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IRC Chat Log 3/22/03

In this chat, I answered questions about Races of Faerun, Savage Species, Black Isle's project Jefferson, and other projects. Eric Boyd stopped by and was able to answer other questions on Races of Faerun and other stuff. Thanks to Eric for taking the time to participate in the chat, and to Arthur for organizing it.

ArthurQ: Ask your questions and sean will answer them as he can
ArthurQ: IF you feel your comments arent heard, message me your question and I will relay it privatly to sean...
ArthurQ: if the room becomes too crowded and chat moves to fast, we will switch to a moderated question/answer format
ArthurQ: everyone is to act in a mature manner. WE are all gamers and friends here...
ArthurQ: I belive sean is lets begin
TRS_Chris: Hello, Sean. How are you?
ArthurQ: guys we only have 1 hour so speak up
Gemm: What are you currently working on?
SeanKR: Fine, Chris, thanks. :)
SeanKR: I am finishing up the last bits of Anger of Angels, and then going to start on my Reaper elf book
SeanKR: plus Black Isle as my day job. :)
dasinhume: are you still interested in the developement of the Forgotten Realms? do you like the way it is going?
TRS_Chris: Good to hear. What inspired you to hold an open session today? :)
ArthurQ: What can you tell us about "Jefferson"
SeanKR: Arthur pestered me for months. :)
ArthurQ: yes, yes i did
mactavish: what is jefferson?
Garen: ( and months, and months... )
SeanKR: I can't say a lot about Jefferson, but if you ask specific questions I'll give it a shot.
Shadoweaver: I've found myself with a lot of interest in your deity blades. Do you have particular attatchment to any of the deities?
SeanKR: Jefferson is the code name of the CRPG I'm working on at Black Isle.
Shadoweaver: Ohho.
DragonMage: ah
mactavish: ah.
SeanKR: The blades ...
SeanKR: 1) glad you like them,
Sammael: Hello. Hope I'm not too late
SeanKR: 2) sorry I've fallen behind, AOA deadline was brutal.
belatrix: What kind of work do you do for Black Isle? Are you writing the storyline for the game, or programming, or what?
Shadoweaver: Hey, no worries. It's free content, man..
SeanKR: 3) I dunno. I had to write up most of the deities, so I didn't get particularly attached to any of them. Some are cooler than others, of course. :)
Shadoweaver: Of course.
superpriest: Speaking of Rich Redman, do you feel Savage Species is well balanced? The way he put together the half-ogre (as half an ogre) seems a little careless.
Shadoweaver: So you're the Man Behind the Gods?
SeanKR: I'm a designer, not a programmer. I do level design, dialogues, quests, etc.
belatrix: cool
Sammael: How much influence do you have over the overall design of Jefferson?
SeanKR: I actually didn't see the half-ogre until the book came out; it wasn't in the book when I was working on it. That was one of the things Rich was doing while I was doing my development work. And I've been so busy recently that I haven't really had time to give it a readthrough except for how my stuff was changed.
SeanKR: Shadow, I suppose so. :)
Trine: Is Jefferson being placed in an existing campaign world (like FR) or is it being created from scratch?
SeanKR: Sammael, the main storyline was already done when I came to BIS, but now we're filling in the details. In fact, I'm in charge of 2 organizations in the game and it's up to me to come up with plots for them for the whole game.
ArthurQ: Speak of the devil here comes rich!
Eric: Sorry I'm late ...
ArthurQ: And ERic!
ArthurQ: Eric Boyd Welcome!
DragonMage: Hi Eric
SeanKR: Trine, we have not said if Jefferson is set in a particular world, or even if it's D&D. But there have been a lot of hints.
SeanKR: Hey, Eric!
DragonMage: Is 'jefferson' even an rpg?
Eric: Apologies on the typing ... got a sqirmy little baby here who does not want to be set down ...
Sammael: Of course it's an RPG
DragonMage: Well I had no way of knowing that.
SeanKR: Everyone, this is Eric Boyd, co-author of Faiths & Pantheons and the author of the original FR deities trilogy of sourcebooks. Welcome, Eric!
Eric: Hi all.
