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Divine Song [General]
Choose one type of divine energy, whether sacred or profane (you must choose good if your deity is good, evil if your deity is evil). Your faith gives your bardic music divine power of this type.
    Prerequisites: Bardic music, Perform (any) 4 ranks, patron deity
    Benefit: Your bardic music grants sacred or profane bonuses instead of morale bonuses; bonuses other than morale bonuses (such as circumstance bonuses) are unaffected.
    Special: As this power comes from your patron deity, any time access to your deity is blocked (such as in an area where divine magic does not work or in a place where your deity cannot find you) this feat has no effect (though your bardic music provides morale bonuses as if you did not have the feat). Just as a cleric can be stripped of his class abilities, you lose the benefit of this feat if you grossly violate the tenets of your faith; you only regain the benefit of the feat if you get atonement from a cleric of your faith or if you join a different faith (at which point you may again choose your type of divine energy for this feat).