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Aggressive Sunder  [Fighter, General]
When you sunder a weapon, broken pieces of the weapon strike its bearer.
    Prerequisites: Improved Sunder, Power Attack, BAB +4
    Benefit: When you successfully sunder a weapon using a weapon, you cause broken pieces of the weapon to strike its bearer. Immediately make an attack roll (as a free action) against the weapon's wielder (using only your base attack bonus and any masterwork or enhancement attack bonus the sundered weapon had). If this attack hits, the target takes damage as if he was struck by the weapon in its unsundered state, though the damage is halved. If the weapon has an active energy property (such as flaming or flaming burst), this damage applies as well (and is halved), but all other effects on or properties of the weapon have no effect in this attack (so there is no chance a sundered vorpal weapon decapitates the target, for example). The weapon can make critical hits (20/x2).
    Example: Krazziger (Ftr6) has this feat and sunder's his orc opponent's +2 flaming longsword, which is currently alight with flame. Krazziger's player makes an attack roll using Krazziger's BAB (+6) and the weapon's enhancement bonus (+2), rolls a 19 (+8 for a total of 27), and scores a hit on the orc, who takes 1d8+2 damage plus 1d6 fire, all halved. The attack is not a critical threat because it uses the default 20/x2 threat range rather than the longsword's 19-20/x2. If the longsword were an orc-bane weapon it wouldn't get its bane damage against the orc, nor would an inactive frost or shock weapon deal cold or electricity damage against the orc because only activated energy effects apply.
    If you sunder a weapon using a natural attack or an unarmed strike, you may either use the above option or you can opt to grab one of the larger weapon fragments (a free action) and make an attack (as a free action) as if it were a light weapon and you were proficient in it. Damage is as per the first option, modified by any factors that affect your melee damage (such as Power Attack, Strength modifier, and so on). You may continue to use the weapon fragment as a weapon, but after this free attack it loses all of its magical properties and you treat it as an improvised weapon.
    If you have the Deflect Arrows feat, rather than deflecting the incoming weapon you may choose to destroy it, driving the fragments back at the source. Make a ranged attack roll (BAB + Dexterity modifier + destroyed weapon's attack bonuses, range increment 10 ft.) to hit the attacker and deal half damage (as defined above). This attack is a free action.

This feat was inspired by Li Mu Bai in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, who dices up Jade Fox's sword and drives the frgaments through her body, killing her.