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Path of the Magi chat log , 11/12/03

In this chat, authors Mike McArtor and myself, as will as Troll Lord Games' general manager Steve Chenault answered questions about Path of the Magi. Be sure to check the end section for a special deal if you order PotM from the Troll Lord website in the next few days.
Thanks to Garen for moderating this chat.

seankreynolds: Well, since I don't know when Jeff is going to get here, how about we start with just me and Steve (Trolllord) and the others will join in when they get here. BTW we anticipated Mike maybe being late and I'm OK with running long, so....
Garen: That works for me.
Garen: Since we're a small group at the moment, I think it's safe to keep things unmoderated. Instead, we'll do things the old-fashioned WotC way.
seankreynolds: Fine with me.
seankreynolds: Steve, is there anything you'd like to lead off with?
Trolllord: Unmoderated is the general Troll Way...
Garen: For those that aren't familiar, if you have a comment, enter ! If you have a question, enter ?
Trolllord: :)
Trolllord: Foremost, thanks all for showing up.
Garen: When you come up on the queue, I'll give you the heads up.
gigz: ?
Trolllord: I'd like to thank all the writers for working with us to bring this project to the public.
seankreynolds: And thanks to Elmore, too, for the great cover. :)
Trolllord: Its really a solid piece and represents the direction that Troll Lord has been going.
Trolllord: Absolutely. * Logging #Forgottenrealms to 'logs\#PotM.Psionics.log'
Duloth: Which particular fine publishing work is this on?
Trolllord: Path of the Magi.
Trolllord: You can read more about it and see and the cover. . .
seankreynolds: Ha ha. :)
Trolllord: Right Sean beat me to it...I has my browser pointed to the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
Trolllord: ;)
seankreynolds: An ultrashort summary of the book is: a complete magical university, including tuition, curriculum, benefits of studying different subjects,
Duloth: Tsk tsk. Old man should've killed his nephew and kept the ring.
Trolllord: LOL
seankreynolds: path magic, zodiac magic, and of course new spells, magic items, feats, prestige classes, and some adventures and adventure hooks.
seankreynolds: I wrote the zodiac magic, zodiac feats, a lot of the spells, and the path magic stuff (greatly expanded from the version that first appeared on my site).
seankreynolds: With that thrown out there, are there any questions?
Trolllord: If someone has access to the enworld right now (I'm not at my home computer) an announcement about this ongoing chat might be beneficial.
Garen: gigz was up first.
seankreynolds: Will do....
gigz: What are the thoughts about doing similar books for other core classes?
seankreynolds: Steve?
Trolllord: we are exploring this and have talked to all the authors of Path about it
seankreynolds: (Steve's company is publishing it and I dunno if they have other plans, so I'm passing the question to him.)
Trolllord: First up would be a book of fighter guilds.
Trolllord: Essentially Path takes a different approach to the class books,
seankreynolds: I dothink it would be cool to see a complete temple, fighter's guild, thieves' guild, monastery, etc. Maybe not with a full 128-page treatment,
seankreynolds: but certainly 32 pages could cover a lot on one of those subtopics.
seankreynolds: (sorry, I'll shut up for a bit) :P
Trolllord: by treating the sorcerer/wizard in a more literary mannor
Trolllord: creating a guild, organization or some such around the class.
Trolllord: it really breaths more life into the class than a simple listing of new feats or skills.
Trolllord: Cult of the Swords was the fighter book being considered
Trolllord: followed by the priest book, but the name escapes me
Garen: Just so everyone knows: It's perfectly alright for you to enter ! or ? while our guests are responding to an earlier question.