Shadoweaver: Ah-ha! Maybe we're all wrong. Maybe it's actually an FPS!
KingOfChaos: Heya Eric! :D
Gemm: Is Jefferson going to be a p&p thing or a PC game?
EldricIV: Not being up on my acronyms, what is FPS?
Shadoweaver: ...holy... I'm going geek, breaking out my Faiths & Avatar trilogy...
Garen: First-Person Shooter.
Shadoweaver: First person shooter.
DragonMage: Faith & Pantheons was excellent.
EldricIV: Thanks.
SeanKR: DragonMage, yes, it's an RPG. In the computer game biz, Black Isle is known for its RPGs, whether on a PC or console platform.
Eric: Glad you liked it.
Sammael: Jefferson is a PC game, from the same people who did Fallout and Planescape: Torment
SeanKR: Jefferson is on the PC.
DragonMage: SeanKR: Sweet.
Maccowmisha: Will Jefferson be fantasy or sci-fi based?
Sammael: How different is CRPG design from PnP design, Sean?
SeanKR: We haven't said that, either. But there have been some hints.
ArthurQ: Eric: I have a question for you actually....Will we ever see a relationship develop between Shar and Cyric :-P
DragonMage: lol
Shadoweaver: Har har.
Sammael: Heh
SeanKR: CRPG vs. PNP ... good question!
Sammael: Any big plans for Velsharoon, Eric?
Shadoweaver: Cyric's too megalomaniacal, and Shar wants to eat everybody. I'm still convinced that Dendar is an avatar of Shar.
NiTessine: Hmm. Shar and Cyric... Cool and anti-cool... Wouldn't that cause a massive explosion?
KingOfChaos: I am pretty sure most of Sean's work in the CRPG is mostly fluff-related
KingOfChaos: Then again, I don't know if they added new material to the game :P
Shadoweaver: Maybe Shar and Talos, once Talos takes over all the portfolios of his minion gods.
SeanKR: It's all in the details. For a PNP game, you say "the guard knows the following things, and reveals them if you talk to him long enough." in a CRPG, you actually have to create a dialogue for all of those possible things he might say and how the player might get him to talk about them. You're taking the role of the DM.
Eric: Velsharoon is the love child of Shar &Cyric ...
ArthurQ: I asked Eric lol
ArthurQ: woah...
Shadoweaver: GASP1
ArthurQ: that cant be official
Sammael: lol
Garen: Eric has a sense of humor. Woohoo!
SeanKR: Hey, since Eric is here, let's talk about Races of Faerun for a while, as Eric wrote the humans section. Eric, did you write anything else for that book? Were you Mr. Dwarf?
KingOfChaos: Heh
KingOfChaos: Oops
Shadoweaver: You HAVE read about the clergy of Sune, haven't you Garen?
Garen: ;)
Eric: dwarf & human
Garen: Okay, I'm going to ask the question, since it's been on a few people's minds and I know people are going to want the answer:
js: has my copy.
DragonMage: heh
Eric: I had a lot of fun with the humans as that was mostly new, but built on some really obscure old refs.
DragonMage: ok
KingOfChaos: I have yet to find it in Waldens Books
Maccowmisha: Amazon for me too
DragonMage: KingOfChaos: That may take a while.
EldricIV: They have it at Game Daze for anyone in Arizona.
ArthurQ: Eric: what can you tell us about the whole Lathander Amunuator consipriacy?
Ascaron: I am back, am I too late?
Garen: With regard to the rebirth of Amaunator as Lathander, is that meant to be an official inclusion into the history of the Realms at this point, or just an adaptation of the beliefs of some people to find a new sun-centered god with the death of the former.
ArthurQ: heh
Garen: ?
DragonMage: Seri!
Shadoweaver: As long as we're getting into races, I'd like to ask about kobolds.
Eric: You can see th e hints of what I envisioned for the dwarves in DDGttU.
DragonMage: wha?
Sammael: Good Q, Garen.
NiTessine: Gesundheit...
ArthurQ: One at a time folks, i may have to moderate the chat
Sammael: Drizzt's guide to the Underdark, IIRC
Shadoweaver: I'm waiting.
