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Note that some of these characters use new feats from the Forgotten Realms® campaign setting book and spells from Magic of Faerun, but the ones I use will be pretty self-evident and you probably won't need that book to use these characters.

Baragh, fighter/sorcerer
Houndaer, fighter/wizard
Ssapriina, monk/sorcerer
Kekkusauree, lich cleric/wizard
Rilrae, rogue/sorcerer
Kelnozz, rogue/wizard
Quild, wizard/cleric
Lesaonar, rogue/fighter

Seldzar's Mercenary Company:
Seldzar, rogue/fighter
Bruherd, barbarian
Zarra, bard
Dhaunae, cleric
Xune, druid
Istorvir, fighter
Hattchen, monk
Phaere, ranger
Tarlyn, fallen paladin
Briza, rogue
Molvayas, sorcerer
Alak, wizard