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IRC Chat Log -- June 11, 2002

Thanks to Arthur (aka Emancipator33) for setting this up. :)

ArthurQ: I emailed him
Darkkin: talk about high dex
Darkkin: Somthing like 25?
ArthurQ: So does anyone have any intresting Questions for Sean
ArthurQ: Uless the place gets really buzy this will be fairly informal.
Tak777: I do
Cthulhu_Lu: yes
ArthurQ: ok Tak
ArthurQ: Go ahead and ask
SeanKReynolds: :)
ArthurQ: then Lunatic
Tak777: what do you think of this new promotion that WotC is doing with the fan made world contest?
Darkkin starts a dnd game :P
Tak777: do you think that the common fan will be outdone by people that already work the industry?
SeanKReynolds: I think that it's a great opportunity for everyone involved in gaming. However, I also think it's kinda sad because in a way it's suggesting that the
SeanKReynolds: people already in WotC R&D don't have what it takes to come up with such a setting. Now, I know this "contest" was
SeanKReynolds: opened up to WotC people first, but it still seems kinda rude.
Tak777: I agree, it does seem like Wotc is admitting that they cant come up with anything new
ArthurQ: Personally i feel there is almost no original idea's left in the corporate world.
SeanKReynolds: As for whether or not the common fan can outdo the "industry veterans," I don't see why not. There's a lot of untapped talent out there.
SeanKReynolds: (done)
Tak777: $120K is pretty steep for a 100 page doc, dont you think ?
SeanKReynolds: Bloody hell yes. By comparison (lemme grab a calculator)....
ropekid: personally, i see more merit in finding a new approach to something perceived as trite than in making something original just for the sake of being original. that could just be me, though.
ArthurQ: If you took out all the Art and extra stuff from the FRCS it might add up to 100pg in my opinion
Darkkin thinks SeanKReynoldslds forgot he's on a computer its a big calculator
ArthurQ points out hes on a mac, and macs cant count
SeanKReynolds: ... a 3--MU book would net a freelance designer between $3,000--$6,000, depending upon the company and the freelancer's experience.
Tsume: Sean K Who?!
Darkkin smirks
Tak777: define MU please.
Askinoshma: any FR Campaigns starting ? ? ?
ArthurQ sighs
Cthulhu_Lu: I was wondering if the development team for the core books ever considered not adding in allignment, such as in world of darkness games. Also what do you think of allignments and the restrictions is has in some circumstances?
Carthain: MU == Module Unit ~ 30 pages I think
SeanKReynolds: Nah, the FRCS has a ton of words in it ... they had to turn down the font size to make it fit. I could do a word count on the turnover, but I don't want to take time from the chat to do that.
ArthurQ: Askinoshmas: we are in the middle of an official chat session
Askinoshma: ohh im so sorry
ArthurQ: rude
SeanKReynolds: I don't recall if the core D&D designers thought about taking out alignment. I know it's a key part of the game, and they tried to emphasize its value
SeanKReynolds: more in the new edition so that people would understand that in D&D, there are creatures that simply _are_ evil
ArthurQ: If you took out alignment, then you have to take out a whole wealth of spells
Cthulhu_Lu: I think making an "allignment" makes you think of your character as a thing instead of a person, but hey
ArthurQ: I think its easier to just downplay alignment
SeanKReynolds: or _are_ good, and you can detect them as such. Likewise, some actions detect as evil or good. Alignment is a valuable tool in D&D; I would hesitate to throw it out,
SeanKReynolds: and people who are inclined to do so are looking at it too strictly. It's a tool, not a rule.
darkether: What do you think about evil campaigns?
SeanKReynolds: (done)
Cthulhu_Lu: ok
SeanKReynolds: I have had a lot of fun playing in evil campaigns before. I'm not sure I'd want to do it now, but there is some satisfaction in it. Personally, nowadays I prefer playing real heroes.
SeanKReynolds: (do)
SeanKReynolds: (and by "do" I mean "done" :))
ArthurQ: heh
ArthurQ loves playing hero's
ropekid: i love eating gyros.
Tak777: Question
ArthurQ: on that note i have a personal question to ask sean
Tak777: regarding Alignment
Darkkin: I myself play Neutral Characters
SeanKReynolds: (MU=module unit=32 pages, a standard for book printers)
ArthurQ: Go ahead Tak
Tak777: as you said, Alignment is intregal, but the Rokugan and Oa setting do fine without it. What are your opinions on that
Tak777: and 1.b
Tak777: willl d20 modern have alignment?
Tak777: there arnt many evil people in this world :)
ArthurQ: Tak....are you nuts?
ArthurQ points out Bill Gates
ArthurQ: :--D
Tak777: hehe
ArthurQ points out all the rapists walking the streets
ArthurQ points out the taliban
ArthurQ: Not evil
ArthurQ: HrMF
Tak777: they just have different goals :)
Tak777: anyway
darkether: Evil is determined by who writes the histories.
SeanKReynolds: Rokugan and OA aren't traditional "medieval european fantasy" settings. As such, they have a different philosophical grounding for the campaign, and don't need to use D&D's alignment. I will point out that Rokugan has Taint, which is really a way of defining something as evil in the same manner as D&D's alignment system does. (dane)
Darkkin: Agreeable
darkether: Crusaders raped and murdered too.
ArthurQ: Now for my question
SeanKReynolds: I dunno if D20 Mod has alignment, they haven't put me on the mailing list and I was laid off when the book was still in the early stages./done
Tak777: ah
ArthurQ: Sean: What are the chances we can convince you to run a FR game in here weekly or bi--weekly for 4--6 people?
Darkkin blinks
SeanKReynolds: Almost nil. It would be fun to, but let me do a quick rundown of my schedule for the next 3 months:
ArthurQ: Lol
ArthurQ: already seen it
SeanKReynolds: 1. finish two books for Monte Cook.
ArthurQ: but go ahead
SeanKReynolds: 2. Finish a 96--page book for Reaper.
SeanKReynolds: 3. Write another 32 pages for another company.
SeanKReynolds: 4. Write a bunch of articles for the WotC site.
SeanKReynolds: 4. Update my own site.
Darkkin uses some masterwork shackles and chains SeanKReynoldslds's to the channel
SeanKReynolds: 5. Go to Gen Con.
darkether: Laid off?! How can you get laid off when the company is producing and selling (?) mure stuff with your name on it than ever before?
SeanKReynolds: 6. Move to California.
ArthurQ: I dont think he is allowed to tell us..... Non discosure agreement
Carthain: Sean: Do you prefer to play as a PC, or be DM?
SeanKReynolds: 1 & 2 are full--time jobs by themselves. I'll full to the brim as it is! I've had to turn down work just so I still have time to see my girlfriend, eat, and sleep. :( /done
Tsume: Wizards can be stingy?
Tak777: girlfriends are pretty important
SeanKReynolds: I'm not sure what the question is....
Tak777: specialy in a geeky industry like this :)
SeanKReynolds: See, I even goofed up the numbered list. :)
ArthurQ: Sean: Perhaps after the summer when your work load is less, you can attempt a weekly 3 hour game. If you feel up to it. *grin*
ArthurQ: [18:13] <+Carthain> Sean: Do you prefer to play as a PC, or be DM?
ArthurQ: That was the last question
SeanKReynolds: We'll see.
Darkkin thinks if we paid him maybe he'd think it over more
ArthurQ chuckles
Faelstrom thinks if you paid anyone here to DM you wouldnt have to pay much
Darkkin is fine with Alcar anyways
Darkkin: Never did injoy the Fr setting
ArthurQ: oh jeez....*shudder*
SeanKReynolds: I used to prefer DMing, just because I like making worlds and implementing them. Haven't had much time to DM since I moved to WA, with the exception of playtests and a few short (3 month or less) campaigns. So I've gotten a lot of mileage out of playing. But I would like to start DMing again once my schedule lightens up. I really liked running the Project G playtests, for example.
