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   Triarc: A weapon with this property is similar to flaming, frost, and other energy-based weapons, except that rather than a single type of energy it is weakly sheathed in three different types of energy (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic). Each type of energy in the triarc weapon deals 1 point of energy damage of the appropriate type, so an acid-cold-electricity triarc (or ace triarc) weapon deals 1 point of acid, 1 point of cold, and 1 point of electricity in addition to the weapon's other damage, while a cold-electricity-sonic (or ces triarc) weapon deals 1 point each of cold, electricity, and sonic damage in addition to the weapon's other damage. This property may be added to a weapon multiple times, but each time it has to be a different combination of energy types, such as acid-cold-electricity and acid-cold-sonic. Triarc weapons are usually decorated with triangular symbols, sometimes bearing colors related to the types of energy they create (acid=black or green, cold=white or blue, electricity=yellow or violet, fire=red or orange, sonic=gray).
    Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, energy spells of the appropriate types; Market Price: +1 bonus.

Cost explanation: on average with a standard energy weapon (flaming, etc.) you're going to deal +3.5 points of energy damage. With this property you're going to deal exactly +3 points every time, so at a +1 bonus (equal to a standard energy weapon) it's slightly less effective on average than a regular energy weapon. I considered making it 4 types of energy, but I think in the long run that would mean that this is a better choice than a standard energy weapon, even if it means you're nickel-and-diming a creature to death, even ones that are resistant to one particular type of energy. You're also getting a slight break because any bozo with three energy cantrips can create this weapon, whereas the standard energy weapons require 2nd- or higher-level spells. Also, because you round down in D&D, a 3.5 is essentially a 3, and you ought to be happy to be able to guarantee +3 damage on a weapon for every hit, especially if that damage bypasses damage reduction.

    Before you ask, "acid-cold-electricity" and "cold-electricity-acid" are not different energy combinations for the purpose of adding this property several times to a weapon.