DragonMage: Sammael: Ah.
Eric: First of all, anything said about the gods is always one of many truths about the gods. Don't think of the gods as powerful mortals. They are multifacted, multiaspected beings beyond mortal comprehension.
KingOfChaos: Even the ones who ascended from mortality?
KingOfChaos: Seems to me they'd still have the habit of falling into mortal ways
Eric: That said, Lathander may have stolen part of Amaunator's portfolio, he may be Amaunator reborn, or Lathander/Amauntaor may be 2/3 aspects of a more powerful god. (The third aspect would be dusk.)
Sammael: Eric: even though WotC wants us to think differently? ;)
Shadoweaver: In Prince of Lies, Mystra/Midnight refers to the... Principle of Multiplicity or something like that, when the Kara-turan prince suggests that she is lesser for not being on of his gods.
Eric: Regardless, none of this supposition should impact your campaign unless you want it to.
dasinhume: was there much human stuff cut? like for the other less common ethnic groups?
Eric: That said, I love creating myths, for each myth means another wacky cult.
IIsi50MHz: no, apple wants us to think differently (-;
Eric: Yes, even the former mortals.
Sammael: I resented the idea at first, but I've since figured out the way to incorporate it into my Dawn Cataclysm Mk. II
Shadoweaver: I've always wondered why Shar and Lathander don't seem to have a larger hatred. Lathander's portfolio, ironically, being the end of Shar's, and Lathander being associated with Chauntea.
Eric: I didn't write up the other human groups, but yes, there was a lot of crunchy bits cut.
Eric: (Lots of magic, spells, feats, prestige classes. I really overwrote.)
SeanKR: We all did. :)
Sammael: Any chance of that appearing in a web enhancement?
dasinhume: :( i really enjoyed, it's a crucial dimension that was missing for a long time.
ArthurQ: Eric: Any chance we can see it in a web enhancemnet
ArthurQ: bleh
ArthurQ: what samm said
dasinhume: thanks for the human stuff that made it! :)
KingOfChaos: Since I don't have RoF yet, does each ethic group have different racial abilities or was it just more explanation of their culture?
Eric: Maybe. I'll probably pitch it as a Dragon article and if that doesn't fly (likely, as it's pretty FR product specific), I'll either release it as a web enhancement or put it on my website.
SeanKR: Now would be the time to post your URL, Eric. :)
Gemm: Did the same things get cut from the Dwarfs section?
Sammael: I wasn't even aware you had a site
Shadoweaver: There are Regions in the FRCS.
Eric: Yeah, but not as much.
ArthurQ: were any maps cut from RoF
ArthurQ: i was dissapointed there were no maps with racial regions updated ala FRCS (All Times EST): 4 Spellstiched Thursdays @ Midnight | Maiden of Pain Mailing List: 12 h/ | 4REMINDER FOR CHAT: NO POLITICAL COMMENTS!'
Ascaron: what about the shades? are there any plans regarding them?
Jon: Ouch.
DragonMage: mass peering
ArthurQ: ok that sucked
Shadoweaver: Shades being the folks that trade their souls for shadow?
KingOfChaos: The server conspires against SKR! :(
Veander: Ok FR fans, what is the significance of Durlags tower?
ArthurQ: Please bear with us as there are server difficulties...
Sammael: Did you ever consider restricting the human bonus feat to one of the regional feats?
Eric: Shades are covered in RoF.
Shadoweaver: Ooo. Now I definitely want to get it.
SeanKR: I think Sam's question is for me...
KingOfChaos: I bet I missed the awnser to my question..
Eric: No, but that's a reasonable campaign rule. We didn't break any of the core rules in RoF.
Sammael: SeanKR: yes
SeanKR: No, we didn't, since that would mean humans couldn't take any of the PH feats....
DragonMage: Do Shades get Human benefits since they are listed as Shade (Human) in RoF?
Veander: In my FR campaign people thing the Shades have come back are are attacking.
ArthurQ: were any maps cut from RoF
ArthurQ: i was dissapointed there were no maps with racial regions updated ala FRCS
Eric: I did a map depicting all the human migrations, but it didn't make the cut.
