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Split Breath Weapon
You can split your breath weapon into two smaller, less powerful attacks.
    Prerequisite: Has a breath weapon useable a limited number of times per day
    Benefit: Instead of using your breath weapon normally, you may breath a half-strength breath weapon. A half-strength breath weapon deals half the normal damage, lasts half as long, is half the length, and has a DC 4 lower than normal, as appropriate. If you have a limited number of uses of your breath weapon per day, this half-strength breath weapon counts as 1/2 use. If you have more than one kind of breath weapon, this feat may be used with any of your breath weapons.
    For example, a half-dragon (red) human could normally breathe a 30 ft. cone of fire for 6d10 fire damage (DC 19) once per day. With this feat he could breathe a 15 ft. cone of fire that deals 3d10 fire damage (DC 15) twice per day.