Garen: The idea is to have another question or comment ready when the last is done.
seankreynolds: BTW, Path is a 128-page hardback book.
seankreynolds: 60+ new spells, 30-odd new feats.
seankreynolds: This book actually has a bit of a funny story behind it, as originally we were writing it for another company, Citizen Games.
seankreynolds: Then Citizen decided to hand off the book to Troll Lord so they could focus on other things, so Steve has been working with us in the last stages of the book's development.
seankreynolds: With the delay from the changeover, this book is almost a year old (I finished my part in December of last year). I'm glad to see it in print. :)
seankreynolds: C'mon, folks, ask me some specific questions, I'm staying late at work so I can be here. ;)
gigz: ? (slightly off topic)
seankreynolds: Steve, do you have a Table of Contents handy for the book?
seankreynolds: That's cool with me, gigz.
Trolllord: Give me a moment.
Garen: Go right ahead, gigz.
gigz: How are you adjusting to the new job at BioWare
gigz: ?
seankreynolds: I'm at Black Isle, actually. Bioware is a different development house that used to work for Interplay. ;)
gigz: And how much of a change in design is it?
gigz: DOH
seankreynolds: Don't feel bad, I used to get them mixed up a lot, too. :)
seankreynolds: Are you talking about my promotion to lead story designer for the game we're working on?
gigz: Yes, but also the change from paper game design to PC
seankreynolds: Well, I had no PC game design experience when I came to Black Isle Studios, but (as you probably know)
seankreynolds: I had 6+ years in the pen & paper industry.
seankreynolds: Computer game design is much more thorough than PNP design. In a PNP book you can just say, "The NPC knows about these 5 topics and
seankreynolds: will spill the beans on all of them if pressed hard enough." In a computer game, the designer has to come up with reasonable dialogue for the NPC and include all reasonable options for what the PC
seankreynolds: might say. Our dialogue docs can get pretty big.
seankreynolds: But when it comes to making maps, working on PC games is sweet. I can just build what I want and stick the PCs in and attach their dialogues,
seankreynolds: and there they are, walking around and talking like I want them to. It's a much more immediate process, whereas in PNP games I might occassionally
seankreynolds: here from a DM or player, "Hey, I liked that NPC you put in module X." :P
seankreynolds: But I'm adjusting well. Been here over a year now, and got a promotion to lead story designer, which is
seankreynolds: kinda what I was doing for FR in a way at WotC, just making sure as much as possible that bad ideas don't get introduced.
seankreynolds: (done)
gigz: For a pretty good game too, I hear ;)
Trolllord: I'll have the TOC up in about 5 minutes.
seankreynolds: Steve, I was thinking of just pasting it in here for now.
gigz: ?
seankreynolds: Yeah, I'm really looking forward to being able to announce and talk about this CRPG. :)
Garen: Go ahead, gigz.
gigz: Can you describe the inspirationand / or thought process behind the Zodiac feats in POtM?
seankreynolds: Sure.
seankreynolds: The zodiac feats in PotM actually use the constellations from Myrra, the world created by Citizen Games, but they correspond exactly to the real-world
seankreynolds: constellations and zodiac signs. In fact, I made sure to say "the sign of X corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius," and so on, so someone with a different
seankreynolds: set of signs could still see how they equated to our world's signs.
seankreynolds: Anyway, I consulted some sources on astrology and learned about how the signs broke down into the four classical elements and how they indicated personality as well.
seankreynolds: These sources also gave examples of stereotypical behavior and actual behavior for each sign. I took that info and ran with it,
seankreynolds: giving probable specialist and oppositional schools for each sign, describing personality types in D&Dish terms, and so on. Then I created a pair of feats for each sign.
seankreynolds: One feat is a minor ability, showing that your character is following the influence of their birthsign. Hmm, let me look one up
seankreynolds: to give as an example....
seankreynolds: Hey, there's one of our authors! :)
mkmcartor: Hey. Sorry I'm so late. :(
gigz: I covered for you ;)
Garen: It's quite alright. Welcome!
mkmcartor: Thanks. :) Is everyone else here?
