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Dark Speech (Object Words)
(For David K.)
Your study of the Dark Speech has given you additional abilities against objects.
    Prerequisites: Dark Speech, base Will save bonus +8, Int 17, Cha 15
    Benefit: Your can use basic powers of the Dark Speech feat to a greater extent against objects.
    1. When speaking to help power evil magic items or spells, the Dark Speech gives a +2 profane bonus instead of +1.
    2. When speaking to weaken material objects, it reduces the object's hardness by 75% instead of by half.
    The speaker may also use the Dark Speech in additional ways. The DC for these powers is 5 + speaker's HD + speaker's Cha bonus. These abilities all deal 1d4 points of temporary Charisma damage to the speaker with each use.
    3. The words damage a single object of up to Large size within 5 feet, dealing 1d8 hit points +1 point of damage per HD of the speaker (Fortitude half, nonmagical and unattended objects do not get saving throws). The object's hardness applies normally. This aspect of the Dark Speech is an extraordinary ability and can be used multiple times against an object.
    4. The words profane the ground within a 10-foot-radius burst for the next 24 hours. Any creature buried in that profane earth for the full duration will rise as some kind of undead when the effect expires (usually a skeleton or zombie, but sometimes a greater creature). The undead is not under the control of the speaker. Furthermore, any evil outsider standing upon or within the profane earth gains a +4 profane bonus to saving throws to resist effects that would drive it from that spot, whether physical (such as repulsion) or dimensional (such as banishment). This is an extraordinary ability.

Dark Speech is a feat from the Book of Vile Darkness that allows you to know part of the dark speech, the true language of power used by evil gods. Some of the above abilities may make no sense unless you have the BOVD.