Shadoweaver: KoC, the answer was no. Used regions (access to different feats).
ArthurQ: any plans to post it on your site?
Eric: (Sorry Sean if I answered your question.)
dasinhume: do you know if the lythari had stuff cut? (there's very little fluff even about them..)
Eric: Yes.
Eric: No idea.
DragonMage: Was my ? missed?
Shadoweaver: I'd like to ask a technical question, regarding balance and monster PC races.
SeanKR: Eric, that sucks. That map was pretty cool. (I don't have a copy of the book yet, so I don't know what it looks like or what got cut.)
SeanKR: Go for it, Shadow.
Shadoweaver: A great deal of attention has been put into making sure most monsters can be balanced for being more powerful than standard races.
Ascaron: I have a question regarding there techniques: The "new" rules of Magic in Faeršn disallow spells which are over the 9th level. The machine that keeps the city flying is enchanted with a 10th or 11th level spell - how could that function on the material plane?
Shadoweaver: However, I haven't noticed any balancing efforts for races less powerful than standard races.
Shadoweaver: Specifically, if i might be selfish, the kobolds.
Shadoweaver: Granted, at first level they do give up their 1/2HD for a class HD.
Eric: Dragonmage ... don't know. Good question on shades. I didn't write that section, so I'll have to reread. Email me offline for answer.
IIsi50MHz: Shadoweaver, perhaps organise them in SCAT teams (Special Crossbows And Tactics) (-;
DragonMage: Eric: Will do.
Shadoweaver: That's a wonderful concept for kobold monster tactics, but doesn't help a single PC :P
SeanKR: I think that has been ignored for two reasons. (1) There are few less-powerful races to deal with, (2) sometimes people are just worse than others, and you have to suck it up. Otherwise you get into the Skills & Powers trap of a ton of disabilities adding up to advantages in other areas.
IIsi50MHz: Shadow, hrm it would still help with an integrated party...but those are rare.
Eric: No rules for kobolds in RoF. See Savage Species.
Shadoweaver: That is true. I wouldn't necessarily want to get into the Skills & Powers overload.
SeanKR: REally, we're talking the difference between CR 1/6 and 1/3 or 1/2. Hard to gradiate that properly so it's fair.
Shadoweaver: I was refering to that, actually. I just didn't see much about them but an entry, and i think I understand why.
ArthurQ: I've gotten quite a fre requests to moderate the i'll do that now. Simply message me or NiTessine your question and we'll place it forth to be answered in the channel
Shadoweaver: I see your point.
Garen: Uh oh.
DragonMage: ArthurQ: Ok. * Retrieving #Forgottenrealms info...
ArthurQ: You may now message me, Garen, or NiTessine your questions
Garen: Art, you may want to voice Sean...
ArthurQ: oops
ArthurQ: Please do not private message Sean or Eric...if you do, you may be asked to leave.
SeanKR: I think James Jacobs forgot about the chat. :)
ArthurQ: heh, thats ok
ArthurQ: Give me his email and i'll organize a seprate one with him later
Eric: While we're waiting for questions, I should mention that Thomas Costa helped me a lot with the dwarves and humans.
Ascaron: My Question: Since there are "new" rules for Magic in Faeršn spells over the 9th level are dissalowed. The machine that keeps the city flying is enchanted with a 10th or 11th level spell - how could that function on the material plane?
SeanKR: I assume this is a City of Shade question. Lemme 'splain.
Eric: Please do. ;-)
ArthurQ: "Lucy! you got some 'splainin to do!"
SeanKR: The 3E design team always viewed FR as a world we could see with a "magic television." Now with 3E, we have slightly better reception. So some 2E rules don't apply, you just use 3E equivalents. In this case, epic spellcasting.
Eric: That was also the way the 2e team viewed the 1e FR world.
SeanKR: So it's not breaking any rules. Mystra hasn't disallowed epic spellcasting, which is a different system. Of course, it's very convenient for us (the designers) that she hasn't said anything.... :)
SeanKR: Cool, I didn't want to speak for them, but I heard it from Jim Butler, so that makes sense. :)
ArthurQ: Ok, is that it for this question?