seankreynolds: OK, as an example of the lesser zodiac feat, there's Centaur Sign Wizardry, which gives a bonus to Diplo, Gather Inf, and Intim checks. And once per day you can cast a low-level spell as a maximized spell without changing the casting time,
seankreynolds: using a higher-level slot, or preparing it that way beforehand.
seankreynolds: Mike, it's just you, me, and Steve. Jeff is Mia, and Jason has a family emergency.
seankreynolds: Oh, let me explain why the Centaur is like that....
seankreynolds: Centaur=Sagittarius
Trolllord: To briefly interupt: The TOC is up here: Click on the second pdf.
seankreynolds: Centaurs are extroverts. Blunt and rash, they are also enthusiastic and honest. They're often lucky, and they're never satisfied with moderation (it's all or nothing).
seankreynolds: Then on top of that Centaur Sign Wizardry feat I made a greater feat that represents the character actually drawing upon the power of their sign to undergo a temporary physical and magical change. Frexample,
seankreynolds: (sorry, the lesser feat is Centaur Sign Wizardry, the greater is Centaur Sign Aspect)
seankreynolds: Cent Sign Aspect lets you manifest the centaur's power for 1 r/caster level. While doing so,
Duloth: ?
seankreynolds: you look more muscular, your feet become hooflike, and you get a wild look in your face. The benefits are a natural armor bonus, a bonus to your land speed, a bonus to ranged attack rolls, and maximize one spell (like the lesser feat, but not limited to lower-level spells).
seankreynolds: And so on. Phew! (done)
Garen: Duloth, you're up!
gigz: ?
Duloth: How hard would it be to create actual zodiac (cancer/taurus) by the same system, or are they already explained?
seankreynolds: All you'd need to do is cross out the Myrran names and put in their Earth names; the zodiac section tells you exactly which is which. So to actually answer your question, they're already explained. :) (done)
mkmcartor: I remember that you did that on purpose when writing it, to make it easy to port the Myrran cosmos into any world.
mkmcartor: cosmos=zodiac. ;)
mkmcartor: (done)
seankreynolds: Exactly, Mike. :)
seankreynolds: By the way, this is Mike's first RPG book, so congrats to Mike on being published!
mkmcartor: :) I owe it all to Sean.
Garen: Congratulations, Mike!
Duloth: Well, I was simply thinking; a universe could have the 'gods' as the most key symbols of each zodiac, resulting in clerics of the zodiac, and... blah.
mkmcartor: Thanks Garen. :)
seankreynolds: Certainly! This book was about wizards, so we didn't go there, but yeah. :)
Duloth: Is there anything preventing clerics from using the feats?
seankreynolds: But in a place like Dragonlance where the gods are the constellations, I can see that playing a big part.
seankreynolds: Well, as written the feats have "able to prepare arcane spells from a spellbook" as a prereq, but there's no reason you couldn't make a cleric version that was all but identical.
seankreynolds: How about we take gigz' question and then let Mike talk a bit about what he did for the book?
Garen: That's the plan. Gigz?
gigz: Actually my question is for Mike. How much of what you wrote on the Uni was based on your college experiance?
mkmcartor: lol...good question. :) Actually, I structured most of the magical studies section (like the course catalog) on the local community college's course catalog.
mkmcartor: I gave all the classes a number of credits they were worth, and then set up the degree program (for the bachelor's degree...the Accepted level) to mimic my alma mater. ;)
mkmcartor: (done)
gigz: ?
mkmcartor: Oh wait, so you want me to talk more about what sections I wrote? ;)
Garen: Mike, would you mind sharing with us what your role in the book's creation was?
mkmcartor: Sure. :)
mkmcartor: I was asked to write mostly flavor material, such as the description of the school, the daily life, and the typical clothing of wizards at the UdM (universitae de magus)
mkmcartor: And as my previous answer implies, I also had to do the course work section. The crunchy bits I did were a few of the prestige classes and most of the items and tools chapter.