ArthurQ: OH!
Tak777: Question.
ArthurQ: Sean: What can you tell us about project G without breaking the non discolsure agreement?
Cthulhu_Lu: Question: What is your favorite band?
Tak777: opinions on MMORPG, and if you think they are the bane to the industry that I think they are.
SeanKReynolds: Barenaked Ladies is my favorite band, that's a fast and easy answer. :)
ArthurQ thinks sean head is gonna spin
SeanKReynolds: Well, what do you want to know? I can't say much about Project G.
Tsume goes off previous knowledge and believes his fingers'll hurt ^^
Darkkin wonders what Project G is he's never heard of it
Carthain: Darkkin: some secret project Sean & Monte have worked on.
Tsume: lol.
Darkkin: Not too secret if we know of it :P
Carthain: (that's about all I know about it ^_^)
LyreAtWrk: that would explain why you've never heard of it
Darkkin chucks a dew can at Carthain
SeanKReynolds: Tak, let's answer the Project G stuff and then I'll answer your MMORPG question, OK?
ArthurQ: I wouldnt know where to start
ArthurQ: Is it a campaign setting?
SeanKReynolds: Can't say. :)
ArthurQ: heh
LyreAtWrk: Is it bigger than a breadbox? :)
ArthurQ: well what CAN you say?
Got_AFK_Ta: heh
Carthain: LyreAtWrk: lol
ArthurQ: lol!
Tak777: ok
Darkkin: hmm Does it taste good?
darkether: Would you play it?
Got_AFK_Ta: It's safe to assume it has to do with role playing
Tsume: Is it a game? That shouldn't be secret =P
Darkkin: its not a Genetic project is it?
Cthulhu_Lu: is project G, an attempt to locate the G--spot?
SeanKReynolds: Yes, it's an RPG supplement. I like it very much, and the next game I run will use it extensively.
ArthurQ: Ok ok, lets get back to serious questions
LyreAtWrk: They are genetically engineering monsters from the D&D world so we can have a real life example
ArthurQ: Sean: so perhaps you can run it on here *grin*
Faelstrom: Why the secrecy?
ropekid: project g must be a supplement about how to play the ali g roleplaying game.
Carthain: Project G: is it attached to any campaign world? Or just a generic supplement?
Got_AFK_Ta: So: what type of fictional setting would you say it fits in? Either Fantasy (past), Modern (present), or Sci--fi (Furure)?
SeanKReynolds: Like all products that are not yet in the WotC catalog, they keep mum about them just in case they're canceled or delayed (like this one was ... it was supposed to be due out at Gen Con this year).
SeanKReynolds: Fantasy -- it's a D&D book.
ArthurQ: What does G stand for
Darkkin: ah ha!..its a book!
Cthulhu_Lu: is project g "finished" or not, seeing as you are no longer on the wotc staff...
ropekid: darkkin: and here, i thought it would be a magical crystal that would shoot info into my brain.
SeanKReynolds: "Project G" is just a code name to distinguish it from the other secret project Monte was working on (which turned out to be the Book of Vile Darkness).
ArthurQ: ah
SeanKReynolds: Project G has been finished for months.
Darkkin: hmm
Cthulhu_Lunatic hates it when finished products get held back
Got_AFK_Ta: Project "Generic"
Darkkin: Does this supplement deal with or is apart of the Plains
ArthurQ: Sean: If its been finished why was it pushed back..
SeanKReynolds: All they need to do is make the art and typeset it and it's ready to go.
Got_AFK_Ta: it does everytrhing that everyone has thought up before...
Cthulhu_Lu: I think wotc doesnt like releasing a ton of books the same month, so you are more likely to buy them all
SeanKReynolds: Arthur, you know how WotC's big contest is about a book that they can make into an RPG, TCG, toys, and movies?
ArthurQ: What of it?
ArthurQ: we were talking about it earlier.
Darkkin hates wotc for there work with card games
SeanKReynolds: Well, someone decided that since you couldn't do that with this book, we shouldn't publish it. Ignoring that it's by me & Monte and that a lot of people would still like to check it out, with or without toys & movies.
SeanKReynolds: Shortsided thinking if you ask me.
ArthurQ: Incredibly
Darkkin nods
SeanKReynolds: However, I hear they're waiting on a hole in the schedule for it to fit, so it may come out in the near future. Anthony Valterra would know (but I don't know if he could say so)p
Cthulhu_Lunatic thinks the movie made for D&D degrades the D&D product somewhat... and pertends it doesn't exist(the movie that is)
darkether: Sean, back to Takmeister's question, what do you think of MMPORGS and do you think they capitalize on RPG's flavor without being true to the feel and fun of tabletop roleplaying?
Got_Tass: oopsie
Darkkin didn't like the movie
SeanKReynolds: Sorry, deleted a whole sentence, lemme try again...
ArthurQ: lol ok
SeanKReynolds: I think that MMORPGs, like computer games, have a niche: letting gamers play who can't put together a gaming group in their area. That said,
SeanKReynolds: I much prefer an in--person game to online gaming. I don't think they're a blight on the industry ;) because most of the people who play them are people that aren't able to get into a live game locally. I know some people at WotC and other local friends that play Everquest, but they all play live D&D too.
SeanKReynolds: And because they're not really tabletop D&D...
SeanKReynolds: ... they don't have quite the same feel, but if you can't get the real thing it's apparently a pretty good substitute.
ArthurQ: Sean, Just a note. Dont antiqute "online gaming" with MMPORGS
ArthurQ: Well at least not with "IRC Gaming"
Cthulhu_Lu: on the topic of games, what do you think of the upcomming Never Winter Nights?
Got_Tass totally agree's with Sean's last few sentences
Faelstrom: Question: What about linear CYOA (choose your own adventure) type games for consoles, like Final Fantasy? What are your feelings on those? RPGs, or not?
SeanKReynolds: Oh, I've gamed online before. Really, it's all aspects of the same thing: playing an RPG with a computer. Doesn't matter if your interface is a chat room, email, or the Everquest software, it amounts to much the same thing.
darkether: hmm, I dunno. with a good online DM online chat gaming is pretty near the real thing
ArthurQ: Personally i find it easier to "describe" my actions and roleplaying in an IRC enviroment then in a tabletop one
Darkkin: Sean What did you think of the Alternity system when it came out and was killed off
SeanKReynolds: Cthulhu: well, as I said before the chat started, I don't have a PC and so I've been out of the PC--gaming loop for a while, but from what I've heard, NWN will make it easier for people to play tabletop--ish D&D online. Might be too much work, though.
Darkkin is a big fan of the system even tho it's dead
Got_Tass: Really Art? I feel almost the opposite
SeanKReynolds: Fael: I'd say they're RPG--lite, because you're not developing the "role" of your character other than the limited constraints of the program.
SeanKReynolds: Dark: Sure, and I've ran plenty of chat games before. But you never get as much done in a chat game as you do in a live game, simply because nobody types as fast as they talk. And don't get me started on online combat without a map... :)
darkether: That's what a whiteboard is for :)
ArthurQ: Sean: I invite you to stay for Cthulhu_Lunatic's FR game tonight. To watch and simply Idle around if you can.
Tsume: Ehm...
ArthurQ: We would like your opinion.
SeanKReynolds: Dark, that's two questions. 1) I liked Alternity, although it had its flaws. 2) I was sad that it was canceled, but the game wasn't selling enough to even make a profit, so it was losing money which would eventually mean losing jobs.
Darkkin wonders if Sean has Any views on alternity else he'll leave
Tsume: I could make a map for mirc that as many could connect could see...