ArthurQ: let me know when you're done with an answer
SeanKR: done
Eric: I'm ready. Sean?
Sammael: Why were forest gnomes left out of FRCS, but added in Rof?
SeanKR: That's me, again. :)
Eric: I can guess, but that's probably for Sean.
SeanKR: For the FRCS, we wanted to cover the major races. Forest gnomes were always depicted as shy and very hidden, so we decided that we'd use the potentially-for-forest-gnomes space in the
SeanKR: book for other material (since we had to cut about 100 pages of stuff). For RoF, we went for a more completist route, and set aside space for forest gnomes in RoF.
SeanKR: done
TRS_Chris: Would "Ritual Magic" and "True Rituals" (Relics & Rituals) be usable even without spells greater than 9th? If you are familiar with those rules, that is.
SeanKR: I'm not familiar with them, sorry. But if you think it's appropriate for your campaign, I say go for it. It's _your_ FR, after all. (I'm assuming you're talking FR. If you're talking core, even more so.)
SeanKR: done
Eric: ditto
ArthurQ: do Sean and Eric like the way the Realms are headed in general?
SeanKR: Eric, wanna go first?
Eric: Sure.
Eric: In general, yes. There are always things I would have done differently (whether it be FR 1e, FR2e, or FR3e).
Eric: However, I really like the application of 3e flexibility to the Realms. It makes the diversity of the Realms really come alive without the "2e straightjacket".
Eric: Also, each product is different. On average, though I'm happy with the balance between Realmslore and crunchy bits.
Eric: done
SeanKR: Honestly, I don't know where the FR is headed now! I haven't been at WotC for a year, and after Unapproachable East I don't know what books they're doing. There also isn't really an FR team any more, or a creative director whose sole responsibility is FR. So I wonder what's up. We'll just have to see. But I agree with Eric ... 3E has allowed us to easily model stuff with game rules, and we've had a reasonable balance of crunch vs. fluff. /done
ArthurQ: Question refered to my previous question: So it's possible that someone could assume godhood trough the spell of karsus???
ArthurQ: -
ArthurQ: (Let me just add my own answer to that for a sec)
ArthurQ: I personally feel Mystra would have all such specific spells blocked... thats jsut me
ArthurQ: Sean...Eric, please :-D
Eric: Anything's possible in the Realms ... but I wouldn't go there.
SeanKR: Heh, I'm sure Mystra has made sure THAT spell doesn't work and can't be researched any more. :) /done
Eric: done
ArthurQ: Seriously this time, Eric, are there any big future plans for our Deity of Undeath?
Eric: Kelemvor or Velsharoon?
ArthurQ: (If anyone sent any questions to NiTessine he seams to be sleeping, so forward them to me....)
NiTessine: I am not sleeping... Nobody just has sent me questions.
ArthurQ: To Eric: Velsharoon.
Eric: I'm unaware of big plans for either of them. That said, I might not be privy to some big plan. ;-)
+Sammael: Velsharoon.
ArthurQ: Ok, Anyone else have questions, because i havnt gotten anymore....
ArthurQ: and we still have 20 minutes to go...
SeanKR: We can unmoderate a bit if it'll make y'all loosen up. :)
ArthurQ: favorite realm group or developement in 3e
SeanKR: Eric?
Eric: I really like the fact I finally got to detail the human ethnic groups. That's something I had been thinking about since the original obscure refs back in 1e FR, and it was really fun to pull it all together.
Eric: Sean?
SeanKR: It would have to be a toss-up between the People of the Black Blood and the Red Wizard. The first because they're just badass and not afraid to be bastards for bastard's sake. The second because now they're acting intelligently and now they can be _anywhere_. /done
ArthurQ: lol
ArthurQ: Are Eric and Sean looking forward to 3.5E?
SeanKR: Eric, you first. :)
Eric: Yes. I'm hoping it puts to rest some frequent complaints in my local game.
Eric: The PCs never seem to like it when I throw them against a 15/+1 monster with a single +1 dagger among the group. ;-)
Eric: The new rules on DR look interesting.
Eric: Sean?
