Would you be interested in this sort of thing?

New: libraries of current tiles/items: adventuring items, chests, crates, & barrels, dungeon features (walls, floors, and other generally unmoveable stuff), furniture, monsters, pillars, pots, vases, and baskets, statues, tableware, and traps. Other things planned: altars, armor, more weapons, guillotine, chains, iron maiden, a rack, wooden walls and floors, a bath, water/puddles, metal walls and floors, arches, spider webs, portculli, alcoves, coffins, pits, ramps, bloodstains for floors/walls, chandeleirs, torch sconces, trees, bench, cavern shapes, sacks, sleeping skins.

On a lark a while ago, I thought about putting together the map for the Tomb of Horrors as a CGI model and render some snapshots and flythroughs of it. I then realized that if I built it properly, it could be used to build other dungeons of any shape and size, much like how the Master Maze® stuff from Dwarven Forge let you do so in reality.

Then I started wondering if anyone else would like to see this sort of thing. While it's not incredibly practical in terms of placing miniatures or tokens on the table to move your characters around (although if rendered properly it could be at the right scale), it is cool for establishing a look of a particular room.

So, I whipped up a sample room and rendered it from a couple of angles (see below).

The question is ... would you be interested in such a thing? Illustrated dungeon rooms? What if you could submit a layout for a room, placing furniture and other props in the room, and get high-resolution renders of the room for use in your gaming? And the capitalistic question: would you be willing to pay for such a thing? If so, how much? A dollar per room?

I think it would be an interesting idea if people paid to have their rooms illustrated, and after a set period of time (say, two weeks), their renders would be added to a big common library on a web site where anyone could use them. What do you think?

An interesting thing about paying for the rooms is that I'd want to use something like Paypal, which is instant and secure.

Note: This isn't a program I'm writing; it's a service (I put together the models and render them) ... if you want the 3D software, you can download the free trial version, a limited (but still pretty powerful) version for free from the site of its creator, Strata Inc. I'm not doing anything that someone with the time and talent could do with the program.

If you think you'd be interested in this, or just think it would be a neat idea, drop me an email.
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900k animation of a panoramic sweep of the room