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Dark Speech (Creature Words)
(For David K.)
Your study of the Dark Speech has given you additional abilities against creatures.
    Prerequisites: Dark Speech, base Will save bonus +8, Int 17, Cha 15
    Benefit: Your can use the basic powers of the Dark Speech feat to a greater extent against creatures.
    1. When speaking to cause fear, loathing, and dread in nearby creatures, the words of the Dark Speech are more powerful than normal. The speaker may choose to amplify the original effect according to the following table, or increase the duration of the standard effect by +50%.

Effect of Dark SpeechEffect of Advanced Dark Speech
LoathingRevulsion (as loathing, with +2 morale bonus to attacks, weapon damage, checks, and saves against the speaker)
MasteredCowering, then mastered

    2. When used to create a hivemind among vermin, the speaker can affect up to 200 creatures under 1 HD.
    The speaker may also use the Dark Speech in additional ways. The DC for these powers is 5 + speaker's HD + speaker's Cha bonus. These abilities all deal 1d4 points of temporary Charisma damage to the speaker with each use.
    3. The words damage a single creature (living, nonliving, or undead) within 5 feet, dealing 1d6 points of damage per HD of the speaker (Fortitude half). This is an extraordinary ability and is not affected by damage reduction. The damage is treated as acid and evil for the purpose of whether or not regeneration can repair this damage (for example, trolls and solars cannot regenerate damage caused by the Dark Speech).
    4. The words disrupt the damage reduction of a creature (living, nonliving, or undead) whose damage reduction can be overcome by evil weapons, negating that alignment-based component of the damage reduction for 1d10 rounds. All other aspects of the creature's damage reduction apply. For example, a ghaele has DR 10/evil and cold iron, but if affected by this power its damage reduction becomes DR 10/cold iron. The creature may resist with a Fortitude saving throw. This is an extraordinary ability
    5. The worlds repulse a good elemental or outsider as if it were the target of a repulsion spell (Will negates). Only one creature can be affected by any particular use of this aspect of the Dark Speech, though a speaker can use this ability on successive rounds to affect an additional target with each use. This is a supernatural ability.

Dark Speech is a feat from the Book of Vile Darkness that allows you to know part of the dark speech, the true language of power used by evil gods. Some of the above abilities probably make no sense unless you have the BOVD.