SeanKR: Yes and no. I like some of the stuff they fixed, but I know that they (the designers) weren't given much direction on how much they were supposed to improve in this edition. So they've changed some stuff that I'm not sure needed to be changed. I fear it may cause a schism among d20 gamers. But I'm hoping that we'll end up with 3.5ers who use some 3.0 stuff as house rules, and vice versa.
SeanKR: done
NiTessine: Sean: Do you have plans to do more work for WotC apart from the conversion of the Wyrms of the North articles? Or are you just going to continue working for BIS and doing products for Malhavoc and other companies?
-: -NiTessine- GAH! forward those to me! i have a que!
SeanKR: I haven't announced it officially, I'm pretty much done working for WotC except for web stuff. I've been burned a couple of times now with Savage Species and Races of Faerun, and I didn't find out about it until I saw the book in the store or asked about it directly. The communication isn't there and I don't feel the respect is there any more. However, the web team, specifically Julia Martin, has been fantastic and very supportive. I already have another column in the ...
SeanKR: ... works tied to Savage Species. But other than web work, no, I don't think so.
SeanKR: done
ArthurQ: This is a Drow question, concerning the future you see for them, and any major upheaval in their hierarchy. So, where do you see the Drow, by say, the Year of Risen Elfkin (1375)?
Eric: Sean?
SeanKR: Well, I haven't seen City of the Spider Queen or the novels about Lolth's upheaval, but...
SeanKR: ... it will be interesting to see how the surface drow manage to survive. And if Vhaeraun survives a possible attack from Shar.
SeanKR: If that goes OK, then we might see some more moderate drow communities on the surface, under Eilistraee's influence.
SeanKR: done
Eric: I think the Silence of Lolth will cause continued upheaval for many years to come.
Eric: Then again, the only constant among the drow is change.
SeanKR: BRB again!
Eric: done
ArthurQ: With the disparate types of high magic, like mythrals and portals, couldn't a lot of that be condensced into just Epic spellcraft?
SeanKR: Yes. More on that in a sec. :)
ArthurQ: erp
ArthurQ: Eric, wanna answer that in the meantime?
Eric: Yes.
SeanKR: This is one of those things where the "magic television" lets us be more efficient with 3E. Rather than several different sets of rules that do the same thing, we can consolidate them into one ... in this case, epic spellcasting. Done.
Eric: Keep in mind that there is a wide diversity of magic in the Realms from a roleplaying perspective.
ArthurQ: (done?)
Eric: Reducing complexity from a rules perspective is a ggod thing about 3e.
SeanKR: Agreed! Flavor goes a long way to color the mechanics, which is why FR books tend to be cooler than core books covering the same subject. ;)
SeanKR: done :)
ArthurQ: do you think the Cyricists can hold onto to the western Zhents or will Banite completely take over the Zhents?
Garen: Ooooh!
ArthurQ: actually
ArthurQ: hold off on that for a second
ArthurQ: i missed a question in my que, and sean has to leave soon
ArthurQ: so let me sneak this back in
ArthurQ: I'd like him to say whether he finds Jefferson to be a big improvement over older BIS games... and if he does, which feature can he name as the most "evolutionary" in the game.
SeanKR: Hmm....
SeanKR: Yes, I think so. While I can't give specifics, we're doing something really cool with how the other members of your party interact with you, each other, and with NPCs in the game. It makes your party makeup influence the outcome of the game more than just by what your ranks in
SeanKR: Diplomacy and Intimidate are. People will really dig it. It makes dialogues a pain to plan out, but it's cool. Done.
Eric: I think the Cyricists will probably take over the western Zhentarim and the Banites keep the eastern Zhentarim. This might lead to a huge crusader-style war between the two groups ... with Cormyr in the middle.
Eric: done
ArthurQ: larloch is a lich from netheril right? so he could know about karsus (his statue) and he could probably awake him. so my question: if he would be awakened - would karsus be a god??? and if it he is, what would be its portfolio?
ArthurQ: (erm, i thought all that was left of KArses was the Karesestone which was taken by Shar in the Troy Denning novel...)
Eric: I doubt Larloch could wake up Karsus. That might take another god (willing to challenge Mystra).
