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Extra Breath Weapon
You are able to use your breath weapon one more time per day than normal.
    Prerequisite: Has a breath weapon
    Benefit: You may use your breath weapon one more time per day. If you normally have a delay between your breath weapon uses, that delay also applies for this breath weapon. If you have only one use of your breath weapon per day, there is a 1d4 round delay between uses of your breath weapon. If you have a choice of breath weapons, you get one extra use of any of your breath weapons each day (but not one extra use for each breath weapon).
    Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Each time you take it allows an extra use of your breath weapon.

Obviously this feat is much less useful for creatures like true dragons that have an unlimited number of breath weapons per day--limited by time delay--but more valuable to creatures like half-dragons who only get one breath weapon per day.