seankreynolds: I'd like to point out that the book really goes into what classes you can take and what benefit you get from it. You could use this for running a game with apprentice wizards. It's also a way to handle "training" ... for example, if the DM wants you to justify selecting the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat, you can go take the Heavy Forging course, which teaches the basics of that feat.
mkmcartor: (done)
seankreynolds: And that stuff is from Mike, which is why I'm mentioning it right now. :)
mkmcartor: Yeah, thanks Sean. :) My inexperience in these things shows. ;)
Garen: gigz, the floor is yours.
gigz: Again to Mike: How easy / hard was it to do the clothing and tools for wizards, while avoiding repetition of stereotypical wizard garb
mkmcartor: Actually it was easier than I had expected, because the world we wrote the book for (Myrra) had a Colonial American feel as far as clothing went.
mkmcartor: So I did some research and wrote up fantasy versions of what was popular in the Colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was a lot of fun avoiding the cliches, though of course I had to include robes and cloaks...
mkmcartor: I also wanted to add in a little of the fantastic, so I went through each of the magic item placements and wrote up how wizards often would accessories with magic items, which sometimes (or often) clashed with the latest styles of the period.
mkmcartor: The tools part was a bigger challenge, as there are only so many medieval-feeling workshop tools you can create or write about. I don't think I created anything new for the section, but only brought together a bunch of items I thought would make sense.
seankreynolds: Speaking of clothing, Mike describes typical clothing worn at each of the magic item slots, including a breakdown of what an upper-class vs a lower-class wizard might wear, differences by gender, etc. All really cool flavor stuff.
mkmcartor: Thanks Sean. :)
Garen: Which is all extremely fun to play with, by the way.
mkmcartor: Thanks. :)
mkmcartor: FOr some of the stuff I went to Fort Vancouver, which is a national park near where I live that is from the 1840' I learned a lot about carpentry and blacksmithing of that era, and could apply it to PotM.
mkmcartor: (done) :)
gigz: ?
seankreynolds: I think gigz is Mike's biggest fan.... :)
Garen: This is a post-3.5 release, but most of the actual writing of the book was done well before 3.5 was ever announced. How much (if any) conversion would you all say is necessary to use this book in the revised edition?
mkmcartor: ...or only...? :D
gigz: I am the head member of the m.k.mcartor Groupies :D
mkmcartor: I'll turn that question over to Sean, Garen, as I think he was affected by it more than me. ;)
seankreynolds: Hmmm....
Trolllord: The book was completely revised for 3.5 by Jason Peck. That was one of the reasons for the delays.
Garen: Excellent!
Garen: gigz, ahead!
mkmcartor: Jason did a lot of hard work on the book. I'm sorry he's not here tonight to bask in the glory. :\
seankreynolds: Well, personally, I don't like a lot of the 3.5 spell changes, and I think the spells as written are fine for 3.0 or 3.5. I do remember Jason asking me for my opinions on 3.5 changes, and some playtest feedback stuff, but there wasn't much that needed to be tweaked, IMO.
gigz: A question on the Prestige Classes: Which ones were done by whom, and what was the motivation behind them for those who are here tonight?
seankreynolds: By the way, I'm going to be giving away a signed copy of the book in a little bit, so sharpen your brainz. :)
mkmcartor: And the crunchy bits I did work on (like Prestige classes), weren't affected at all by the change, as far as I can tell...
seankreynolds: (Of course, I did write this a while ago, and maybe Jason had to fix more than I know of and is cursing my name right now.... ;))
mkmcartor: Gigz: I did...uh...the Planetician, Field Professor, and Procurer. I think (and Sean can correct me if I'm wrong) that Jeff did the Histomorpher...
mkmcartor: (lol Sean)
mkmcartor: Gigz:The others were split up between Sean and Jason, I guess. ;)
mkmcartor: My assignment for the field professor was to make an "Indiana Jones" kind of prestige class for wizards.
seankreynolds: Actually I didn't do any of the prestige classes; path magic, feats, and spells took up all of my pages.
mkmcartor: (my bad!)
gigz: ?