LyreAtWrk: i never used a map in combat when playing tabletop
LyreAtWrk: we never felt the need
Darkkin: thanks
Tsume: and I find more happens on IRC because people pay more attention ... =|
Got_Tass: I personally hate not having a map available too, It seems 3E almost requires it with all the movement rules...
SeanKReynolds: Well, 3E D&D is more tactical and you really need a map to be able to use all of your cool combat feats. :)
SeanKReynolds: Maybe I've just been lucky the past 7 years with really good live players & DMs. You know, Monte Cook, Bruce Cordell, Andy Collins.... ;)
ArthurQ: Sean: id just like to point you back to Darkkin's question on Alternity
LyreAtWrk: i've found that's not true, but to each his own.
Tsume: None of my feats rely on distance =)
ArthurQ: Sean What did you think of the Alternity system when it came out and was killed off
SeanKReynolds: I'll point you upward at my answer. :)
Darkkin: he saw it
SeanKReynolds: "Dark, that's two questions. 1) I liked Alternity, although it had its flaws. 2) I was sad that it was canceled, but the game wasn't selling enough to even make a profit, so it was losing money which would eventually mean losing jobs."
SeanKReynolds: ;)
ArthurQ: oops
SeanKReynolds: Nyuk nyuk nyuk. :)
ArthurQ: sorry
SeanKReynolds: No problem. :)
ArthurQ kicks himself
Tsume: rofl.
SeanKReynolds: It's that drunken dyslexia again, I tell ya. :)
Darkkin: I love the alternity system and i bend and make my own rules for parts of the game i loved the damage system over the never ending Hp system
ArthurQ: So Sean, are you going to have a "fantasy" wedding...*smirk*
darkether: Sean: if you could have any current sci--fi/adventure/fantasy television show converted into a system for you to play, which would you want?
ArthurQ: Wow, good question darkether
Tsume: Hey Sean, what if people paid you to play and test the game on here rather than write away and keep busy for months? =P
Tsume: Hm. o.o
SeanKReynolds: I think I'd leave the wedding plans to my girlfriend. Not my sort of planning.
Cthulhu_Lu: What do you think about the different "cliques" of gamers, and why do you think people get into these groups of common ideas? (such as rules lawyers, power gamers, et cetra)
Got_Tass: actually, anyone knew that Judge dredd, D20 is comming out?
SeanKReynolds: Dark, the stun/wound/mort was a neat aspect of the game, but did introduce its own quirks into the system.
Cthulhu_Lunatic laff@judge dredd rpg
Darkkin nods
SeanKReynolds: Dark:
SeanKReynolds: Funny thing is, I don't watch much TV, and not much of that sort. My conversions are usually about books or comic books. And my taste in gaming worlds is pretty odd. So I don't have a good answer for that.
Darkkin smiles
Darkkin: I hardly watch tv myself
Tsume: How does it feel to be famous in some respects? =P
SeanKReynolds: Cthulhu: WotC, in preparing to create 3E D&D, did a lot of market research. They found that people who like games fall into 5 psychological categories. I think those gaming
Tsume: That's cool.
Darkkin: Mostly cuz theres nothing good on like a DnD tv show or anything ;)
Gemm: we really want another flop?
SeanKReynolds: cliques you talk about are just aspects of those categories within the general RPG demographic: the powergamer is the one who wants personal power, the rules lawyer is the ultracompetitive one, etc.
darkether: There has been talk of a FR animated series, probably rumor though
SeanKReynolds: Tsume, you'd have to pay me a lot to feed me, my girlfriend, and our 8 pets. :P
LyreAtWrk: i thought it was a live action series
Caltak is a rules lawyer, but not ultracompetitive.
Caltak: well, on and off
ArthurQ: darkether: no, its a live action series done by fireworks television
ArthurQ prolly fits into all 5 catagories
Carthain: 8 pets? what are they all, and what are their names? ^_^
SeanKReynolds: My famousness is the nice kind, where I'm not mobbed at the grocery store and I don't have photographers following me. Even at GenCon I'm relatively anonymous.
darkether: Oh.. live action. that's gonna blow. that's gonna blow hard :P
Gemm: Dark on the other hand, now he can get a bit ultracompetitve at times
SeanKReynolds: There is the FR TV show, although I don't know what's up with that (having been out of the loop since I was laid off).
Darkkin: Sean have you made a world where your pets became the gods?
Darkkin grins
Tsume: Who said I'd pay it all? I'm poor... I was talking more along chippin' in ^^
Caltak: 8 pets? feh, I almost have that many cats, and then there are my dogs, too...
SeanKReynolds: No, I have not made a world where the pets are the gods. Guinea pigs, cats, and fish do not make good deities. :P
Tsume: I got one cat who could eat for all 8 of yours and maybe stalk them as well >;)
Tsume: lol.
ArthurQ: SeanKReynoldslds: are you aware that some people consider you to be Khelben the Blackstaff, wheras Ed Greenwood is Elminster?
Darkkin luaghs
Darkkin: laugh
SeanKReynolds: Yeah, but I live in a tiny one--bedroom city apartment. :)
darkether: rodents tend to be very manevolent demipowers
ArthurQ: hey, its still in a tower!
ArthurQ: heeh
Caltak: hey now, a cat could make a neat diety :)
ArthurQ: 0o0o!
SeanKReynolds: I had no idea people considered me such a thing. They're both Ed's characters, of course. And I resemble Mordenkainen or Aznar Thrul more than anyone. :)
ArthurQ: Sean:Could you convince Ed to come visit us here by any chance?
ArthurQ: SeanKReynoldslds:er.... Ok, thats just what i consider you. hehe.
SeanKReynolds: In New York? Heck, I can hardly get Ed out of Canada once a year. :)
ArthurQ: um
ArthurQ: I ment in the chatroom
Tsume: Where do you people find the artists for these books anyway?
Carthain: hehe
Cthulhu_Lu: from MTG I would imagine...
SeanKReynolds: Oh ... well, Ed lives out in the boonies and can barely maintain a modem connection ... most of his email is read after hours at work. I don't think he'd be able to make it. :(
ArthurQ: ah well
Tsume: maybe
Tsume: But where would THEY be from? =P
ArthurQ would think Ed could afford broadband
Darkkin needs the sean to send him the names and races of his pets
SeanKReynolds: There are a ton of artists in the game industry, and a ton more wanting to break in. They're always submitting portfolios and stuff. Heck, when I wanted some monsters
Tsume: probably not available
Carthain: ArthurQ: that would imply that the broadband is available out in the boonies ^_~
SeanKReynolds: illustrated, I just posted a notice on my site and got 5 volunteers within a day. :)
Darkkin: and possable class(s)
Tsume: I have family who live ona quarter million a house island but broadband isn't available for sail.
ArthurQ: heh
ArthurQ: Sale..
ArthurQ lives in the middle of brooklyn and cant get broadband
Tsume: yeah
Tsume: But it's an island
ropekid: i have a general 3E mechanics question, if no on minds...
Tsume: the broadband needs to sail to get there =P
ropekid makes a duck face.
Darkkin: Get the sat put in
LyreAtWrk: i live in the boonies and have broadband
ArthurQ: Sean: What is your favorite thing about Forgotten Realms
SeanKReynolds: Arthur, Ed can afford the broadband, but he literally lives in the woods. The phone company would have to charge him for each mile of the line leading to his house (he's talked to them about this). We're talking $10,000 just to get it set up....
ArthurQ: ropekid please go ahead and ask
SeanKReynolds: Fine with me, Rope
ropekid: in 3E, there is a tendency at high levels for the linear progression of skill ranks, bonuses, saving throws, etc. to reach such a wide range that the die rolls involved become almost irrelevant for determining success.
Caltak: hmmm... working for Black Isle huh? When are they gonna make Fallout 3? :P
ropekid: fighters are incredibly unlikely to make will saves, rogues not wholly dedicated to any given skill are unlikely to make the "appropriate" check against a DC for their class/character level, etc.
ropekid: do you see this as a shortcoming of 3E, or simply high--level characters establishing very firm niches of what they can and cannot do?
