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Ghostwalk Miniatures

Ghostwalk is the first game I ran after I started painting miniatures. As a result, many of the minis I painted were done so they could be used in the playtest (the stats on the playtest characters are in the Ghostwalk Web Enhancement). Since then, the minis I have collected have been collected with the intent of using them with an eventual campaign using the book (just like how Monte Cook tends to collect minis for use in his two Ptolus campaigns).

The following are minis that were chosen or painted specifically for Ghostwalk.

Playtest PCs -- Minis chosen to represent the PCs in my playtest campaign.
Arawn, used for Telden, cleric of Aluvan
Sir Miguel of Racheau, used for Traden, bounty hunter of ghosts
Sarah the Seeress, used for Furka, the ghost necromancer
Inquisitor of Malvernis, used for Antilliaros, ghost bard of Salkiria
Brick #3, used for Mellik, enhanced monk of Bazareene

Playtest NPCs & Monsters -- Minis chosen to represent specific NPCs or monsters in my playtest campaign.
Khelben Arunsun
Blacksting, a wyvern
Guardian Wraith, a ghost
Factol Ambar, a crafting-wizard of Manifest
Diablo Slayer, a stone giant monk
Battered Skeletal Troll, a Large skeleton
Skeletal Minotaur, a Large skeleton
Jozan, a cleric
Krusk, a barbarioan
Stygian Guardian, a yuan-ti
Wanna-be Yuan-ti Broodguards, yuan-ti broodguards

Generic Minis -- Minis I picked to use in an eventual game, but weren't used in the playtests.
Griffon Executioner, a undead hunter
Acheron Spectre, a scary spectre
Ringwraiths, all ghosts
Fiendish Orcs, always handy when one of the main enemy gods is the demon Orcus
Chaos Champion, a champion of Orcus
Dwarves with hammers
Dwarves with axes
Southern Ranger, a barbarian from Thurkasia
Southern Warrior, a warrior from Thurkasia
Horned Felldrakes, young green dragons
Goat Demons, used as artaagliths (a new kind of goat-demon in the book)
Regdar, a half-demon servant of Orcus
Paladin, another half-demon servant of Orcus
Centaur, a guardian of the surrounding elven forest
TSR 25th Anniversary Paladin, a paladin of Dracanish
Crested Felldrake, baby green dragons
Naull and Diablo Sorceress, a pair of monks who know the stone giant guy
Barbarian, a barbarian from Thurkasia
TSR 25th Anniversary Good Cleric, a cleric of the god of plague and vermin
Dai'Re-Coon, an ice demon