Eric: done
SeanKR: As for the Zhent thing, most of the Cyricist are in Darkhold. They might self-destruct. But if they can team up with other major Cyricist temples (like the Twin Towers of the Eternal Eclipse) they could stabilize. They might rename themselves and become a more chaotic trade power in the west. Dane.
SeanKR: Er, done.
ArthurQ: lol
SeanKR: I agree with Eric. Karsus lost the godpower when he died. He'd be just a guy. An insane guy, but not a god.
ArthurQ: ok, next question: will the phearimm play a role in future? or will they be washed from the surface of toril (may from the shades, may from the elves, etc...)?
ArthurQ: (if i missed your question please message me with it again!)
SeanKR: I dunno ... that's one of those "I haven't been with WotC for a year" sort of situations I can't answer. :/
Eric: They'll always play a role behind the scenes. Continuing strife between the phaerimm and the shades will probably neutralize both groups for many years.
Eric: (I've never let not working at WoTC keep me from speculating. ;-)
ArthurQ: is Eric planning to do any FR work for Wotc in the future? or open to it?
Eric: substitute "mostly neutralize" fo r"neutralize"
Eric: Open to it, but nothing planned at present.
ArthurQ: A followup to the phaerimm question: what's up with the sharn?
Eric: They hate the phaerimm ... still.
Eric: Steven actually hid a clue to the origin of the sharn in Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves.
Eric: done
SeanKR: Again, I haven't read Return of the Archwizards so I don't know what seeds Troy has planted. :/
ArthurQ: Eric are you planning to do more work for WotC?
Eric: If they ask.
ArthurQ: This question seeks to tie in some upcoming work with FR, specifically the Ghostwalk plugin. How would you tie the two together, given your experience with both. Would it be in one of the less covered regions of Toril, ideally? Wouldn't it almost have to be?
Eric: I never stop writing for the Realms, it's just a question of whether or not I get paid for it. For the curious, Tom Costa and I have put together "101 Monsters of the Realms." We'll release it on my website soon.
Eric: Sean ... you know about Ghostwalk.
SeanKR: Actually, Ghostwalk includes a section suggesting where to place in it FR or GH. I think I suggest somewhere along the Inner Sea, or replace the edge of Maztica with the GW mini-setting.
SeanKR: Done.
ArthurQ: As long as we're going on about the odder races of faerun, anything going on with the Malaugrym?
SeanKR: Oops, not done. :)
Garen: hehehe
ArthurQ: heh
Eric: Sean .. there's a city in Tethyr (Velen I think) which might be perfect ...
SeanKR: It could be in a less-known region, but you have to remember that just because we have data on many places in the Realms, the characters in the Dales don't necessarily know what life is like there or much outside their own homeland except rumors. So it could be new to them, even though it hasn't been mentioned before in FR canon.
SeanKR: OK, NOW I'm done. :)
ArthurQ: As long as we're going on about the odder races of faerun, anything going on with the Malaugrym?
SeanKR: Any coastal place near an island would do. :)
ArthurQ: And last but not least
ArthurQ: have any of you played in a game session run by Ed Greenwood?
Eric: There's probably malaugrym snooping on this chat ... you never really know unless you can see their eyes.
Eric: done
ArthurQ: those are the last two questions for sean, we can continue if Eric is willing to stay...
SeanKR: Malaugrym ... I think we've left that in the hands of the novelists for now.
Eric: Co-DMed, not played.
SeanKR: Nope, though we've both talked with Ed a lot in person and in email, Eric more than I.
Eric: done
Garen: Butting in for a moment: The malaugrym have been making moves in various places, including a recent attempt in Cormyr (see Ed Greenwood's story in Realms of Shadow). They are relatively few in number, so their operations are somewhat slow, and VERY careful.
SeanKR: OK, I gotta run, we're going to the zoo today.
ArthurQ: Thanks a lot Sean!
ArthurQ: We hope to see you again in a few weeks!
Garen: Pet the monkeys!
ArthurQ: and at Gen Con
Eric: 2 more for me
SeanKR: Arthur's going to send me a log of this and I'll post it later.
ArthurQ: ok, may as well toss this in
ArthurQ: another question: is there a chance that the elves will return to faeršn?
