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Gaming-Related Topics (No Rules Stuff)

I wanted to call this section "metagaming," but nowadays that usually means "playing the game with an in-character awareness of the influence of the game rules on the world." This section of my site is really about gaming in general, running games, what gamers do and should do, what it's like working in the game industry, and how you can get involved.

5/7/14 An idea for an online class (taught by me) for magic item and monster design, whether you're looking to improve your chances at RPG Superstar, be a better designer, or just make better stuff for your home game.

5/7/14 An alchemy tracking sheet for helping your alchemist character keep track of extracts and alchemical items (originally posted by me on the Paizo blog in April 2010 for my alchemist PC, Maro).

8/9/09 New, improved, and updated, Sean's Gen Con Tips, Rules, and Things To Bring--the Indianapolis version.

11/29/08 Trivia & Anecdotes: Children of the Night: Ghosts, a new article series going behind-the-scenes on the books I've worked on.

6/11/04 Respect, about a little bit of my gaming history and how you can respect someone and still disagree with them.

1/29/04 How I Got A Job At TSR ... what worked for me might work for you.

12/9/03 Questions About The Gaming Industry and Freelance Writing, my advice for people who want to get a job writing professionally in the tabletop RPG industry. Includes a link to a Russian translation of this article on a Russian gaming site.

11/15/03 Breakdown of RPG Players, the result of a big marketing survey by WotC in 1999. An interesting read. Quoted with permission from a post by Ryan Dancey.

7/14/02 Donut Cores and Forgotten Rums, an allegorical story about writing fantasy books.

4/3/02 Sean's Gen Con Tips, Rules, and Things To Bring.

1/1/01 The PBEM FAQ - alternately known as the "Argosy of PBEM Advice," or "Zen & the Art of PBEMs," etc., etc.; instructions and advice for playing in or running a play-by-electronic-mail role-playing game. I did not write this document, I'm just archiving it.