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Dracowings [General]
You gain small draconic wings that are not useful for actual flight but still helpful in other ways.
    Prerequisites: Dragon, half-dragon, or quarter-dragon; base Fortitude save +4.
    Benefit: You gain a pair of small wings. While they are not large or strong enough to allow you to actually fly, as long as you are able to move they can help you in some situations.
    If your load is medium or less, you mayfall safely as if under the effects of a feather fall, except that this is a nonmagical ability. If you have a heavy load, treat any distance fallen as ten feet shorter than normal (this stacks with using the Jump or Tumble skill to treat a fall as a shorter distance).
    You gain a +2 bonus to Balance checks, a +4 bonus to Jump checks, and a +1 bonus to saving throws or opposed rolls made to avoid falling or maintain your footing (such as catching the edge of a pit trap or resisting a trip attack).
    Using these small wings is taxing. After each use of one of the above bonuses or abilities, make a Fortitude save (DC 14); failure means you become fatigued.
    Magic armor automatigally changes to match your winged form, but nonmagic armor must be altered to allow for your wings (costing 10% of the armor's base price).
    Note: This feat can only be taken if you do not already have wings. It is available only to draconic creatures who were born without wings or somehow lost their wings.

    For the record, I think that any creature capable of winged flight ought to have the above bonuses.

Improved Dracowings [General]
Your small draconic wings have grown to their full potential, allowing you to fly.
    Prerequisites: Dracowings, dragon, half-dragon, or quarter-dragon; base Fortitude save +5.
    Benefit: Your wings fully mature, giving you a fly speed equal to your normal base speed (maximum 60 feet, average maneuverability). It is not taxing to use your mature wings, and using them in the ways described in the Dracowings feat does not cause fatigue.