ArthurQ: and
ArthurQ: how was it co-dming with Ed?
SeanKR: Bye, guys! Have fun chatting with Eric. :)
Garen: Later, Sean.
ArthurQ: bye sean!
Eric: The Retreat has been halted, if that's what you mean. The day of the elves ruling the Realms is long gone.
Eric: Co-DMing with Ed (and Steven) was lots of fun, if a little chaotic.
ArthurQ: i'll make the channel open forum now * Retrieving #Forgottenrealms info...
Eric: It was rather impromptu at a tiny con in Canada.
Thuvasa4: :(
Shadoweaver: Hmm. What's your favorite average group size?
Thuvasa4: :(
Thuvasa4: Too late to tell Sean goodbye.
Eric: 4-6
Ascaron: what a pitty I hoped for Illefarn2 =(
Wonzling: evening
Thuvasa4: Afternoon.
ArthurQ: Eric: what would it take to convince you to run a game on irc? *cough cough cough cough*
Eric: It could happen. In fact, I'm currently playing Abadda Moonglamaer (see weird NPC in Dungeon #73) who is working to restore the Fallen Kingdom.
Eric: (In a local campaign.)
dasinhume: any thoughts on the Fey-ri?
Shadoweaver: Uber-k3wl d00ds.
Jon: ArthurQ: That's a nasty cough. :P
TRS_Chris: Hey Eric, what would it take to get you to join an IRC Oathbound game in the offical oathbound channel? hehe
Chemwoo: I live in an area with avery few gamers. Because I am the most experienced, I am always tapped with the role of game master. Any advice on how to run a campaign with more than one game master? I'd really like to play sometimes....
Thuvasa4: Watch the l33t or Eldric will wake up and smite you.
Eric: I'd love to ... question is time. I have a nine-month-old gamer-in-training who enjoys role-playing a tarrasque.
ArthurQ: LOL
Shadoweaver: I was making fun of the fey-ri... though I like them, of course.
Ascaron: :D
Eric: Fey'ri are my invention, so I think they're great.
ArthurQ: Eric: well 4 hours out of a week whenever is good for sure people would play
Thuvasa4: I must thank you for the fey'ri.
Sammael: Is there even a remote chance of a 3.5E update to the deities trilogy? F&P was a mistake, IMNSHO. sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!" - Homer Simpson)
ArthurQ: just email me a few times and we can arrange it
Shadoweaver: I think they're a great idea, I've just run into a LOT of problems with them, as far as players are concerned.
TRS_Chris: Speaking of, you have an oppinion on Oathbound? :)
Eric: I would not make them Pcs.
KingOfChaos: Eric: If you DO run an IRC game, please e-mail me the details cause I want to play :)
Shadoweaver: Exactly.
KingOfChaos: :P
ArthurQ: hahaha
Eric: Will do. Gotta run. The tarrasque is acting up again. ;-)
Shadoweaver: Individual emails might be a bit much...
Shadoweaver: Maybe a post on your site.
ArthurQ: Eric thanks for coming!
ArthurQ: I'll be in touch to arrange another chat session
dasinhume: thanks so much!
Eric: Thanks for having me! Enjoy RoF. Email questions are fine.
Sammael: Bye, and thanks for the answers
Eric: Bye!
Ascaron: eric thaks a lot, I will sleep much better this night ;D
ArthurQ: ok thanks!
Eric: Bye
Garen: Take care, Eric. And keep up the good (unpaid) work!
ArthurQ: Wow, that was great
ArthurQ: Thanks for coming everyone!
ArthurQ: Feel free to stick around
TRS_Chris: Ah, I need to find writers who will work for no pay!
ArthurQ: and chat together or be regulars
KingOfChaos: Hehe
KingOfChaos: Yep
Sammael: Thanks for organizing this, Arthur
ArthurQ: this chatroom is always open for buisness
dasinhume: thanks ArthurQ for getting it organized.
Ascaron: frist night when theory about mythallars won't steal my sleep ;)
Garen: If someone would pay me for SOME of my work, I'd do other work for free.
Sammael: Garen: NOW, let's hear *your* Velsharoon theory
Sammael: ;)