Garen: Hmm...
Garen: We'll take one more from gigz, then Sean can start on his giveaway.
mkmcartor: The procurer was the hardest to write, because it was so similar to the field professor (go out and get stuff and bring it back), but with only the difference between bringing back magic and bringing back alchemy stuff
Garen: (After Mike's done. :P)
mkmcartor: (done now...sorry!) ;D
seankreynolds: By the way, if you're not familiar with path magic, it's a system where you find links between spells of different levels, and if you study spells on a path, it's easier for you to learn new spells on the path, research spells on the path, or even get extra spells in your spellbook, depending on whether your world is low, medium, or high-magic.
seankreynolds: (done)
gigz: I withdraw the ? ... Sean just answered it :D
mkmcartor: It's a very cool concept and system, btw. ;)
seankreynolds: I am so clever. :)
Garen: And one which is far more useful for sorcerers...
* gigz thinks Sean is an adept at the Read Mind Path
Garen: ...which is why I prefer it in a Wizard book.
mkmcartor: :D
gigz: ?
Garen: Once again: We'll take one more from gigz, then Sean can start on his giveaway.
mkmcartor: I don't know about Sean, but it was kinda hard for me sometimes not to just gel Sorcerers and Wizards together, as I don't play either one very much. Sometimes I'd start writing something and have to rehash it because it was too "sorcery" ;)
mkmcartor: (done again...)
Garen: hehehe
gigz: lol
seankreynolds: Yeah, same here, this definitely focused on wizards and you had to be careful to not cross that line. :)
mkmcartor: ---keeps interupting... ;)
gigz: Mike just answered my next question, but I'd like Sean to also
mkmcartor: Well I'm glad to know I wasn't alone there, Sean. :)
seankreynolds: What question is that?
gigz: What kinds of things would you start working on, then suddenly go "Wait, that's a little to Sorcerous"
seankreynolds: Ah ... well, a lot of the metamagic-related stuff for the zodiac magic crept into that area. And path magic is definitely beneficial for the sorcerer (one version let a sorcerer swap a path spell for another spell on the path at every class level, much like how 3.5 lets you do that, but -- obviously -- more frequently).
seankreynolds: But most of the spells were written to fill in gaps in the paths, which helps both sorcerers and wizards. And there are some tricky feats like ...
seankreynolds: Spell Cleave, which are nice no matter what kind of caster you are. And there's some alignment-based stuff
mkmcartor: (ah yes, see above for my answer) ;) Actually, I tried to mention sorcerers from time to time in the flavor sections, so people who only play sorcerers and not wizards could still feel like a part of the gang. So if you do prefer sorcerers, there's still plenty in this book for you. :)
mkmcartor: sean just said...
mkmcartor: (Man, I'm slow tonight) :D
seankreynolds: that a cleric or paladin might like, like Smiting Spell, and Necromantic Spell Conversion (which lets you use spell slots to command undead like an evil cleric), etc. It's CRAZY!!! :)
seankreynolds: (done)
Garen: Okay, everyone's (done) now.
seankreynolds: Any other questions?
mkmcartor: (also done interupting)
seankreynolds: I guess that's a no. :)
seankreynolds: All right, then let's do our giveaway. :)
mkmcartor: Come on everyone, ask away! :)
seankreynolds: This is going to be a hard trivia question. The prize is a signed copy of the book. And afterwards we'll do more questions.
mkmcartor: Can I try to answer the question Sean? I want to win! :D
Garen: Am I disqualified from playing?
seankreynolds: This is a really hard question, and not really game-related.
seankreynolds: And Mike answering would be cheating. But Garen playing is legal. :)
gigz: I am so toast then :p
mkmcartor: lol Sean
seankreynolds: If nobody gets it we'll try another. :)
Garen: w00t!
seankreynolds: First one to give the right answer, wins.
seankreynolds: So ... the question is: How did Mike and I meet?
gigz: Gencon
mkmcartor: (Good question Sean) ;)
seankreynolds: Tick, tock....
seankreynolds: (Gen Con is not the right answer, try again....)
mkmcartor: --Hums the Jeopardy theme
gigz: DOH
gigz: I forgot
seankreynolds: Bzzzt! We're sorry, time's up.