Tsume drowns.
darkether: good question
ArthurQ: Very good one
SeanKReynolds: Rope, I think it's the latter. 3e is set up so that it's better to be a specialist. If you can't compete with your skill ranks, get magic to boost it, and if you can't get that, you're not the right character to be doing it. You won't see many high--level
SeanKReynolds: fighters that can Hide anywhere near as well as a high--level rogue can. You just have to recognize your role in the party. And if you're not concerned about where your ranks measure up,
darkether: Sean: what do you think are the greatest shortcomings of 3e and what parts of the system do you never use in your games?
ArthurQ: While we are on the topic of skills..... A friend of ours made an addition to the system Whenever someone rolled a natrual 20 he would grant them +.1 of a rank. And after 10 of these they gained a full rank. What do you think of this sean?
Tsume: resurrection most likely =P
SeanKReynolds: and you just want to have a fun character, that's fine, too (my character in Monte's game is the only one with fighter levels but probably has the worst melee ability because he has 5 levels of rog and 4 of clr, which means the Mnk and Pal outfight him,
SeanKReynolds: but he's still a really fun character and can make Spot checks like the dickens ... just don't ask him to disarm a trap. :))
SeanKReynolds: Lemme answer Arthur's question then I'll tackle Dark's. :)
Tsume: Ka--blooey =P
ropekid: as a follow up to that question, do you think this presents any challenges to module designers who have to set DCs for higher level characters ---- for a party that could consist of almost any group of characters of miscellaneous class levels?
ropekid: thanks.
ArthurQ: ropekid: That is why you must lavel a module or adventure "for levels x -- n"
SeanKReynolds: My favorite part of the Realms: the weird magic. There's so much strange stuff in there that it gets your imagination going in all sorts of crazy ways. That makes for fun game design. :)
ropekid: ArthurQ: oh, i understand that. i just mean that a module designer might be designing for a 12th level rogue who happens to have no (or few) ranks in any given, critical, skill.
ArthurQ: hehe
Tsume sighs... supposed to be taking a test but instead was given Great Expectations and a paper to write --.--;
ArthurQ: Then they have to figure out a diffrent way out of the trap.....and the DM should give them bonus XP *grin*
SeanKReynolds: Rope, yeah, the levels of the adventure are key. You should design an adventure for average characters of that level. The iconics (Regdar, etc.) aren't minmaxed, and so we playtest with them, assuming that your average party isn't minxmaxed fully. If the iconics can handle it, the average party ought to be able to.
Carthain: ropekid: that's why there should be mulitple ways around any given challenge :)
ropekid: carthain: that seems like the best answer to me.
SeanKReynolds: And by the time you're 10th or higher level, you should have access to magic that lets you duplicate certain skills, or can at least teleport back to town to acquire such magic.
SeanKReynolds: And Carthain's answer is good, too. :)
ropekid: SLR: w3rd up. thanks.
SeanKReynolds: OK, let's hang on a sec with the questions and let me catch up. :)
ArthurQ: haha
ArthurQ: Right
ArthurQ: Welcome back PA
PA--: Back. Er, did I miss anything? :o/
ArthurQ: a lot
ArthurQ: but i am logging this
Caltak: yeah sheesh, so many questions
ArthurQ: so sean can post it later tonight for people to read
PA--: Sean how comes you didn't wait for me to be back??
PA--: *
ArthurQ: he is only here for an hour lol
PA--: Well, I was disconnected for only 56 minutes.
ArthurQ: lol
SeanKReynolds: Greatest shortcoming of 3E: Spellcasters gaining spells is very important, so building prestige classes for them usually has to give +1 spellcasting level at each level or the class looks sucky. But if you give the class that _and_ neat powers, you almost have to cripple other aspects of the class to make it balanced. It might be nice if we had a mechanic for advancing a spellcaster a portion of a spellcasting level, so you'd get _some_ spell increment but not the whole
SeanKReynolds: shebang.
PA--: (Need... cable... connection...)
Carthain: PA--: Touché ^_~
ropekid waves goodbye.
ropekid: thanks for the chatty.
SeanKReynolds: As for the adding .1 rank when rolling a 20: Nah, I don't like that ... it's rewarding people for random rolls, so people are going to be deliberately taking
Gemm: Say Sean, what do you do now, and what did you do in the past?
SeanKReynolds: actions where they can make more rolls in hopes of getting those bonus .1 ranks.
ArthurQ: actually, that hasnt happened
SeanKReynolds: like a system an old DM of mine had,
ArthurQ: we just take stuff we normally want for the character
Carthain: ArthurQ: then you're not playing with the wrong people ^_~
SeanKReynolds: where spellcasters gained a little bit of XP every time they cast a spell. So when we got to town and had a few days off, the clerics would walk around healing everyone and getting free XP for it, whereas the fighters got nothing.
SeanKReynolds: OK, I think I'm caught up now. :)
ArthurQ: Sean: What does your middle name stand for
Got_Tass thinks it's kyle
SeanKReynolds: Gemm: Well, I was a webmaster, and then a professianal game designer. Now I'm a professional game designer, unemployed and freelancing, and soon I'll be a professional computer RPG designer. After that, who knows? I have a friend that wants me to start writing screenplays so she can shop them around to her Hollywood friends....
ArthurQ thinks its "khelbun"
PA--: Sean: you could have another table for spell progression, which means you would not get as many spells per level. Of course, it means a full table more per such PrC.
SeanKReynolds: Arthur: My middle name stands for truth, justice, and the American way. :)
ArthurQ: Sean: no really what is it heh
SeanKReynolds: PA--Yeah, I just need to get around to writing such a table. :)
SeanKReynolds: I don't use my middle name, haven't since I was a teen. Only my family uses it. ::shrug::
Gemm: Anything that you've done that I might have heard of?
ArthurQ: If you didnt use it then your site would be SeanReynolds not SeanKReynoldslds lol
PA--: That's Kennet
SeanKReynolds: Gemm: Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, Alternity Adventure Game, etc. How's that? :)
SeanKReynolds: Ah, I use the initial, mainly because I don't like how "Sean Reynolds" sounds as much as I like "Sean K Reynolds" :)
Darkkin: You did some of the alternity?
Gemm: what are you hoping to do for the PC RPG community?
Darkkin looks at his books really fast
Caltak: alternity, yay
Carthain: Sean: so you use it for style then... heh, I can live with that ^_^
SeanKReynolds: Dark, yep, I wrote the FX (magic, superheroes, etc.) book for Alternity. And I was the chief playtester for the core rules and the StarDrive setting.
SeanKReynolds: In fact, it was me that broke the medical rules for that game and they had to fix them. :)
Darkkin seens the credits now
Darkkin: yup
Darkkin thanks sean for his hard work
darkether: What systems did you cut your teeth on as a kid?
Caltak: hey Sean, what're you gonna be working on at Black Isle? Not Fallout 3, is it? :P Or are you "not at liberty to say" or not know yet?
ArthurQ cringes as playing SensorsQ again
SeanKReynolds: Gemm, well, I'll be working on a new RPG for Black Isle Studios. Hopefully y'all will like that. :)
Darkkin grins at ArthurQ
ArthurQ: Sean: maybe you can hook us up as playtesters for it?
Gemm: and that is? :)
ArthurQ: That would really be nice of you
SeanKReynolds: Dark, I played basic D&D, 1E AD&D, Traveler, Star Frontiers, and the original Marvel Super Heroes Game. Then some Tunnels & Trolls.
