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You Have No Power Over Me [General]
You become all but immune to the attacks from one opponent who hurt you in the past.
    Prerequisites: Iron Will
    Benefit: Choose one creature who caused you great physical harm (such as knocking you unconscious, killing you, torturing you, delivering a negative level that resulted in a level loss, incapacitating you with poison, and so on) or mental anguish (such as mental torture, killing someone dear to you, attacking you with a nightmare or phantasmal killer spell, enslaving you, and so on). Against attacks by this creature you gain DR 10/--, SR equal to your HD + 10, and resistance 30 against all five energy types. These defenses are only effective against a specific creature, not a class of creatures (for example, you could select Dracula as the creature you are protected against with this feat, but it would not protect you against attacks from any other vampires, even if they were controlled by him). This defense is not fooled by disguises, and applies to the creature even if it can change bodies, come back from the dead (whether in its original form or with a clone or similar effect), or anything less than a complete concealment of identity (such as with a mind blank spell).
    If you manage to kill this creature or it is killed within your line of sight, you gain a +2 morale bonus to attacks, weapon damage, saves, and checks for one month.
    Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you select it, it applies to a different creature.

It's a vengeance thing. Yes, it's powerful, but it's only effective against one guy, and once you kill him, this feat is useless.