Garen: Messageboards?
gigz: Mike was a TSRO
seankreynolds: The answer is ... Mike was once a TSR Online host for me way back in the day when I was the TSR webmaster in Wisconsin.
mkmcartor: I had to bring him coffee... ;) (j/k)
seankreynolds: Mike and I go way back ... hey, Mike, it's been so long, have we ever met in person? I can't remember? Did I see you at Gen Con, or at the FRCS signing we had in Renton?
Trolllord: While Sean comes up with another trivia question, I would like to offer all participants a 'chat room discount' on the Path of the Magi.
mkmcartor: We've met twice at GenCon (97 and 01), and once at the Alternity Release party in Seattle.
Trolllord: Normally the book retails for 27.95, we'll let her go for 20.00 plus 3.00 in shipping for those interested!
gigz: Cool
seankreynolds: THAT's where, I remember now. :P It's hard to keep track of online friends when you only see them once a year at most. :P
mkmcartor: I hear ya Sean. ;) Gonna be at GC Indy next year?
seankreynolds: That's a steal, folks! $20 for a 128-page hardcover. And I promise to sign it for you twice if we ever meet in person. :)
seankreynolds: I'll be at Gen Con So Cal this year, and barring a national emergency I'll be at Gen Con Indy next year. :)
mkmcartor: Troll:That's cool man! And I'll back up Sean on the signing offer. ;)
gigz: Good. Mike cried when you weren't there this year. ;)
mkmcartor: Gigz:Shut up. :P
mkmcartor: ;)
gigz: :D
seankreynolds: A lot of people cry when I'm not around, I'm very handsome and charming. ;)
mkmcartor: LOL! :D
seankreynolds: While all of you rush off to find your credit cards, I have thought up the fallback trivia question!
seankreynolds: Here goes.
seankreynolds: I said earlier that each of the Myrran zodiac signs in the book correspond to a real-world zodiac sign....
seankreynolds: What real-world sign does the Myrran sign of "Couatl" correspond to? First correct answer wins.
gigz: pices??
seankreynolds: Nope....
Garen: Aquarius
seankreynolds: AYep!
gigz: dang
seankreynolds: Which also happens to be my birthsign. Aquarius rules!!!!
Garen: When the mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon is in the Seventh House...
gigz: This is the dawnning
gigz: And Jupiter aligns with mars
seankreynolds: Garen, email me your mailing address and I'll send you the book. Or maybe I can mail it to Mike and he can sign it too and mail it to you. Especially as Mike just got a new job....
Garen: Did he now?
Garen: ?
* gigz starts doing a drum roll
Garen: Yes, Garen, what's your question?
mkmcartor: ::blush::
Garen: "What's Mike's new job?"
mkmcartor: So yeah garen, I'll sign your book if you want. :)
gigz: Don't make me tell him :)
mkmcartor: --uses delaying tactics to avoid answering question...oh computer's about to crash... ;)
mkmcartor: Garen: Assistant Editor of Dragon Magazine.
Garen: W00T!
seankreynolds: Wooooot!!!
Garen: Congratulations.
mkmcartor: ::blush:: Thanks. :)
seankreynolds: Congrats to Mike, I knew all those noogies I gave you as a TSRO would pay off. :)
* Garen will need your email address post-haste, so that he can start submitting artciles.
gigz: I shall now officially induct Garen into the m.k.mcator Groupies ;)
gigz: doh
* Garen will now figure out what an artcile is.
seankreynolds: Heh!
mkmcartor: lol Sean! :D You certainly helped a bunch.
