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This feat is necessary to use my wild magic rules and wild mage prestige class.

Wild Magic Student [General]
You are able to cause wild surges in your arcane spells.
    Prerequisite: Iron Will, Spellcraft 1 rank.
    Benefit: You gain one wild magic point, which may be spent to cause a wild surge in an arcane spell you cast. You recover the wild magic point when you prepare (if a wizard) or ready (if a bard or sorcerer) your daily spells.
    Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time you select this feat, you gain another wild magic point. You recover all of your wild magic points at the same time.
    If you have spent all of your wild magic points, you may still cause a wild surge in a spell you cast by accepting a -2 nonmagical penalty to Wisdom (these penalties stack). This penalty goes away at a rate of 1 point per day. If the Wisdom penalty ever equals or exceeds your Wisdom, you become helpless and are stricken with nightmares until the penalty is less than your Wisdom.