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Thoughtless Mind [Fighter, General]
You can shut off your mind and act on pure instinct, protecting yourself from mental attacks.
    Prerequisites: Base Will save +2
    Benefit: Once per round as a free action you can shut off your mind, which means you are treated as a mindless creature (no Intelligence score). This gives you all of the normal benefits of not having an Intelligence score, such as immunity to mind-affecting effects. However, you suffer all of the limitations of your mindless state. For example, you cannot use combat tactics requiring any intellect, activate any other abilities, spells, items, or feats that require a conscious action or choice for you to activate (including combat feats such as Power Attack, but not automatic ones such as Blind-Fight or Weapon Focus). You don't think to draw weapons if your hands are free, but can use any weapons you are holding. While mindless you can recognize your allies as allies and creatures they attack (or creatures that attack you) as enemies, just as vermin can.
    This effect ends if you fall unconscious or if you will it to end (this is the only action you can take requiring thought). Ending this state is a free action, but once ended it cannot be started again until your next turn.
    This feat does not dispel mind-affecting effects placed on you before or while you use it; they are merely suppresed for the duration of your mindlessness. Therefore, if you are dominated and then shut off your mind, your controller cannot give you orders while this feat is in effect, but would immediately be able to assume control if you allowed your mind to resurface. Likewise, if someone cast dominate person on you while your mind was gone the spell would have no immediate effect but could be used once you were a thinking creature again.

Basically it's a tradeoff ... you can use your instinctive stuff at the expense of having no tactics, and the benefit of being uncontrollable by outside sources. Handy for the fighter-type who's sick of being mind-controlled because of his poor Will save.