SeanKReynolds: Not yet able to say what the Black Isle game is, but when they announce it I'll talk. :)
SeanKReynolds: I don't even know how they select their playtesters. :P
darkether: I'm sure they use vodoo
ArthurQ: Well you can tell them you know a good amount of people *grin*
SeanKReynolds: I certainly do. :)
SeanKReynolds: We can keep talking, BTW ... I'm not tired out yet. :)
Darkkin: yes heh
Carthain is good at trying to break programs if people want ^_~
ArthurQ: heh
ArthurQ: kool
LyreAtWrk: im thinking up a question
ArthurQ: we DO have a game at 8pm however.
Corran1: G'day, not a large turn out today. ;--)
darkether: What do you think about pot? ;)
LyreAtWrk: hah
Darkkin: hmm ya
Darkkin smirks
ArthurQ: Corran1 actually for this channel its great
Got_Tass: Sean: what is your opinion on the greyhawk setting, and It's alteration from 2nd ed. to 3rd edition?
ArthurQ: I hope some of you guys become regulars here.
SeanKReynolds: 15 people is a fine turnout. :) And not too chaotic. :)
Darkkin: Funny ArthurQ its our timeing that limits sean and not his
Corran1: Don't know if anyone asked this yet; Sean is the RPG from BI a D&D RPG??
SeanKReynolds: Tass, please clarify the 2nd part of your question.
Gemm: adding to perform right now
SeanKReynolds: Corran, I can't say anything on that other that what I already have said: "it's an RPG."
Got_Tass: well, they changes some stuff in the PHB, like certain god's favored weapons...
Corran1: Ok
SeanKReynolds: Ahhh....
Gemm: Sean, do you know of the Marvel Heroclix game, and if you do what do you think of it?
Darkkin: Well Sean i'm sadden and happy you left Wotc
Got_Tass: that and not really including anything about the campaign setting...
Darkkin: maybe you can steal the rights to alternity and revamp them to make anew game?
Darkkin grins
ArthurQ: Sean:
Do you think by next year you might consider starting your own d20 company?
Corran1: lol
darkether: yeah, publish it from china and ship cheap books in past customs ;)
Corran1: Another one... ;--)
SeanKReynolds: Yeah, that was kinda annoying, but I understand why they did it ---- they saw Heiro as the paladin god and wanted his paladins to have a more paladinlike weapon. OF course, in the Living Greyhawk Gaz, we explain that away and say that he still uses the axe and uses the sword to attract the younger golryhounds. :)
SeanKReynolds: Gemm: Haven't played Heroclix, but I've seen Monte's figures, and they look awesome. I'm sure he did a great job on the game.
Got_Tass: You have any campaign experience in GH?
Gemm: oh you know someone who helped make 'em?
SeanKReynolds: Dark, I'd probably start from scratch rather that borrowing an existing game. And you can't copyright game mechanics, so....
Carthain: SeanKReynoldslds: then I suggest you sit down and play it some time... it's fun ^_^
Got_Tass just realized that Sean has worked upon the Gazeteer...
Darkkin smiles
SeanKReynolds: Arthur, not as a full--time gig. I have a nice thing going with freelancing: I do the writing, they handle all of the hard stuff like editing, art, and layout. But maybe.
Carthain: Gemm: Sean knows Monte Cook, who did the game design or rules (I forget which... his name is in the back of the rulebook)
Corran1: Sean, who caught the gaff with the Death domain for Good Gods (and the fix with the Repose domain)?
Darkkin: Sean if you do that i'd likely buy all the books
ArthurQ has been considering writing for a d20 company......well he isint d20 yet. Hopefully in a year you will look at one of my d20 books
SeanKReynolds: Tass, it was funny, when I started working at TSR, GH was the only official TSR world I had ever ran a campaign it. It was a weird, teenager--influenced GH, but it was GH nonetheless. :)
SeanKReynolds: Gemm, yes, I know Monte Cook, the lead designer of Heroclix, and Jeff Quick, the developer. :)
SeanKReynolds: Corran, I think that was James Wyatt.
Gemm: damnit, now I envy you
Corran1: Only now you do??? ;--)
ArthurQ: SeanKReynoldslds i want to introduce you to Alcar, one of the craziest DM's on IRC. His worlds contain Intelligent Tarrasques that cast spells and get into philisophical discussions with characters.
SeanKReynolds: Hi, Alcar, you're a gaming freak. :)
Darkkin nods
Darkkin: My fav irc DM
Gemm: and PCs getting attacked by desks, no?
Alcar: Heya.
Darkkin: tell him about hubris :P
ArthurQ: My character in his Unknown Armies game accidentally nuked boston.
Gemm: lol!
ArthurQ cringes
ArthurQ: it was an accident dammit! *pout*(
Darkkin grins
Darkkin: You killed millions!
darkether: Hey, it was just boston.
Darkkin had to replace as many as he was able to
Caltak was tricked into helping nuke Boston :P
ArthurQ: Hey sean here is a twist
Alcar just says it's not my fault.
ArthurQ: Do you have any questions for us?
ArthurQ: its not often the big cheeze gets to ask us the questions....we usually flood you with them ourselves
Gemm is a crazy 350+ yr old skeleton looking to dominate the world.
Got_Tass: hey, good I dea, Art
SeanKReynolds: Uh...
Darkkin grins
Gemm: he's stumped
LyreAtWrk: you stumped him
ArthurQ: wow...
ArthurQ: i stumped SKR....
ArthurQ: o.0
Darkkin writes that down as Seans weakness
SeanKReynolds: Well, an easy one: what sort of stuff would you like to see from me in the future? Whether in print or on my site.
ArthurQ: More Magic items.
Caltak: FO3! oh wait, thats on in print hehehe
darkether: give us another version of the 3e ranger ;)
ArthurQ: Especially FR stuff
LyreAtWrk: hah
Darkkin: I'd love to see a remake of alternity
Got_Tass: An update on when the nex gazeteer will be coming...
Caltak: on=not
LyreAtWrk: i think the ranger has had enough revamps
LyreAtWrk: and in my opinion, the revamps blew
Gemm: more artifacts, magical artifacts
ArthurQ: Sean: I am seriously considering starting a fund raising campaign to raise enough money to get wotc licenseing for a single FR adventure...and give it to you so u could do it *grin*
Caltak wants to see cool feline races heh. other than that, I cant think of anything.
SeanKReynolds: I was thinking about the "Sean Ranger" ... ;)
Corran1: FR stuff, but we have more than enough spells, magic items and other gunk. ;--)
SeanKReynolds: LOL, Lyre :)
SeanKReynolds: Aw, shucks :)
Alcar: Why am I not surprised, Caltak? :p
darkether: Lyre: the original blew too :P no one can do ranger right
LyreAtWrk: and you can tell monte that if you see him :)
Sintaqx: Caltak: I have a kzin d20 conversion somewhere.... :)
darkether: Lyre: we might as well get sean's opinion on it :P maybe he'd do it right
LyreAtWrk: his bard and sorcerer were alright in my opinion
Corran1: I've got another FR question (sort of ;--) What ever happened to Steven E. Schend, he used to do a lot of FR stuff?
ArthurQ: Sean if i managed to get enough money for the license, would you make one?
Alcar: Sin -- Ooh! That would be fun.
SeanKReynolds: Steven left WotC right around the last development stages of 3E, I think. He's been focusing on writing fiction, and he still lives in Washington. Nice guy.
LyreAtWrk: yeah, sean, what did you think of monte's ranger?
SeanKReynolds: Arthur, assuming you could pay me, yeah. But paying for the license is probably more expensive than paying me.
SeanKReynolds: Haven't read it in a while, so I can't recall my opinion on it.
