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Regenerative Abscess [General]
You have a strange and disgusting gaping wound with unnatural healing powers.
    Prerequisites: Con 13.
    Benefit: You have an abcess on a prominent place on your body, such as your neck, shouler, or chest. The smell from the abcess is foul and shifts reactions of creatures interacting with you one step in the negative direction. When you select this feat, permanently sacrifice a number of hit points up to your Constitution score.
    As a free action once per round, you may draw upon the healing powers of the tiny creatures living in the abcess, curing up to 5 hit points as if you had been cured with a spell, although this is a nonmagical, extraordinary ability that does not draw an attack of opportunity. The total number of hit points you can cure in this fashion is equal to twice the number of hit points you sacrificed when you selected this feat. For example, if you had sacrificed 10 hit points when you took this feat, you could cure yourself up to 20 hit points per day with the abscess (in increments as large as 5 points).
    Effects that remove disease cause this feat to be suppressed for 1d6 days while the tiny parasites in the abcess recover are repopulate (though this does not allow you to recover the original hit points you sacrificed when you selected this feat). A remove disease, heal, or regenerate spell specifically targeted at the abcess with your consent destroys the parasites permanently, negating any benefit from this feat but restoring the sacrificed hit points.
    Special: You cannot select this feat if you are immune to disease.
    You may select this feat multiple times. Its effects stack. Each time you select the feat, sacrifice additional hit points (up to your Constitution score), which are doubled and added to the total amount of hit points the abcesses can cure in a day. Each time you select the feat it increases the number of hit points the abcesses can cure

So at the cost of lower hit points against sudden and big attacks, you have an overall larger pool of hit points to draw from. And you're gross.