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Elemental Savant-Attuned Familiar
(For Michael M.)
Your familiar gains some of your elemental savant defenses.
    Prerequisites: Elemental savant level 1, familiar
    Benefit:As you become more like a true elemental in response to your progress in the elemental savant prestige class, your familiar changes as well, gaining the same resistances and immunities the class grants you.
    At 10th level in the class, the elemental perfection ability also transforms your familiar, which gains the elemental abilities of an elemental of the appropriate size and type (usually a Tiny elemental). A Tiny air-attuned familiar gains a fly speed equal to its normal speed (perfect maneuverability) unless it already has a flight speed, in which case its maneuverability changes to perfect. A Tiny fire-attuned familiar increases its land speed by +20 feet. A Tiny water-attuned familiar gains a Swim speed of 90 ft. The DC for the familiar's elemental special abilities use a base DC of 15 plus the appropriate ability modifier listed in the ability's description.

Elemental savant is a prestige class in Tome & Blood.