ArthurQ: Sean: phht no no no. I'd pay for the license with fundraising.. I couldnt pay you as well. IF i could raise enough for the license i might as well make it myself then! :--D
LyreAtWrk: can't remember the general emotion it brought? :)
ArthurQ wants you to make it for "fun" and how much money the sales would bring *chuckle*
ArthurQ: im such a dreamer
SeanKReynolds: Arthur, that way you get your name in print, too. Why pay a bozo like me when you could do that? :)
ArthurQ: Cause you can make it better
ArthurQ: Hell, i would rather work WITH you in that case
Sintaqx shrugs
Sean, would you be my ghostwriter? :oP
Sintaqx: Art, I wanted to do something similar with Dark Sun :)
ArthurQ: yes i know sin.....via the site
Sintaqx: Still want to actually
SeanKReynolds: LOL, if you're my ghostpayer. ;) I have to pay for my expensive tiny apartment and a lot of cat food. :)
ArthurQ is under the impression you were somewhat well off.......
ArthurQ: guess i was wrong
SeanKReynolds: Geeze, I sound so moneygrubbing and sad....
PA--: Sean: I can pay you with ghost money, no problem. I'll just go get some in Chinatown. :o}
Corran1: Don't know if anyone asked this: Sean, what do you think of this win $100,000 with your own Campaign World shenanigans at WotC, why did they ever come up with this?
darkether: Sean: ever been to Lake Geneva?
SeanKReynolds: I was well off from my Pokemon cash, but I spent it all on a wild woman and rare miniatures.
SeanKReynolds: Dark, I worked at TSR in Lake Geneva from '95
PA--: Sean: sounds a good use for money. At least the first part.
SeanKReynolds: to '97 before they moved us out to Washington.
LyreAtWrk: and the rest you wasted?
darkether: ah, cool. didn't know you were that far back
darkether: Lake Geneva is gorgeous, the observatory out there is great too
PA--: Sean is 50--year old, but he's got elven blood.
ArthurQ: he isint that old?
Corran1: lol
ArthurQ: Sean how old are you?
Corran1: Tsk tsk
SeanKReynolds: Corran: They're taking the shotgun approach, hoping that they'll be lucky enough that someone out there has thought up the Next Big Thing. I think it's a great opportunity for the person who wins, but a desperate act by a company that refuses to
ArthurQ thinks Wizards of the Coast should move to the East Coast
SeanKReynolds: print anything that isn't going to be a stellar hit (ignoring that you can have a normal hit and still make money, something that Hasbro seems to have a hard time doing).
SeanKReynolds: Lake Geneva is freakin' cold 9 months out of the year, and doesn't even have a real music store. ::shudder::
SeanKReynolds: I'm 31, thankyouverymuch. :)
Corran1: It must be the idea generation, good call that, because I'm sure it's much cheaper to have a regular employee write a 100 page Campaign bible.
SeanKReynolds: Arthur, that may happen, as Hasbro is on the east coast (funny, I almost made a typo and said Hasblo, you'd have to see my keyboard to see how it could happen).
darkether: big big sales demands + the death of copyright= are game companies going to be scrapped?
ArthurQ: (haha)
ArthurQ: Woah
ArthurQ: If they move here i wanna get a job there!
LyreAtWrk: what do you think about all the people that are making up their own prestige classes, most of which seem to be way over--powered. do you think we can expect someone out there to tell the rest of us how to balance those things out?
ArthurQ: Maybe they can get some FM station and i can work there that would so rule
SeanKReynolds: Dark: Who knows. WotC is more of a business now than a game company. There is very little left in its R&D department. Most of it is sales & marketing.
Caltak: sheesh
Caltak: well thats the way things go I guess *shrug*
Darkkin: they need more R&D
SeanKReynolds: Lyre, it would be nice if WotC released a revised how--to--prestige class document. Or maybe I'll do it. Maybe a point--based system would help with that.
Darkkin nods
Darkkin: Sounds good sean
Corran1: Sean, did Hasblo try to change WotC from the very first, didn't they even think about letting them do what had worked so well the past 2 -- 3 years or so?
LyreAtWrk: there was a class construction pdf floating around out there but it was too easy to minmax with
PA--: We'll soon get to point--based skill--based D&D... :oP
LyreAtWrk: didnt really help
SeanKReynolds: You have to remember that Hasbro's business model is mostly about selling the same old thing (Monopoly, board games) time & again rather than having something new & innovative. Hasbro has a weird
Gemm: I see you have minatures, what do you use them for?
SeanKReynolds: mentality of "We want a big innovative hit product, but we're not really willing to pay for the research necessary to create such a thing." Maybe at some point they'll
Corran1: D&D? ;--) duh! ;--)
SeanKReynolds: realize that WotC is the place to work on innovation and let the other divisions of the company focus on the reprints of existing products.
darkether: Sean: you ever party with gygax?
Caltak: yeah, we can hope so
Corran1: lol
Alcar just had the image of 3e Skills and Options :p
Caltak: uhhh
Caltak: ugh
Corran1: lol
SeanKReynolds: Corran, Hasbro has been mostly hand--off in terms of the corporate edicts, but the exects at WotC have seen how Hasbro does things and seen the things that Hasbro wants, so the Hasbro influence was felt (at least at
Alcar: Yeah :)
Corran1: He said the forbidden words!!!! ;--)
SeanKReynolds: the higher levels) without being an overt order. As Pokemon has faded and WotC is no longer the "golden boy" of Hasbro, the paren't company's influence is great. Now that the WotC CEO is leaving and a Hasbro exec is taking over, you'll see more of that.
PA--: Sean and Gary are both hetero. They don't party together.
ArthurQ: Sean: do you know what happened there recently with the criminal activity?
SeanKReynolds: I use miniatures for D&D, of course.
SeanKReynolds: No, I have never partied with Gygax. My sister has been in his annual Castle Greyhawk game at Gen Con, though.
darkether: PA: uhh.. are you foreign or something? party isn't used to mean sex :P
ArthurQ: darkether: it was sarcastic humor. lol
Gemm: So you just buy random, cool figures of course, and use them as visual aids?
PA--: Oh, it seems I made a mistake... O :o}
ArthurQ: SeanKReynoldslds: is your sister single? *grin*
Corran1: lol
ArthurQ: heehee
darkether: Arthur: missed the mark :P
SeanKReynolds: Here's what I know about the criminal stuff: Several execs were let go about 6 weeks ago. Recently I heard the internet posts about the embezzling/kickbacks. The CEO (Vince) was not involved and
SeanKReynolds: his leaving is not associated with the criminal activity. None of the people that were fired are anyone I could put a face to. They really had nothing to do with the R&D folks.
SeanKReynolds: Gemm, yeah, I use minis to help spice up the story and scare the PCs. :)
Sintaqx: Are the mini's to scale?
darkether: lol
SeanKReynolds: I think my sister would prefer I not disclose her marital status to a deranged fan. ;)
Corran1: Always a lovely moment when you get the Pit Fiend model from the shelve. ;--)
Sintaqx: For the tarrasque do you just get up on the table and stomp around? :)
ArthurQ: I am not a deranged fan.
darkether: they wouldn't be minis then would they?
Corran1: lol
SeanKReynolds: Sint: To scale to what? Life size? Or to each other? :)
Alcar: lol Sin
ArthurQ: tell her i am a mature and intrested suitor with a nice carear in media ahead of him. *grin*
Corran1: Sure...
PA--: Art: mature? You're an RPGamer!!
SeanKReynolds: You're also like 4 years younger than she is. :)
ArthurQ: So?
ArthurQ: heh
ArthurQ: Ive dated older women before
ArthurQ: I really hate that double standard
ArthurQ: Where the girl MUST be younger then the guy
ArthurQ: Actually, i cant stand most girls my age....
ArthurQ: or younger
LyreAtWrk: ANYways..
Alcar: The girl must be shorter than the guy.
ArthurQ: well, heh, yea i do prefer a shorter girl
Alcar: One of those insecurity things :)
SeanKReynolds: Most of my girlfriends were older, until the CRAZY PSYCHO GIRLFRIEND, after which I started dating younger women for some reason.
