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New Argonauts Campaign

    In February 2004 I started a short-term campaign set in the era of Greek myths, approximately 500 B.C. The PCs are all descended from the Greek gods at the grandparent level or later, all destined for greatness and born with an special gift. They all live in Athens, have served in the Athenian military, and have recently mustered out and are civilians again. Athens has reached a peace with the nearby city-state of Sparta, and while tensions can run high (Athenians don't walk alone in Sparta, and vice versa), it seems that this peace will hold. The gods have made fewer appearances in the world in recent decades, and the horrible monsters of old are becoming more rare.

    This campaign became the basis for my book The New Argonauts, and a simple breakdown of this campaign is in the book as an example of play. If you think your DM might run an Argonauts campaign using that book, you might not want to read this, at it may spoil it for you if he uses that sample timeline.

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    The heroes:

Anaxis, bloodline of Hermes, skilled in stealth and swordplay

Arcturus, bloodline of Ares, a master of the sword and spear

Numa, who keeps his heritage secret, deadly with the bow

Thyrsos, bloodline of Aphrodite, a gifted speaker and handy with a blade

Xanthos, bloodline of Zeus, seeking glory in the name of the greatest god

Zale Thromes, bloodline of Poseidon, at home on the land or the sea

Doxthenes (NPC), bloodline of Dionysus, priest of the god of wine

Session 1: Protect the Oracle
Session 2: The Oracle Revealed
Session 3: The Calydonian Boars
Session 4: The Second Boar, and Off to Colchis
Session 5: Hydras and the Road to Colchis
Session 6a: Centaurs on a Rampage
Session 6b: Mad Cyclopes
Session 7: The Underworld