orc in the North has either been searching for or has found the weapon.
    In addition to its primary properties, The Righteous Arm has the ability to cast an order's wrath spell once per day. This spell can only be invoked upon a non-lawful being that the sword is striking (in the manner of a spell storing weapon, although spell storing weapons can normally only release targeted spells in this manner). The effect of the order's wrath is centered on the target of the attack but fills the normal area of the spell (a burst filling a 30-ft. cube), and may affect the wielder of The Righteous Arm if he or she is not lawful. The sword sheds blue light when drawn.

    Caster Level: 8th, Prerequisites:order's wrath, creator must be lawful; Market Price: 52,315; Cost to Create: 26,315 gp + 2,080 xp.

    A +2 lawful weapon is a +4-equivalent, or 32,000 gp.
    Normally the caster level for such an item would only have to be 7th, but since the order's wrath spell on it does damage for every 2 levels, I decided to make it at caster level 8 so you get that next die of damage. The caster level doesn't affect the plus-based part of the sword's cost.
    Shedding light is free.
    Order's wrath 1/day is spell level 4 x caster level 8 x 2000 (use activated) x 1/5 (for once per day)=12,800. I'm going to knock that down to 10,000 because you can't cast it at a range (I know that it's a slight advantage to be able to use a spell and a melee attack at the same time, but I consider this enough of a drawback because you might hurt your non-lawful buddies if they're near you).
    Doubling the 10,000 because it's a secondary property to the item, you add 20,000 to the cost, which brings the total magic price to 52,000 gp.
   Half of that is the cost to create, or 26,000 gp.
    1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 2,080.
    Add in the 315 gp for a masterwork longsword and you get the final costs.