ArthurQ: heh
ArthurQ: I was gonna ask if she was really real
SeanKReynolds: Oh, yeah, she's really real.
ArthurQ: Sean: Ive had a FEW of those episodes....and still have not learned my lesson.
SeanKReynolds: Arthur, that'll keep happening if you keep getting dates from your drinking/dyslexia meetings. ;)
ArthurQ: um
PA--: I've been in a relation with a woman 10 year older than me. Married, too. Never again.
ArthurQ: eep
Sintaqx: one sec Art
ArthurQ: I dont drink
ArthurQ: heh
Darkkin twichs
ArthurQ: the one i mentioned before
Darkkin: Damn women
Corran1: I don't wanna hog the question time, but... Sean, do you think that the D&D department of WotC (call it old TSR or whatever) would be viable as a separate company, without any help from bigger companies?
ArthurQ: just dalnet polotics
Guest40698: Sean: What is up with Shar's avatar in the F&P?
ArthurQ: dont worry about them
Sintaqx: Ask Sean "Can you explain why the drinking of a potion was made a standard action instead of a move equivilent action? I have noticed that many DMs house rule drinking a potion down to a move equivilent action."
SeanKReynolds: Sure, "old TSR" would just need someone to handle the artists, people to handle layout, a person to handle sales, a person to handle the printers, and that's about it. I'm oversimplifying, but just about anyone could be a D20 company nowadays.
Corran1: "Moving arm towards face, biting on cork, moving arm slightly back, spitting cork, moving arm forward again, tilting head back, swallowing potion"... seems like a full round action to me. ;--)
LyreAtWrk: potions should come in plastic squirt bottles :)
darkether: Corran has never seen me attack a pint of Jim Beam
Corran1: lol
SeanKReynolds: Guest, I don't have any info on the avatars in F&P. I didn't think those hard god stats needed to be included, nor the avatars, and those sections were developed separately from what I did, so I really haven't even read them yet.
ArthurQ: hehee
Sintaqx: Potion cork tears in half, full round to extract it :)
Alcar: lol
SeanKReynolds: I have no problem with drinking a potion to be a standard action. We're talking 4 seconds, here.
ArthurQ: Sean: Mystra's body was hot. Why did they make her face so......unattractive heh
PA--: Sean, what is your favorite 3e character class, if any?
darkether: That's why every adventurer should carry a few corkscrews
SeanKReynolds: LOL, you crazy kids. STop looking at Mystra and go look at Sune....
darkether: and pounds and pounds of caltrops
Corran1: Sean, I think the overhead for "old TSR" would be higher than for other d20 companies, if they want to stay the market leaders and keep setting the standards, that takes more investments in R&D, if you want to keep dictating the rules. ;--)
ArthurQ: oh yea!
ArthurQ: SUNE was hot!
ArthurQ: i love redheads
Alcar: "Potion cork flies into your face due to pressure build up. You take 1d2 damage, DC 10 Reflexy Save or drop bottole...
ArthurQ: and her name works on soooooooooooo many levels!
Alcar: -- that y, even.
Guest40698: F&P: cool. It didint' have a DR or any form of spell resistance. It seemed to be missing a lot of informaiton.
SeanKReynolds: PA, that's a tough question. I used to always play fighters or wizards in 1E/2E. But now the cleric tempts me with cool spells and spontaneous casting, and the rogue tempts me with skill points. I really like them all now. Cheesy answer, I know.
ArthurQ: heh
ArthurQ: Sometimes i take just one or two levels of Rogue
ArthurQ: and Continue on as a fighter
ArthurQ: the rest of the way
SeanKReynolds: Corran, I think that if "old TSR" split off, they wouldn't proclaim that they were "setting the rules" for D&D, but they might toot the horn that the people there had more combined 3E experience than any other d20 company.
ArthurQ: unlike taking rogue second level, you have nothing to lose taking fighter second level
SeanKReynolds: Ah, the temptation of multiclassing.
Gemm: What do you think of Druids, Sean?
ArthurQ: of course i always have nice story lines to explain my multiclassing
Sintaqx: Response To the Potion as a standard action : However, let's say a character has a potion in each hand, say... mage armor and shield. He could not drink both those potions in a round, even if he did nothing else that round.
Corran1: I thought Shar was hot. ;--) But Tymora... looking at the face made me think it was a guy instead of the Tymora we all know and love. ;--)
PA--: Sean: That's OK, I forgive you. Yeah, the Cleric is tempting... More spells than a wizard, often of equal power (e.g. summoning monsters spells) or even greater (e.g. Harm, Miracle), plus can cast in armor, plus doesn't need to sleep before charging up... Overall, a better spellcaster than Mr. Wizard, and with also better saves and more HP. Oh, and better BAB, too.
darkether: one thing I don't like about 3e is that fighters can multiclass and still get bonuses to their attack, while if a wizard multiclasses, they can't advance their spellcasting unless they take something with arcane levels. casters pay for diversity much much more than combat types
SeanKReynolds: Gemm: I think with the proper animal companion and the (revised) wild shape, druids can be cool to play.
Corran1: I think you hit the nail on the head there; the potion standard action, is against a cheap 'haste' trick, being able to cast/drink two spells in a round, good call.
PA--: Sean: the feat that allow them to cast spells while in Wild Shape is the one thing that I think make them more interesting to play.
Darkkin thinks they need to toss balance out the window
SeanKReynolds: Sint: If you assume a standard action is 4 seconds and a round is six seconds, you can see why drinking a potion should still take a standard action. And if you want more than 1 potion in a round, buy a three--chambered flask that Monte uses in his campaign. :)
Gemm: by revised you mean from the Masters of the Wild?
Guest40698: Sean: are you still contracting out with WotC to write upcomming FR stuff? If I remember correctly you were the FR guru. If not you then who will pick up the mantle at WotC?
SeanKReynolds: Dark, that's another reason that the fractional spellprogression might be useful.
darkether: Sean: good point
SeanKReynolds: PA: I agree. :)
Alcar agrees with Darkkin :)
Darkkin grins
Darkkin: I love the magic system alcar is working on
Caltak might agree but hes not paying attention right now
Corran1: That's my biggest fear; that all the FR 'veterans' leave and the FR will be left in Matt Smith's hands.. brrrrrr. ;--)
Darkkin is sorta play testing it if you think about it
Caltak: heh
PA--: Sean: with my comment on Clerics or Druids?
SeanKReynolds: Dark: Toss balance out the window and you'll have 2 chars of the same level and greatly different power. Which makes it hard for the DM to create challenging encounters. And the weaker character's player is overshadowed by the stronger character.
SeanKReynolds: Gemm: Yes, I mean the MotW revised wild shape.
Gemm: ok, another thing, what do you think of Psionics?
Alcar: True Darkkin.
SeanKReynolds: Guest, legally WotC R&D can't contract me to write until my severance pay period ends (which happens to be this week). After that, who knows. I have been contracting for the web team (which doesn't have that restriction because it's not the dept I was working for).
Corran1: Sean, any chance you know whether Eric Boyd and James Wyatt will keep doing FR stuff, they are about the only 2 guys at WotC I would like doing FR stuff.
SeanKReynolds: As for who'll pick up the mantle, maybe James Wyatt. He worked on Monsters of Faerun, FRCS, and now City of the Spider Queen. He's a good designer.
Corran1: He is.
ArthurQ: I think Monsters of Faerun needs to be redon
ArthurQ: redone
Corran1: Why?
darkether: Sean: but how does a 4/4 Ranger/Fighter compare to a 4/4 Cleric/Wizard? Doesn't the ranger/figher's raw combat skill outclass the spell level of the caster? Has the 4/4 cleric/wizard paid far too much for diversity compared to his equally leveled ranger/fighter friend?
