Chats and Interviews

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9/1/04 D&D 30th anniversary interview by Monte and Sue Cook

6/8/04 interview (a South African gaming site), asking questions about how I got into gaming, how I run games, computers and gaming, and 3.5.

4/16/03 GameBanshee interview, asking questions about my history, my move to the computer game industry, and my work on various PNP & software games. On the GameBanshee site.

11/15/03 Chat log from an IRC chat about Path of the Magi with myself, co-author Mike McArtor, and Troll Lord Games' general manager Steve Chenault.

7/3/03 Chat log from an IRC chat with Monte Cook and I about Ghostwalk. On Monte Cook's site.

10/03 RPG United Interview where I talk about Path of the Magi and the current state of d20. Very short interview.

8/03 Article about me on DHOWN (Dutch Hall of Wonders, a Dutch gaming site). Article is in English.

6/8/03 Chat log from an IRC chat with Rich Baker and I about Unapproachable East (and a little bit about Ghostwalk).

6/1/03 Ghostwalk interview with Monte Cook and I, on the WotC site.

5/04/03 Unapproachable East designer interview, with Matt Forbeck, Rich Baker, and myself. On the WotC site.

3/22/03 Chat log from an IRC chat with Eric Boyd and I about Races of Faerun and Savage Species.

2/28/03 Chat log from a WotC chat with Rich Redman, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, and myself about Savage Species. On the WotC site.

12/23/02 Mortality Radio Shoutcast, an audio file of a phone chat I did. If that page doesn't have the link to the shoutcast any more, here is the direct link to the MP3 file.

10/20/02 Interview at, where I talk a little about how I got into the industry, what's my favorite book, and what I think of the state of d20.

6/11/02 Chat log, where we talk about a lot of gaming stuff.

4/12/02 Chat with Monte & Sue Cook, Bruce Cordell, and myself, introducing Bruce and I as the newest Malhavoc designers. On Monte's site.

8/15/01 Personality Spotlight on Me, an interview for the WotC site that's mostly about Magic of Faerun.