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Lips of Greater Rapture
(For Karin S.)
Your lips of rapture ability is incredibly potent.
    Prerequisites: Heartwarder level 4, Cha 15
    Benefit: When you use lips of rapture, it dispels (not merely suspends) the effects of fatigue, exhaustion, and nausea in the target. It also gives the recipient temporary hit points equal to 1d8 + your caster level (maximum 1d8+10), just as if you had cast an aid spell upon them. These temporary hit points have a duration of 1 minute/level, just like aid, rather than the 5-round duration of the other bonuses from the lips of rapture. The recipient does not gain the morale bonus from the aid spell.

Heartwarder is a prestige class in Faiths And Pantheons for Sune Firehair, the Faerunian goddess of love, though Karin plans to use it for the equivalent elven goddess, Hanali Celanil.