ArthurQ: just little things
ArthurQ: nothing major
ArthurQ: its not really 3e
ArthurQ: timeline based
Corran1: Well... they did copy/paste all the errors from the MM straight to MoF. ;--)
Corran1: Same thing as the Strife domain for Bane/Cyric. ;--)
SeanKReynolds: Corran, I think Eric is done doing FR stuff for a while. I know he's been working on his day job for a while and hasn't been doing much for WotC other than web articles.
PA--: Sean, were you agreeing with my comment on Clerics being better spellcasters than Wizards, or on my comment on Druids being able to cast spells in wild shape?
ArthurQ: It uses the old logo. the wrong color scheme.... outdated information
Guest40698: Sean: Yeah the web stuff you have written is good. Thanks for that. I'm just worried that FR stuff will start losing it's edge. Will Rich Baker be making these decisions or Bill Slav?
Corran1: Yes, that's true Arthur, didn't think of the layout...
SeanKReynolds: Psionics: I wouldn't use them in my game unless I wanted it to play a major part. It's neat, and I've used it before, but it adds another layer to a Project G campaign that doesn't fit perfectly. :)
Darkkin puts bill gates in charge of Wotc
ArthurQ: GOD NO!
Corran1: No!!!!!
SeanKReynolds: Monsters of Faerun does need some tuning up; it was the first D&D book by both designers and they admit that some stuff needs to be fiddled with.
Corran1: Not the G word! ;--)
ArthurQ: The Books are gonna start coming packed with Blue Pages of Death
Gemm: I really dislike them, I think whoever made that book overpowered them a bit
Florana: Sorry got to jet game starting >:)
ArthurQ: that say "fatal error on page 34"
darkether: Darkkin: we'd just end up playing WoTC licensed games that were stolen from D20 competitiors if Bill Gates was in charge :P hmm..
Corran1: I haven't used much monsters from MoF yet, so I haven't seen that yet, but CR doesn't work over here anyway, never will...
SeanKReynolds: Dark: I still think those two characters are comparable. The rgr/ftr doesn't have as many favored enemies or feats at a single--class, and the spellcaster has a LOT of spells at the expense of the higher--level ones (enough that he can prep some ahead of time even if some of them run out before combat starts).
Guest40698: Corran1: CR doesn't work over where?
Caltak: well since im doing stuff and wouldnt be able to pay attention anyway, I will sadly part the channel. See you al later :)
darkether waves goodbye
Corran1: Europe
SeanKReynolds: PA: I was agreeing with your "druids casting spells in wildshape" comment. I'm catching up on a lot of responses right now. :)
Corran1: lol
Guest40698: Corran: Challenge Ratings don't work in Europe. Am I missing something...?
Corran1: See Sean running behind the bandwagon. ;--)
PA--: Sean: OK. Does it mean that you WOULD NOT agree with my comment on Clerics???!!!!
Corran1: No they don't, CR's are useless here.
Cthulhu_Lu: why would they be useless in europe?
LyreAtWrk: are you trying to not make sense?
SeanKReynolds: Guest, that's a good question about who's making decisions: They restructured R&D so there isn't really a "worlds team" any more. All the designers funnel work through the D&D core creative director (Ed Stark). Rich Baker is the development manager (handling development for the books). Bill is the head of the department. I dunno who's going to be the active FR-watcher, although I remember
SeanKReynolds: that Rich was going to be helping Ed work on that. See, that happened the week I was laid off, so I don't know how that has played out. :)
Guest40698: YOu mean the week you asked to be laid off....
SeanKReynolds: PA, what was your comment on clerics again? I think I'm caught up now. :)
Corran1: I'll explain: In Europe almost everyone plays a much less treasure heavy campaign, so (most) 10th level characters here are completely underpowered compared to American (DMG) 10th level pc's.
PA--: PA, that's a tough question. I used to always play fighters or wizards in 1E/2E. But now the cleric tempts me with cool spells and spontaneous casting, and the rogue tempts me with skill points. I really like them all now. Cheesy answer, I know.
PA--: Sean: That's OK, I forgive you. Yeah, the Cleric is tempting... More spells than a wizard, often of equal power (e.g. summoning monsters spells) or even greater (e.g. Harm, Miracle), plus can cast in armor, plus doesn't need to sleep before charging up... Overall, a better spellcaster than Mr. Wizard, and with also better saves and more HP. Oh, and better BAB, too.
ArthurQ: Maybe they had their fill of power gaming back in the dark ages
ArthurQ: *chuckle*
PA--: You're slow, Sean, you're slow. ;o)
Corran1: Ergo: the CR's are (somewhat) ok for PC's on a DMG powerlevel, but they are still somewhat broken. ;--)
Cthulhu_Lu: Corran1, that sounds like a problem with your DMs, not being able to tone down encounters for the amount of treasure they dish out
SeanKReynolds: Ah ... well, understand that the wizard is supposed to be balanced against the cleric by comparing a _specialist_ wizard, not a generalist.
Guest40698: Sean: putting to two groups together is a good idea. I will fix some of the inconsistences between core and FR. I just hope they don't dumb it down too much. Here is a big question -- do you still want to design FR stuff? If they asked to you to do a lot of work would you continue?
Corran1: No, no, the DM's know that the CR's are out of whack for the type of campaign we play, so we just ignore them or use monsters with a lower CR. ;--)
*ArthurQ* ok
ArthurQ: Alright guys
ArthurQ: Sean has to go soon
Cthulhu_Lu: well that doesn't mean they don't work in europe, CRs don't work if you don't go by the system of wealth/level, ANYWHERE in the world
ArthurQ: So lets wrap things up, a few last questions and he gotta jet
Corran1: Want an example: in one campaign of mine the characters are 10th level, NONE of them have a +2 weapon.
SeanKReynolds: Guest: First, a question: What inconsistencies between core & FR? Just understand that certain things (like Lolth) aren't held to be exactly the same any more, like they used to be in 2E. No longer is FR saddled with the bad decisions of the core, and vice versa.
Gemm: Soda or Pop?
PA--: Sean: a specialist Wizard loses in spell selection, only to have as many spells per day as a cleric. Which doesn't take into account all the other spellcasting advantages a cleric enjoys.
SeanKReynolds: As for your question, sure, I'd like to keep writing stuff for FR. Most people know me for my FR stuff, and I want to keep my fans happy. :)
SeanKReynolds: Soda. :)
Gemm: had to know
SeanKReynolds: PA, it's tight, I agree.
Cthulhu_Lu: still, that is a decision reached by each individual DM, personally, I like a magic heavy world, it gives it a more fantasy setting instead of a history setting
Corran1: It's just that most American campaigns are much closer to the DMG baseline than in Europe.
ArthurQ: Bigmac or Whopper/KingSupreme?
Corran1: lol
Guest40698: sean: I'm talking about the power levels between the books. MoF had some pretty powerful spells, options, feats etc. A converstation for a later day.
ArthurQ: Pepsi or Cola?
SeanKReynolds: I don't eat meat, silly. :)
SeanKReynolds: And I don't drink cola, either. :)
Guest40698: sean: Thanks for all your work. Good luck in SD
SeanKReynolds: Thanks everyone! If I can salvage a log, I'll post it on my site. :)
Corran1: Tofu or other veggie crap? ;--)
Gemm: GL at BIS
LyreAtWrk: corran: i wouldnt lump most american campaigns into a pile
Corran1: Cya Sean, gl with your new jobs.
ArthurQ: OK guys, Sean has to go! Thanks for coming!
SeanKReynolds: Corran: Both! :)
PA--: Sean: Good luck with everything. See you one of those days.
SeanKReynolds: Thanks, Gemm!
SeanKReynolds: And I'm outta here.... :)
Corran1 is beddy bye bye too.
ArthurQ: ***********END CHAT SESSION*******
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