Trolllord: I set up a paypal button for those interested in purchasing the Path direct. On the Path page, click the FIRST paypal button.
mkmcartor: lol guys, okay okay...
mkmcartor: :)
mkmcartor: Troll:How long will you ahve the chat room discount in effect?
gigz: Hey Garen, I'll trade you that signed book for m.k.m's email address ;)
Trolllord: I'll leave it up for a few days at least.
mkmcartor: ::bonks gigz:: Be nice. ;P
seankreynolds: All righty, well, I think we're done with questions. I'm going to browse the web a bit while I wait for my train to arrive. Everyone should pester Troll Lord to do another preview on their site to draw more attention to the book. Like an excerpt of feats and spells and stuff. :)
Garen: Nah.
gigz: How does Troll think the book turned out after taking so long?
mkmcartor: And another chat would be cool too. I'm sorry Jeff and Jason weren't here tonight. :\
seankreynolds: Yah, Jeff has been busy, and Jason was all set to go until this emergency came up. :/
Trolllord: gigz: We are very happy with Path of the Magi, it really is our first solid d20 source book.
Garen: The more authors involved, the greater the chance something will get in the way of the chat. We certainly understand, and all things considered, things went rather well.
Trolllord: The Gygax line is more generic Role Playing Builder aids than d20 source books, and the Codex of Erde is a setting.
TheDice: Trolllord d20 (0)
seankreynolds: Yeah, 2 for 4 ain't bad, plus our very special guest Steve aka Trollord, who's the only one who could have given a special sale price for the book. :)
Trolllord: We follow up Path of the Magi with Book of
Trolllord: Familiars this December.
gigz: Nice
Trolllord: If Path picks up it will be followed by Cult of the Swords and Canon's Plight.
Trolllord: As for another chat, that would be very nice. I had to leave town this weekend so only announced the chat on Monday, not really enough time for word to get around.
Trolllord: done
Garen: I'm sure we could arrange a follow-up, especially if there are more questions coming forward from potential readers.
mkmcartor: Yeah, that would be cool.
seankreynolds: That would be a good idea.
mkmcartor: Hopefully I could be on time for that one! lol ;D
gigz: I've got a few for the other guy's too
Cold_Beer: hey guys, is there a chat here tonight?
Cold_Beer: got a person in #dnd3e looking for this...
Trolllord: Beginning next week we are going to put up four pdfs on the page to help people get a better understanding of the book.
mkmcartor: Yeah, but we're just winding down here...
* reutbing0 has quit IRC (Quit: Disconnecting)
Garen: The chat is just now winding down, Cold_Beer.
mkmcartor: Troll:That'll be cool.
seankreynolds: Cold: Yeah, we're just wrapping up. We'll post the text on ENworld or my boards, though.
seankreynolds: Troll: Good! Built them PDFs, boyo!
Trolllord: LOL
mkmcartor: I'd like to see Monte Cook review the book...tht would be so cool! :D
Trolllord: We'll keep the sale price up as well.
Trolllord: Review copies have gone out, though only one has appeared.
Trolllord: ALDO!
Wingnut: HERE I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wingnut: Where?
* Cold_Beer presents Wingnut
Wingnut: =P
Cold_Beer: there ya go...
Trolllord: Wingnut is our man on the ground, selling this fine tome to retailers everywhere.
seankreynolds: Hiya, Wingnut. :)
Wingnut: Yeah baby!
Trolllord: Wingnut, you missed the chat. Its winding down now.
Garen: Any departing questions or comments?
Garen: If not, I'll open up the free-for-all.
gigz: Thanks for the time guys!
Trolllord: Thanks all for showing up. Enjoyed the chat.
mkmcartor: Yeah, thanks everybody. :)
mkmcartor: It was fun.
* ArthurQ sighs
Garen: And thank you guys for coming by and sharing some insights on the book.
Trolllord: Good Night all.
mkmcartor: No problemo man. :)
gigz: Good Night