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Darksoul [General]
You have a dark power buried within you, desperate to manifest at a great cost.
    Prerequisites: Tiefling
    Benefit: You bear a darksoul, a corrupt and malign spiritual presence, a legacy of your fiendish ancestor. The darksoul whispers in your mind, promising great power if you would only let it come to the surface and reveal the full power of your heritage.
    As a free action once per day, you may give in to the darksoul's whispers. This causes an immediate physical and mental change. You grow taller (normally 1d10 inches), your skin becomes jet black, midnight blue, brick red, or a putrid green. Your eyes glow yellow, orange, or red. Any tiefling characteristics you have become amplified and exaggerated, and you may gain minor traits you didn't have before. Your alignment becomes evil for the duration if it wasn't already. Your Strength and Charisma increase by +2, but you suffer a -8 penalty to Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, and Handle Animal checks when dealing with creatures that would find your appearance disturbing (which includes most normal animals). Your natural armor increases by +2, and your ability to create darkness is treated as if it were a 4th-level spell for the purpose of being overcome by light effects and dispelling attempts.
    This transformation normally lasts 5 rounds + your newly improved Charisma modifier. Each time you would revert back to your normal form, you must attempt a Will saving throw (DC 5 + your HD). If you succeed, you change back without difficulty. If you fail, some of the taint of the darksoul transformation remains evident in your physical appearance; this gives you a -2 penalty to Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, and Handle Animal checks when dealing with creatures that would find your appearance disturbing. Multiple failures give cumulative penalties, and if you fail four times then you permanently remain in your monstrous form (with a -8 penalty to those skill checks) and evil alignment (though your ability scores, natural armor, and darkness effective spell level still revert to their normal states).
    Once this change becomes permanent, activating the power of the darksoul still gives you the other benefits of the feat, and you no longer need to make a Will save when the effect ends.

How about this version (compared to the old one, which was too good)? It's more like the Extra Rage feat; you get a rage-like effect (+2 to two stats instead of +4 to two stats) and still have the roleplaying skill penalties (note that this isn't the faux pas of balancing a mechanical advantage with a roleplaying penalty, this gives a mechanical penalty to skills used in roleplaying ... there is a difference). It shouldn't be as good as an actual rage because taking a feat should not allow you to steal a class ability ... multiclassing to barbarian should be a better option in terms of mechanical rewards, though it runs the risk of an XP penalty for multiclassing. Maybe if it gave a +2 to Con as well, just to make it a little more desirable compared to an actual rage but still overall with a weaker effect (compare the cost of three +2 magic items to two +4 magic items). I cut the part about it counting as Iron Will, though I did like that muchly.

This is kinda inspired by the Marvel Comics character "Son of Satan" and also by the Marvel character "Magik," younger sister of the X-Men's "Colossus" (the turns-into-metal buff dude you meet in the school in X-Men 2).