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    Glory of Gold: This +1 dagger was crafted several decades ago in Amn at the behest of a wealthy arms merchant. To help himself and his heirs conduct business better, he had the church of Waukeen craft it with powers to help negotiation and recognize inferior goods. Unfortunately his son invested much of the family's money in an expedition to Maztica which sank before ever reaching that land's shores, and he had to sell the dagger in order to keep the family businesses running. The man who bought it was Teryl Jassan, a man of mixed Amnian/Calishite heritage. Teryl used the dagger's powers to help increase his family's wealth, and when a business rival (Lorem Grenvar) proved troublesome he had the dagger crafted with additional abilities to help his younger brother Koesra (an aspiring assassin) eliminate a key member of Grenvar's family.
    Koesra hit some bad luck during the attempt and was killed; Grenvar wore the dagger as a trophy thereafter. In recent years, the elderly but still spry Grenvar traveled to Murann to conduct a business deal, and presumably was captured or imprisoned when the monster army took that city. A spy saw the dagger on the belt of an official in the monster-ruled "Sythillisian Empire;" the scout initially believed this official was a doppelganger (based on seeing it change its shape) but divinations by Amnian churches suggest it's actually a half-ogre mage offspring of one of the Empire's leaders.
    Glory of Gold has a blade of simple bright steel. Its hilt is shining gold, made of over two dozen gold coins drilled through the center and fixed around a steel haft, capped with a gold-plated steel knob. It is otherwise physically unremarkable, bearing no markings indicating it is dedicated to Waukeen's faith. Because of the small blade, almost nonexistant crossguard, and simple grip, it is more of a stilleto than a standard dagger, but is still capable of slicing as well as stabbing.
    Glory of Gold gives its bearer a +5 bonus to Appraise and Sense Motive checks. When held in hand it gives a +5 bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks (when the wielder tries to hide or move silently, the entire dagger turns an unreflective black color). The bearer can draw the dagger as a free action as if he had the Quick Draw feat. It is a self-identifying item that does not normally shed light, though a cleric of Waukeen can activate a golden radiance on it equal to a light spell at will, as can anyone within a Waukeenar temple.
    Caster Level: 5th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cat's grace, clairvoyance; Market Price: 20,302 gp; Cost to Create: 10,302 gp + 800 XP.

    The item is +1, that's 2000 gp.
    +5 to a skill is 2500 each. Four of them is 10000, times 150% for being a secondary property of the item, so 15000. (I could do some finagling with the prices as two of the properties only work when the weapon is held, but most of the people who'd want to use Hide and Move Silently are going to be the sort of people that want a dagger out to stab people in an emergency. Plus the Quick Draw aspect would mean that if you had it sheathed you'd be able to use it instantly anyway, so to keep it from getting way too complex I'm just going to use the simple standard method.)

    Quick Draw is a first-tier feat, which I usually estimate at 5000 gp. However, this only lets you use QD on this particular weapon rather than any weapon/item you carry, so I'm going to knock that down to 2000. Times 150% for a secondary property gets you 3000.
    Light and self-identifying are free (even with the odd restriction for the clerics of Waukeen).
    Adding up the magic, we get 20000.

    Half of that is the cost to create, or 10,000 gp. 1/25 the magic price is the XP cost, or 680.
    Add in the 302 gp for a masterwork dagger and you get the final costs.