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Reciprocal Slaying [Fighter, General]
You can deal a severe attack to an enemy by opening yourself up to an equally powerful attack.
    Prerequisites: Improved Critical, BAB +8
    Benefit: As a full attack you can allow one target in melee to deliver a coup de grace against you as if you were helpless (the target must still hit you, and is subject to any miss chance it would normally have against you, and may decide ). If the target hits, you may immediately attempt a coup de grace aginst it as if it were helpless. Your retailatory coup de grace requires a roll to hit but is not subject to any miss chances, for you are using your target's attack as a guide for your own attack, even if the target is invisible, in total darkness, under the effects of a displacement spell, and so on. You and your target still provoke attacks of opporunity from threatening opponents as normal.
    If you or your target are not subject to critical hits (for example, if you or it are undead) the coup de grace is treated as a normal hit.

I thought up this feat in response to many movies (such as Excalibur and Ravenous) where the good guy takes a lethal blow from the bad guy for the opportunity to execute a similar blow against his enemy. Think of Mordred in Excalibur impaling Arthur on his spear, then Arthur pushing his body down the length of the spear in order to be able to stab Mordred through the chest with the sword of kings.